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Designing a coding scheme – lab report example

The ultimate function of the coding is to ensure that the balance for the items is zero, to prove that the reconciliation code worked as required. The reports can then be operated in a friendlier manner that is easier to use.

Energy expenditure and lab report guide

The average RER was calculated by taking the average of carbon dioxide production and dividing it by the average oxygen consumption. To calculate the total resting energy expenditure derived from carbohydrate and fat you take the RER and find the percentage kilocalorie for each one.

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Redox titration lab report assignment

Cry H2O This equation can be used to convert moles of the dichloride ion to moles of the unknown iron to determine the percent of iron contained in the sample, To prepare the acid mixture add 125 ml of both concentrated phosphoric acid ND sulfuric acid to 500 ml of >>>

Lab report behavior of gases

According to Charles Law, if the pressure of a gas is held constant, as the gas is heated, its volume will increase and that cooling the gas will cause the volume to decrease. The law states that at a constant pressure, the volume of the given mass of the ideal >>>

Biology protein lab report

The objective of this lab was to measure the amount of protein from a piece of beef liver. Introduction The main objective of this lab was to measure the amount of protein from a piece of beef liver, and then use the spectronic 20 to discover the concentration of protein >>>

Induction of beta galactosidase in e.coli | lab report

Aim: To study the effects of IPTG, lactose, glucose, chloramphenicol, rifampicin and streptomycin induction on the units of beta-galactosidase of E.coli In 1961, a special group of units that able to control its beginning and ending of transcription activities by undergoing induction process was discovered by Jacob and Monod. Promoter >>>

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gram negative unknown lab report essay sample

The purpose of the gram stain was to be used to identify the morphological characteristics of the unknown. The objective of the test is to show if the unknown could exploit the carbohydrates in the medium to ferment into gas or reduce the sulfur.

Lab report on osmosis assignment

The table should record the type of solution in the cup and the mass of the potatoes in the cup.6. 24 hours later you will need to come and measure the mass of your potato cores.

Techniques for invitro pharmacology lab report biology essay

For example the ratio of the dose of agonist to produce a specific effect in the presence of the antagonist to the dose required in the absence of the antagonist is calculated. Mathematically Kd is k2/k1 where k2 is the rate of dissociation of the drug from the receptor and >>>

Marking machine / fluid power – lab report example

Figure 3: displacement time diagram Switch 2 is used as the actuating start condition of the system. Conclusion From the analysis of the circuit diagram and the displacement diagram, it is clear that the time delay valves are very necessary for the delay of the output signal.

Thin layer chromatography lab report assignment

It is used to support the identity of a compound in a mixture when the Roof a compound is compared with the RFC of a known compound. That is why in this particular experiment, caffeine, the most polar compound, has the smallest RFC value of 0.

Ice – lab report example

We then repeated the whole experiment three times using the same medicine bottles and noted the time taken for ice pieces to melt in each trial as follows Ice pieces in bottle number 1 2 3 4 Surface area of the ice piece in cm3 60 50 40 30 Average >>>

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Seed germination

Please print out all internet sources with highlighted information you will put in your own words in your introduction.***Staple your research to this paper! Be sure to check your rubric to ensure you include all necessary components to your lab report, in order!

Biology lab report

Many factors effect dissolving, such as how fast you stir the life saver in the water, if you stop stirring the life saver, the mass of the life saver, and the temperature of the water. To make our experiment better, we should have accurately measured the temperature of the water.

Dry powder inhalers (dpis) – lab report example

In this experiment, the effect of the powder formulation with lactose as the carrier molecule and the effect of the inhalation flow rate are studied. 4103 mg.the amount deposited in the lower stage is the fine particle dose.

Cellular fractionation | lab report

The Relative Centrifugal Force is the measurement of gravitational force that the rotation speed of the centrifuge applies on a sample an it is expressed in the unit of gravity. With the centrifugation process, denser particles accumulate away from the rotation centre and the lighter ones towards the centre.

Conclusion – lab report example

In addition, the Poisson's Ratio and the modulus of Elasticity of a material were utilized in the cantilever beam. They were from the strain measurements on the beam surface.

Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment assignment

Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment 5 Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment 5 Key Terms in Literature, by Ismail S Talib, what to include in an introduction in an essay, cold war stability essay. Experiment 5.1.

Chromatography lab report assignment

We used chromatography to separate the colors in the solution and once they were separated, the visible spectroscopy was used to measure the light that went through solution. The colors absorbed by the solution relate to the colors of dye components and mixtures observed by showing the complement of the >>>

Chromatography: lab report assignment

15 points) You have to keep the spot above the solvent because if you lay the spot in the solvent it will soak into the solvent as opposed to diffusing up the chromatography paper, keeping it out of water allows the solvent to carry the color up the paper with >>>

Separation of mixtures lab report

This separates a solid from a liquid through the use of a porous material as a filter. Record your observations, we then waited for the solid to settle, and found the mass of a piece of filter paper.

Chemistry lab report

The heat given out by the reaction was recorded using the formulaHeat given out by the reaction= heat absorbed by water5. The heat given out by the reaction was noted using the formulaHeat given out by the reaction= heat absorbed by water5.

Gel electrophoresis lab report assignment

The smaller the molecule, the less re's stance it will face when hitting the pores of the gel, and the farther it will travel. After 20 minutes, it has solidified, remove the c mob and the tap and place the gel in the chamber.

Lab report: human physiology essay

It looks at a assorted field of measurings in which the topic is bring forthing informations for by making a sets of exercising but with different strengths, the trial that was conducted in the lab focused on looking at bosom rate, blood force per unit area, O ingestion and respiratory >>>

Lab report!

Regardless, we concluded that the solubility of salt is not a stable figure, but varies depending on the amount of water, he amount of salt added, and the temperature of the water. After adding 4 mL to the previous 10 mL of water in the test tube, the salt began >>>

Microbiology lab report/sauerkraut fermentation

Fermentation is one of those processes that are extensively used and studied as tool in food processing and production such as the production of beer and milk, as well as its role in spoiling of various foods, such as the spoilage of wine. The leaves are removed form the heads >>>

Lab report chromatography assignment

This would help a lot because it is crucial to have the exact distance of the solvent front. Finally, I would make the same person do all of the experiments.

Enzyme lab report

We then added 5 ml of Benedict's solution using a pipetman to test the tubes for the presence of glucose and fructose, mixed the contents of each of the tubes, and heated them in a boiling water bath for two minutes. Test tube four had the least amount of glucose >>>

Electronic laboratory practise – lab report example

The use of the oscilloscope, the signal generator, the power supply and digital multimeter were used to understand applications of various electronic circuits. Practice on the application of digital multimeter and oscilloscope in measurement of current, voltage and resistance was also achieved.

Bone anatomy – lab report example

The humerus which is the arm further connects to the fore arm which is composed of radius and ulna. Question 4 The curvature of the spine is any group of deviation from the normal curvature of the spine.

Metals and corronslon – lab report example

Also, comparison of the brittleness of the three indicates that iron is more brittle as compared to copper and brass. The alloy of copper and iron, brass is harder than the pure metals.

Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment assignment

Lab report chemistry matriculation experiment 5 Example chemistry lab report matriculation experiment 4. What is the conclusion for lab report chemistry experiment 5 redo titration using sodium theosophical.

Osmosis lab report assignment

The reason this happens is because there is a higher concentration of water in the cell then there is in the environment the cell is in. So the water inside the cell will cross the membrane and enter into the solution outside the cell and it will continue to do >>>

Lab report: effects of lysozyme essay

The second sample contained the buffer, the Gram negative bacteria, and the lysozyme. The third sample contained the buffer, the Gram negative bacteria, the lysozyme, and EDTA.

Acid rain lab report essay sample

Acid deposition in dry form can be inhaled by people and can cause health problems in some people.-purpose of the lab Change of acid rain for plants.-testable question What kind of change of acid rain for plants?-hypothesis If we put acid rain in plant, then plant will be weakness.-variables I.D. >>>

Dehydration lab report

To determine the successfulness of the experiment and the amount of product recovered, IR spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography and percent yield calculations were used. 63 grams Percent Yield of Product 42% of Product was Recovered GC Interpretation: The GC reading showed 3 peaks that were the products and one blip that >>>

Distillation lab report

Because of this, I hypothesized that all of fraction A and most of fraction B consisted of the low boiling point compound. As I raised the temperature of the hotplate, I was able to collect fraction C, and I predicted that it was composed of mostly the high boiling point >>>

Central nervous system – lab report example

In the Rinne test, with regards to Sensorineural hearing loss, one can expect to find the air condition and bone equally reduced. Finally, with regards to conductive hearing loss and the Rinne test, a person can expect to find the conditions of the bone and air negative.

Scientific question at hand – lab report example

The causal variable in the experiment would be the amount of sunlight the seed received. I would collect observable data on the percentage of each grid space that was sprouting grass.

General astronomy – lab report example

of Colorado at Denver Department of Physics Physics 1052 General Astronomy of the Experiment: Determining the Size of the Moon Date of submission: The velocity of the earth using measured Doppler shift in spectrum of Arcturus star. Objectives To determine the velocity of the earth using measured Doppler shift in >>>

The solubility of potassium nitrate lab report. assignment

In the case of organic compounds the amount of carbon " branching" will increase the solubility since more branching will reduce the size of the molecule and make it easier to solvate the molecules with solvent. The polarity of the solute and solvent molecules will affect the solubility.

Biology osmosis lab report assignment

The following hypothesis was made in regard to effect of the concentration gradient on the rate of diffusion: The higher the concentration gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion. The independent variable in the experiment was the concentration of the solution, and the dependent variable was the rate of diffusion.

Microbiology unknowns lab report assignment

We inserted the needle in the unknown bacteria and then we inserted the needle into the agar to the bottom of the tube and pulled it up along the slope of the slant. By the color of the broth with the unknown bacteria turning red we determined that it is >>>

Lab report: what is it, how to make, format and examples

However, have you known that the best variant to make your report ideal is to start writing it at the time when you begin the preparation for the research? A laboratory report is a type of academic writing which is focused on showing the process and the results of the >>>

Critical analysis – southern discomfort & waterway industries – lab report example

The Wisconsin plant could be saved by changing the work culture and ethos of the work force and by convincing them that the reduction in wage rate would be beneficial to the labour force in the long run.Ans. To a large extent, Lee Carter and Jack Schiffer have been instrumental >>>

Lab report 2: on the significance of correlation

The Significance of Correlation Correlation is a measure of the strength of the association between two sets of variables. The closer r is to +1 and -1 the stronger the level of association while the closer r is to 0 the weaker the level of association.

Earthquakes & subduction zones lab report assignment

The three key features associated with subsection zone are a deep ocean trench, a volcanic arc on the overriding plate parallel to the trench, and a plane of earthquakes, shallow near the trench and descending beneath and beyond the volcanic arc. Form a hypothesis about the relative ages of the >>>

Volumetric analysis chemistry lab report

In this case though, finding the molarity of the acid used in the reaction is then used to determine the percent of that acid in a vinegar solution and compared to the standard value for % acid present in vinegar. It must be understood that the number of moles of >>>

Chromatography lab report

Food dyes separate into different colors as they move up the piece of chromatography paper because, when the solution gets absorbed into the paper, it dissolves the color in the ink spot that you have made. When we put the piece of chromatography paper in the solvent, the paper absorbs >>>

Unknown mixtures lab report

From looking at table 1 and then comparing the appearance of the known substances to the unknown substance the unknown substance is the most similar to the appearances and characteristics of dirt and sugar. CONCLUSION/ EVALUATION/IMPROVEMENTS: The purpose of this experiment was to find out the two substances of the >>>

Increase in heart-rate due to the effect of push-ups as a simple rhythmic exercise – lab report example

The heart rate and respiratory rate were found to be increased in these students which are a positive trend in response to the physical exertion is due to exercise. As with the studies of Robertson et al, the increase in heart rate is in response to the metabolic needs of >>>

Week lab report assignment

Scroll to the point in the Lab Report where you want the screens to appear.6. Once your screens appears in your Lab Report, click on your lab and continue to the next step.

Medicinal microbiology lab report assignment

D had abundant growth of mm yellow colonies that are circular and have a mucous consistency. F had moderate growth of 1 mm, white, circular, moist colonies that gave off a pungent dour and exhibited alpha hemolytic.

An experiment of adaptation lab report

This experiment is going to test the hypothesis that there will be more number of flies with normal wings at the food site than the number of vestigial wings. The hypothesis of more flies with normal wings will be at the food site than the flies with vestigial wings was >>>

Determination of psa serum levels using elisa – lab report example

The absorbance of the standard and the samples was read in a standard Elisa plate reader at 450 nm and recorded. Results To improve the validity of each sample and the standard solution was tested in triplicates and the average calculated and used in the analysis.

Hooke’s law lab report essay sample

It is the force constant of the spring.* The force applying on the spring, F, is denoted by Newton in SI Units.* The amount of extension of the spring, e, is denoted by meters in SI Units.* The force constant of the spring, k, is denoted by Newton over meters >>>

Taping over uneven ground – lab report example

It is normally used in marking the various short distances that have been measured in order to ensure there is the straightness of the tape. A member of our team stood from a distance to observe if the tape was sagging to make sure the measurement was accurate.

Spectroscopy of salicylates | lab report

The police could not find the aspirin bottle within the car and the woman then told the police that it got thrown out of the vehicle. The aim of this test is to calculate the concentration of the serum samples to find out whether the levels of salicylic acid in >>>


Hypothesis If the Law of Conservation of Energy says that energy can only be transferred or transformed and we release the ball bearing at it's max Potential Energy, then the Potential Energy will transform into Kinetic Energy as the bearing travels through the track.IV. This proved our hypothesis of the >>>

Bio lab report 1—— enzyme

While amylase effectively activates the hydrolysis of starch, the efficiency of the catalytic process is influenced by several factors including temperature, pH level and the concentration of the substrates etc. Given that under extreme temperature enzymes will be denatured and unable to function and the constant temperature of pigs is >>>

Biomedical science – lab report example

Count of PBMC's in logs and the toxoids conc in Ug/ml Figure 1. The proliferation of antigen-specific is a specific CD4 T cell immunity hallmark.

Formal lab report format

Introduce the background material your reader will need to understand the experiment and all parts of your report? If the procedure in the lab manual was followed exactly, it is sufficient to state the following: " The experimental procedure used for this experiment was outlined in the CHEM 123L lab >>>

The hall effect: measurement and instrumentation – lab report example

The Hall coefficient is the ratio of the electric field induced to the product of the applied magnetic field and the current density. Objective The main objective of this experiment is to establish the relationship between the output voltage and the distance between the plate and the sensor.

Unknown microbiology lab report assignment

After incubation of the individual TTS plates, the morphologies were viewed and noted and a Gram stain was completed on each individual bacterium, which will be referred to as Bacteria #1 and Bacteria #2. After the Gram stain was completed, the bacteria were streaked on a Imitation-Salt Agar plate and >>>

Biology! lab report on evolution assignment

The null hypothesis for this experiment is that the flashier the male are more attractive they will become to the female and predators. This will lead to the decrease of population and changes in the population.

Chromatography of photosynthetic pigments | lab report

The retention value for each one of the pigments and the concentration of chlorophyll a and b were calculated, and all of the results were put in tables. That means that a smaller amount of light managed to pass through the pigments of chlorophyll a and b.

Integumentary system – lab report example

This is created by the movement of ions between the outside and inside of the membranes which produce the electrical charge that carries the electrical signals throughout the body. This occurs after the neuron has reached action potential and it is the time that is necessary before the neuron is >>>

Redox titration lab report assignment

To standardize the potassium dichromate weigh out about 0.g of ferrous ammonium sulfate, hexahydrate into a 250 mL flask and dissolve in 50 mL of deionized water and mix for two minutes. To titrate the unknown sample of Fe weigh out about 0.

Bioinformatics lab report assignment

A comparison of the hypothetical phylogeny and the calculate phylogeny: Many of the plants we put into groups using the classicist approach were similarly matched from the phonetic approach. The disadvantage from this is that it requires a lot of data and can not be as easily produced in the >>>

Disease processes – lab report example

The principle behind the Prothrombin Time test is that in the body, the clotting process involves a series of sequential chemical reactions called the coagulation cascade. The PT test evaluates the integrated function of the coagulation factors that comprise the extrinsic and common pathways of the coagulation cascade, including factors >>>

Soc crtq 2 – lab report example

The third category is defined in the 'pluralism' theory that the general public controls the government through the voting and electing of governmental candidates. The author argues that the people running the corporate community and the growth coalition are the actual power dominators and describes them as the social elite.

Ph lab report assignment

The pH scale is logarithmic and as a result, each whole pH value below 7 is ten mimes more acidic than the next higher value. A 3 on the pH scale is 100 times more acidic than a 1.

The scientific method – lab report example

Experiment 3: Materials 1 Peep, 1 600mL beaker, Phenol Methods The peep was floated in a beaker containing a solution of Phenol. The RESULTS/CONCLUSIONS: Experiment 1 found that Peeps do not dissolve in water, acetone, sulfuric acid, or sodium hydroxide.

Lab report-drosophila melanogaster essay

According to Chi 2 Test values of 71 individuals tested the expected offspring would occur as follows: 40 wild wing-ebony bodied: 13 wild winged-ebony bodied: 13 vestigial winged-wild bodied: 4 vestigial winged-ebony bodied flies. Out of the 71 flies observed we found 40 wild winged wild ebony body.

Physics “the domino effect” lab report essay sample

Controlled Variable: The number of dominoes used, the distance between the dominoes, the loads used as the initial force applied on the domino, the inclined plane used as a platform that will direct the load to hit the first domino, the stopwatch used to time the domino effect, the person >>>

Path of light – lab report example

LAB REPORT ON THE EXPERIMENT OF PATH OF LIGHT al Affiliation LAB REPORT ON THE EXPERIMENT OF PATH OF LIGHT In the experiment on the movement of light as a result of the streaming of sunlight outline the concept and the travel of light where there are no obstruction and >>>

Microbiology lab report assignment

Fifth organism is unable to utilize the carbohydrate but does use the potent, the by-product is ammonia, which raises the pH of the media and turns it fuchsia. When the Kava's reagent was added to the SIMI tube, the top of the medium turned a ruby red color which indicates >>>

Pressure distribution around circular cylinder lab report

The aims of the investigation is to measure the pressure distribution on the surface of a smooth cylinder placed with its axis perpendicular to the flow and to compare it with the distribution predicted for frictionless flow, and to calculate the drag coefficient of the cylinder. This is for the >>>

Lab report microbiology assignment

The growth of the bacteria at different temperatures of between Growth 10-ICC for 3-6 days, resistance to ICC for 30 min, growth in the presence of 20th% NCAA and different pHs were used to identify the strains of LAB. The loop was flamed and a colony of the culture was >>>

Health psychology lab report assignment

This means the difference between the mean values of Group 1 and Group 2 is small enough, that could the difference could be due to chance e. The SIRS was created in 1967, based on a study of young Navy personnel and their experiences.

Osmosis lab report assignment

We tied off one end of the dialysis tubing to create a bag, filled it with distilled water, and tie of other end to close. Then we filled a 250 ml beaker with only distilled water, and immersed the bag in the beaker and let stand for 30 minutes.

Ph lab report discussion assignment

The hypothesis stated that if the concentration of pH was increased, the rate of hydrolysis would increase as well, but if the concentration of pH was decreased, the rate of hydrolysis should decrease. This was proved by the data because in the first experiment, the pH of the Citrate buffer >>>

Physics archimedes principle lab report

In part B of the experiment, we were able to determine the change in mass of the lead rod from the air to the water and the volume of the lead rod. 38x10-4g.

Two shaft gas turbine lab report essay

2? 1? = =? 2 1? 1? = 1? =? 0.

Quench and temper – lab report example

Mechanical Engineering Technology Materials Testing Laboratory Experiment Quench and temper Experiment Number: Section: of Principal Author: Names of Contributors: Instructor Name: Quench and temper Abstract This experiment explores the effect of tempering and the tempering temperature on hardness and strength of steel. One of the factors that determine the achieved >>>

Mechanics of machines lab report essay sample

Result It is observed that the movement of the slider is faster towards one direction than the other while the crank is rotated. This graph is used to derive determine the velocity of the slider.

Lap – lab report example

Experiment North Circumpolar Motion Viewing location and other present if any ment of Purpose: By tracking the apparent motions of stars relative to two set points, the North Star and the earth's surface, the observer visualizes his relative position on the earth's surface and appreciates the rotation of the earth. >>>

Carb cutter lab report essay

The higher the absorbance levels, the higher the amount of starch in the solution. If there are still high amounts of starch in the solution, then this means that the starch was not digested and that the Carb Cutter worked.

Distillation and fraction distillation lab report assignment

However, this temperature was found useless as the location of the thermometer was at the top of the distillation apparatus and the boiling occurred at the bottom of the apparatus, thus the boiling point temperature gathered was inaccurate. The temperature that was being gathered was the vapor temperature once the >>>

Nursing article critique – lab report example

It is the quality of a good abstract that the main theme of the research carried out and the point of view of the researchers should be narrated in a coherent way so that the reader could clearly understand this summary. Literature review in an article helps in understanding the >>>

Organic chemistry lab report assignment

Experiment 1 the effect of pH on a food preservative Introduction: The purpose of the lab was to understand and familiar with the laboratory environment and some fundamental operation such as measuring mass, volume; calculating density and separating solid from liquid by vacuum filtration. After the steps were completed, we >>>

How to write a lab report in microbiology assignment

This study as done by applying all of the methods that have been learned so far in the microbiology laboratory class for the identification of an unknown bacterium." MATERIALS AND METHODS This is where the details of the study are listed. The biochemical tests were chosen from the unknown identification >>>

Osmosis lab report assignment

So the more percentage of the salt-water increases, the more water molecules move outside the potato passing through the semi-permeable membrane. Controlled variables: Room temperature, amount of water in each several of levels of concentrated solution, types of salt, types of each potato slices used, name sized beakers Independent variables: >>>