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Cost accounting: a quantitative look at txdot construction projects assignment

Introduction Cost accounting is an integral part of estimating a new construction project and estimating a project's cost is the most important step of all. A description of the work to be accomplished under a bid item is available in the Texas Department of Transportation's Standard Specifications for Construction and >>>

Quantitative decision making

Decision analysis also makes managers know which decisions are in favor of their companies and which can go against the benefits of the companies." An effective decision-making process reduces the possibility of wrong choices or failures". These were some of the mistakes, which I made while taking the decision that >>>

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Quantitative research

An equal number of ADN and BSN nursing instructors view the Disrhythmia Management Course to be Important Abstract The purpose of this report is to compare the number of nursing instructors who view Disrhyrhmia management to be important in the BSN nursing program with those instructors from the AND program. >>>

Quantitative critique

In this study, Miles et al.sought to determine the efficacy of an HIV self-care symptom management intervention in reducing emotional distress and improving health among low-income African American mothers with HIV. The 5-item General Health Perception subscale measured overall perception of health rated on a scale ranging from 1 to >>>

Abstract world. using quantitative research method, this

CHF is a health condition that affects normal operations of the body of a human person by interfering with the supply of blood to other body parts leading to the impairment of their normal functioning. The one of the developed countries that are affected by the CHF patients.

Quantitative communication research variable

After alteration to " experience working as an engineer" it acts as contingent condition in the hypothesis: " If a majority of people in the audience has experience working as an engineer, a speaker presenting a technology-related topic gets less open-ended questions than a speaker who is delivering a presentation >>>

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Critiquing a nursing research article: quantitative study

Along with it, it fulfills the gap and is feasible." The significance of the research problem indicates the importance of the problem to nursing and health care and to the health of individual". In addition it is applicable in the fields of Maternal and Child health and Community and Public >>>

Green transportation system for sustainable campus environmental sciences essay

The term green conveyance came into usage as the society is turning involvement in the constructs of sustainable development that aims to " run into the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain needs.". Limits emanations and waste within the planet >>>

Bhs 420 mod 1 cbt (quantitative reasoning)

Some have suggested " that for complete initiation as an efficient citizen of one of the new great complex world wide states that are now developing, it is as necessary to be able to compute, to think in averages and maxima and minima, as it is now to be able >>>

Quantitative business analysis

The varying skills of the workers give rise to varying costs for performing the jobs. If the number of lines is less than the number of assignments to be made: a) Find the smallest uncovered element X= 20.b) Subtract X to every element in the matrix.c) Add back to every >>>

Quantitative technique assignment

How would you identify whether an optimal solution to a problem obtained using simplex algorithm is unique or not? a)What is the difference between a feasible solution, a basic feasible solution, and an optimal solution of a linear programming problem? )What is the difference between simplex solution procedure for a >>>

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A quantitative problem

We need to know statistics to live in this world, not calculus. Statistics is used in most jobs daily, and we the people are going to need to know statistics to work.

Fundamentals of quantitative research template

The approach used in collecting the data used in the research suits its context. Although the sample was chosen is unaware of the hypothesis of the study, they were well briefed on the research and those willing to, participated on a voluntary basis participated in the research.

Quantitative investigation of immunoglobulins

Quantitative investigation of Immunoglobulins is the basis of the standard laboratory technique within the field of clinical immunology. For this reason the test is accurate and rapidly measures the amounts of IgM, IgG and IgA proteins within the blood of the patient and from such determine if a number of >>>

quantitative analysis for management essay sample

How many undergraduate and graduate courses should be taught in the fall so that total faculty salaries are kept to a minimum? Answer: There should be 40 undergraduate courses and 20 graduate courses to be taught in the fall so that total faculty salaries are kept to a minimum of >>>

Quantitative data analysis

The respondent has the option of answering male or female to the following question." What is your gender? " The subject of desire is addressed using the following question." Do you wish to go to university after the Sixth Form? The in the finish ranking scale the difference in relation >>>

Quantitative research manuscript critique

Manuscript Critique Affiliation: A sample of 120, 6-year old, children is was it took Ulutas & Omeroglu to investigate the effects of emotional intelligence of children in their study " The Effects of an Emotional Intelligence Education Program on the Emotional Intelligence of Children". Among the independent variables includes the >>>

Is quantitative easing useful to stimulate the uk economy

Firstly, in theory, quantitative easing itself is an aggressive policy due to the fact that it increases the size of the money base in the economy and a large money base is usually regarded as the cause of inflation. In addition, there is not a standard to assess the accurate >>>

The analyzing and mixing both quantitative finance essay

The survey research method has been chosen to determine the factors effecting the successful transition to a market economy and to what extent the government has been involved in improving the likelihood of SMEs impacting the economic growth. The samples will be selected on the basis of the knowledge, connection >>>

Project quantitative method

The bigger the sample sizes the better because errors will be minimized and the results of the study could be a clear representation of the actual state on the ground and could also be used in other studies. In the use of the data gathered anonymity will be ensured and >>>

A description of quantitative research

Hughes, 2006) From the above diagram it is evident that there are steps that should be followed when undertaking quantitative research, these steps are discussed below: 1) Selection of topic: The first step when undertaking quantitative research is the identification of the research topic, this involves designing the research question, >>>

Quantitative methods

Quantitative Methods in Sports Psychology of the of the Quantitative Methods in Sports Psychology Summary This article tests the predictability of Attention Control Theory by examining the effect of anxiety on attention control and how this subsequently reacts on performance effectiveness and performance efficiency of a group of elite shotgun >>>

The great terror in leningrad: a quantitative analysis essay

As such, rather than attempting to determine who was responsible for instigating and perpetuating the Great Terror, or examining the impact of mass repression on Soviet society as a whole in the second half of the 1930s, this article addresses such historiographical questions as the scope and scale of mass >>>

Case study: quantitative reasoning

Specifically, the new treatment was found to delay complications of congestive heart failure according to the following distribution:[3, 5, 6, 6, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 10, 11, 45] Accordingly, the researchers indicated that the average number of months that the new treatment was able to delay the progression of >>>

Quantitative research design is the sta

The hypothesis is generated via a number of means, but is usually the result of a process of Inductive reasoning where observations lead to the formation of a theory. After statistical analysis of the results, a comprehensive answer is reached, and the results can be legitimately discussed and published.

University of phoenix

UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX Discussion on Quantitative Reasoning for Business Course Self Reflection Paper 10/15/08 Discussion on Quantitative Reasoning for Business Course For many years, the quantitative or mathematical approach to business problem solving was the cornerstone of MBA programs worldwide. The Quantitative Reasoning for Business course would provide me with >>>

Quantitative methods in finance ut dallas assignment

The precise cutoff scores used to assign grades will be an end-of-semester decision based on my perception of the difficulty of the exams and class works and other factors that I consider appropriate. 2 Student Conduct and Discipline Academic Integrity The University of Texas System and The University of Texas >>>

Quantitative neuroimaging and the prediction of rehabilitation outcome following traumatic brain injury

Each brain injury produces a unique set of pathologies not only in the underlying pathophysiology of the injury itself, but also the injury occurs to a brain with its own unique, and individualized organization. The use of functional MRI in traumatic brain injury diagnosis and treatment.Phys.Med.


The existence of a correlation does not suggest causation, and there is no manipulation of the variables in correlation research. Being able generalize the data from the sample and apply it to the entire population is dependent on the extent that a sample is fully representative of the population.

Bhs 420 quantitative reasoning (module 2-slp)

Specifically, I hope to learn how the manic aspect of Bipolar Disorder assists the creative process, how the depressive element constrains the artist, and how the balance of the two phases of Bipolar Disorder contribute to artistic expression. I am interested in how the totality of bipolar, i.e, both cycles, >>>

Commentary: a humanized clinically calibrated quantitative systems pharmacology model for hypokinetic motor symptoms in parkinson’s disease

The difference between aminochrome and exogenous neurotoxins used in the preclinical model of Parkinson's disease is that aminochrome is produced within dopaminergic neurons lost during Parkinson's disease and does not induce a rapid and massive loss of the nigrostriatal system, but induces a progressive dysfunction of dopaminergic neurons based on >>>

Quantitative methods to research intimacy

You should include the following: a definition of quantitative methods a description of surveys as a particular method consideration of the distinctive kinds of description that surveys generate examples of the usefulness of surveys for describing intimacy. When looking at trying to describe the subject of intimacy many strands of >>>

Literature review analysis quantitative study

The literature review was minimal and not used for the basis of the problem or the research question. The majority of the review was used to address critical analysis and the use of it to validate the research being conducted.o How clearly is the literature review written?

Educational psychology: quantitative research methods

While there are numerous research methods and designs used in Educational Psychology this assignment will focus on the use of quantitative research in the forms of interviews, questionnaires and case studies and will also discuss quantitative research in the form of psychometric testing used in the assessment of dyslexia such >>>

Developing evaluative skills through critiquing quantitative research

An acknowledgement of the credibility of the authors, the publishing journal, and the methods used the data collection and analysis, findings, ethical issues and the strengths and weakness of the research is made. The point about the citation of the Quinzler study has already been made, but the rest of >>>

Quantitative kinetic and kinematic analysis

Heel of Metatarsal II Heel Lateral Anomalous Knee Joint centre ASS'S Middle of the shank in line with the lateral Anomalous and knee Joint markers Middle of the thigh in line with the knee Joint marker and the greater trochee The subjects' parameters were selected within the Vision MOTOS software >>>

Quantitative methods essay example

a)Break-even analysis is important to assess the current state of the enterprise and its dynamics, as well as for the development strategy of the company. In other words, the breakeven point - is the level of physical volume of sales over a period of time, due to which the >>>

Good example of essay on effectiveness of quantitative data

The biggest advantage of utilizing the quantitative data is that it is easy to use analysis and then articulates, however, the biggest disadvantage of quantitative data is that organizations cannot rely completely on these data because it is made on the past data and record in particular, and have no >>>

Difference between costco and wal-mart

Holmes and Zellner of Business Week explored the impact of higher wages at Costco and its implication on the profitability as well as its effect on employee's productivity andloyalty. Comparing it with Wal-Mart, the authors explored the impact of higher compensation on employee and its impact of operating costs and >>>

Quantitative methods

The regression technique varies from correlation owing to the information that it becomes possible to gauge the unknown value because of having an independent data. 0 Usefulness of correlation and regressionOne indisputable importance of the quantitative techniques would be information that aid in estimation of variables.

Operations management & quantitative techniques essay sample

One of the organizational changes that would be necessary in the adoption of a formal master scheduling is managerial changes whereby the company has to hire a master scheduler to be in charge of the process. This new supply chain will be highly useful in countering the disadvantages of lean >>>

Discuss the different components of management information system (mis)

The Enterprise Resource Planning System has been develop to help most coordinate the information flow that parallel and physical flows of goods from raw material to finish goods the main purpose of ERP is studying to examine user perception differences in ERP phases and preparation and training and usefulness the >>>

Quantitative marketing research

Quantitative marketing research is the application of quantitative research techniques to the field of marketing. Marketers use the information so obtained to understand the needs of individuals in the marketplace, and to create strategies and marketing plans.

Critique quantitative of this journal: “estrogen plus progestin and breast cancer incidence and mortality in the womens health”

In the abstract, the author has given an overview of the research, the context in which the research was done, the purpose and the objectives and the target population. In addition the author has highlighted the design used, the methodology, the methods of data collection, the sample and the population >>>

Critique nursing journal article

The 2010 journal article titled, "Impact of health literacy and patient trust on glycemic control in urban USA population" fromNursingHealth and Sciences, hypothesizes a direct relationship between a patient's overall health literacy and the ability to maintain glycemic control. Because of this, the study fails to connect health literacy and >>>

Critique of quantitative article

Critique of Quantitative Article Research Purpose/Question This study was meant to establish the knowledge of nurse of inadvertent hypothermia. The researchers conducted a quantitative descriptive research to establish the extent of inadvertent hypothermia knowledge among practicing nurses.

Essay on quantitative analysis

Hypothesis testing is done when an inference is made, and the correctness of the inferences needs to be ascertained. L, & Cramer, D.

Good essay about quantitative research

In the study, the correlational design was used to examine the association between dietary patterns and anxiety and depression in Chinese adolescents. Regarding the issue of threats to validity, the study design used is prone to the effects of confounding variables which threaten the internal validity of the study.

Good example of quantitative research plan: instruments and measurements essay

Studies of the validity and reliability of the National Public Health Performance Standards are examples of efforts to validate the measurements used in public health system research. The study by Beaulieu, Scutchfield, and Kelly partially responds to the call for the assessment of the validity and reliability of measurements used >>>

Good essay about soc 411: introduction to quantitative data analysis

The highest measure of variability is for those who have the lowest level of education. The lowest is for doctors, bachelors and masters.

Ethics in quantitative methodology

A: Reliability and validity in the article are noted in terms of the baseline results that reflect the sample used in the method. A: In terms of the level of measurement associated with the variables, percentages are used to demonstrate the link between the independent with the other dependent variables.

Quantitative analysis for football managers

Valuing the player The intention here is for the reader to get a good idea of the key parameters involved in the valuation model, without getting into the details of the equations and problem solving methods. In other words, X is simply the ratio of the club's turnover to the >>>

Task 5 probability, statistics, & quantitative problem

The cost y subsequent to discount is given by 0.8x+4. Company B: The cost prior to discount is more than 20 dollars.

Free research paper on validity in quantitative research designs

As the intervention was conducted, the Labour's Physical Fitness Test Method was used to measure the physical fitness of the nurses. To that end, there is one potential concern related to the study of Yuan et al; for instance, the inference made is that the physical fitness of the nurses >>>