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My ways of seeing (reflective essay)

John Berger taught me to appreciate and rate highly the works of art, to understand the concepts of meaning, and to differentiate the really valuable pieces of art from the unashamed imitations. After re-reading my essays and recollecting the ideas of the three writers, I developed an understanding of my >>>

Reflective essay on dementia

This was my first experience with Alzheimer's disease and the effects it has on their families." Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia and is incurable, degenerative, and terminal". The poem is a good reminder of what Alzheimer's is all about and a good conclusion to this report.

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Simulation reflective journal

As the primary nurse, I knew that I had to lead and supervised our group in responding to the emergency situation at hand. The person in-charge of preparing the medication also asked me when to inject it and again I am not sure what to answer.

Reflective writing on ocenia essay sample

The key to the survival and nourishment of the people of Oceania was their capability to navigate through the ocean from island and their craftsmanship in crafting and constructing seaworthy vessels. The Pacific was in fact the first of world's greatest oceans to be discovered whereby the stories of the >>>

A reflective statement

By al Affiliation The Usage of Interpersonal and Team Working Skills During the modules of discussion, an individual performance is scrutinized and is used to selectively determine the progresses of candidates. Finally, Reflecting is a skill that closely relates to the psychological sciences and provides an ability of presenting reflections >>>

Clinical experience reflective

To summarize your experiences in this course, we would like you to write up a 5-10 page paper about your experiences in this class. This section should describe your experiences as a student in this course.

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Reflective on wrong drug administration

My colleague say In front of the patient " look at your folder, the name is different with the patient you give an injection." I was angry and said by my heart, " how can she say that, she thinks did not know what am I doing! " At the >>>

Defining reflective practice and identifying advantages and implications nursing essay

This assignment aims to address the definition of reflective practice, advantages and disadvantages associated, implications of reflective practice and how to improve reflection within healthcare. Reflection re-examines the individual experiences or feelings, and the outcome of this is allowing the practitioner to develop a new perception and an appreciation of >>>

Reflective essay on developing care skills

Time to time, I realized that I was quite lonely. Not only that, I also must have a good mind state to evaluate myself properly and deal with the pressures of my life.

Reflective questions

So I went to the writing center and I persuaded the 6 volunteers to re-film them again and I did that by show them the importance of the work we do and the importance of their role for the completion of this work. I was confidence in my ability to >>>

Msc reflective essay life long learning

One of the most important things that I learnt from there was learning through the professionalenvironmentand the development of the staff and students. As a result the effectiveness of the service collaboration and shared learning was stifled.

Reflective account

There was a time when I went to administer the night medication to customer X and realised that he was heavily under the influence of alcohol. Because it was out of hours, I contacted the crisis team to inform them of the situation and to seek advice.

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Reflective assessment of education research

First, think I learned is that how to handle the question comes from the villager, because your answer can create hope in their mind and in the field you cannot make any statement which you cannot fulfil and create any type of hope. In this region, the primary source of >>>

Reflective summary on prescribing practice learning nursing essay

Consultation Examining the holistic needs of the patient is the first of seven principles of good prescribing, 1999) and must be undertaken before making a decision to prescribe. The model also overlooks that the diagnosis is a result of negotiation between doctor and patient In this case study, the practitioner >>>

Reflective journal activity entries

In analyzing the decision criteria, I considered the urgency, logic and the possible results of the decision. It ensured a clear identification of the problem and defined the main goal in decision-making.

Reflective account: ethical dilemma treating cancer

To comply with the Nursing and Midwifery Code of Conduct and maintain confidentiality all names have been changed and therefore for the purpose of this reflection the patient will be referred to as Bob. I felt that in order to ensure Bob's rights were protected and to give him the >>>

Reflective food in lahiri’s short stories

Although she is pretty and looks fulfilling on the outside, she is a bland, empty shell on the inside; this is evidenced by the fact that she is disinterested in having any real quality time with her family even though they are on a trip together. Food is a necessity, >>>

Reflective learning commentary

JACKSON This notification is to inform this agency the resources that the above couple requires to support their son, Sam. This is will enable the family to have psychological clarity of the situation they are encountering.

Ethics game: reflective summary assignment

The ethical dilemma again is how the player works through the steps in the Bird Method to arrive at the most effective solution. Ins the method a person in position to make a decision will consider what all the facts of the issue are, who is responsible, consider vat the >>>

How to deal with reflective journal writing essay sample

The text of a reflective journal should be enhanced with plenty of details and facts, giving the target reader an opportunity to fully emerge in the narration and get the main sense easily. A task of students working on the delivery of a reflective journal assignment is to make weekly >>>

A reflective writing of the module within the academic year

This helped recognise my mistakes was to give the audience a clear distinction between the organisational structure and the p of control of the company. But through practise and the help of the group I was able to develop on my presentation skills.

Inside the life of a persevering adult

Although my story may be one of a series of pitfalls and setbacks, I will prove to others that perseverance has pulled me through those pitfalls and setbacks and has gotten me to where I am today. I do not remember the name of a single friend from any grade >>>

Reflective essay: “the best game of my life!” essay sample

It was my first time on the ice and I had a bit of trouble getting started, but as I played more I began to love the sport and I just could not get enough of it, now it has become a significant part of my life. From the changing-room >>>

A reflective paper on the importance on teamwork nursing essay

Bruce Tuckman's team development theory provides a way to tackle the tasks of making a team through the completion of the project. The success of a team is the result of combination of team roles in it.

Reflective piece about week 1 placement in the acute psychiatric unit

The use of music therapy can help improve the physiological, emotional and psychological needs of the patients by making their mood more stable. Occupational therapists can use art therapy to encourage the psychiatric inpatients to verbalize their hidden thoughts and feelings.

Reflective practice in pastoral ministry education essay

2)Advantages of practice reflective Reflective practice in pastoral ministry is associated with a higher understanding for the minister of his or her own style in the course of ministry besides validation of his or her own ideas, beneficial challenges to traditional approaches, recognition of the role of ministry in society >>>

Reflective report on clinical education in practice nursing essay

The objectives were to expose the students to public dental health within a school environment and develop some of the skills necessary to convey dental health education to children of different age groups. The students came well prepared, so, after the introductions, I clearly conveyed the learning objectives of the >>>

Reflection essay on national integration

Foodhabits are different, crops are different and there is a difference in faiths and belief. They are tools in the hands of some foreign elements.

Counselor reflection

Advocacy To be seen as an advocate for " all students" is important to her; for she is an advocate in numerous ways for students, particularly with regard to behavior, motivation, and achievement. Williams feels that she presents herself as a leader in systemic change by delivering to all students >>>

Reflective leadership plan

I am a product of transformational leadership as I am motivated to perform with great satisfaction and fulfillment as I contribute to the success of our company. According to Avolio and Yammarino, the behavior of a leader is based on a leader's ability to be transformational and charismatic.

T he international programs school – al khobar

The language of instruction is English and the school features: ' ' ' The highest quality American curriculum, well-articulated, and suited to the 21st century. The school is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, and is licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

University 101 mid semester reflective assignment

College courses are different in their initial scheduling, the fast paced learning of the material, the size of the sections, and the availability of the professors. In college the student is required to learn the same amount of material in half the time, since classes last for a semester and >>>

Reflective report on a personal nursing philosophy

Originally, I had thought that my nursing philosophy is to treat all my patients as I would like to be treated and to always have a positive attitude to pass on to others. It is the process in which the nurse assess and diagnose patients and implement and evaluate care >>>

Analyze the reflective writing essay

After the handover me and the evening nurse went to see one of the resident who was poorly to have an as correct handover as possible to be able to identify any changes as quick as possible. Then I was handed over the keys, as it in only the URN >>>

The symposium reflective journal

The Issue of Eros in Plato's Symposium School Plato's Symposium is the dialogue which issue is dedicated to explanation of the notionof Eros as a special embodiment of love. Socrates claims, and it sounds really reasonable, that " Eros is love, first of all, of some things, and secondly, of >>>

A reflective account of the impact of psychosocial and cultural issues nursing essay

She seemed to be having a varied diet, although at her last visit to her GP at the beginning of the year, she was informed that she had impaired fasting glucose. The patient reported that the support of her son had helped her through the grieving process and that she >>>

The psychology of studying-reflective learning

Critical thinkingAn ability to evaluate, to compare, analyze, critique, and experience. OverlearningContinuing to study and learn after you think you have mastered a topic.

Reflective report

Individuals assemble or gather together in a meeting to share, discuss, and analyse knowledge, ideas, and opinions and attain the goals of the meeting. After the meeting, the executive should distribute or communicate outcomes in a prompt way; assess the success of the meeting; observe execution of the action plan; >>>

Reflective writing

Before you can begin to assess the words and ideas of others, you need to pause and identify and examine your own thoughts. Reflective writing helps you develop and clarify the connections between what you already know and what you are learning, between theory and practice and between what you >>>

Reflective report on organisational management

In order to assess our group, I suggest focusing on two sets of outcomes from the PESTEL analysis which are the organizational effectiveness in one hand and the quality of working life in the other hand. Members 1, 3, 4 and I have a mutual " explanation communication" which means >>>

Reflective assignment

Moving on to the task, GLO-BUS business simulation was assigned to us with the task given to work in groups/teams on the operational side of a digital camera company for global market leadership, competing against other rival company's run by other groups/teams and to sustain better performance in sales and >>>

Good capstone seminar scholarly reflective report example

The various concepts discussed in the readings improve the ability of an individual to carry out proper dispensation of duties without attracting possible conflicts or any forms of inconsistency, which may affect the integrity of the individual as well as the integrity of the co-workers and the public. The readings >>>

Reflective essay on stress management

In this course, stress management is the most impressive topic that i have learned, as I am a student, I always face a lot of stress in my study life likes examination, assignment, presentation. The above cases shows that the people in Hong Kong always face lots of stress from >>>

A reflective essay on the qantas airlines issues

The issue of Qantas Airlines following the decision of the CEO and an intervention by the Prime Minister to solve the issue can be fitted in the above theories in that wrongs decisions were made, certain rights were breaches, contracts were breached, and the conflict had to be solved. To >>>

Reflective clinical practice critique form

I checked the documentation for change of dressing orders and checked for any specific type of dressing ordered by the doctor. As a nurse it is important we should inspect the wound and feedback to doctor if the dressing been order by the doctor is not appropriate for the stage >>>

The port of singapore: a reflective essay

In the 1970s, the Port of Singapore pioneered the first container port in the history. Today, the Port of Singapore is the busiest port in the World in terms of the transshipment of containers.


I have always known that I wanted to be a writer. Now I am able to bring out the best of me through my writing.

Reflective journal on communication

In addition, it was part of my duty to feed her and to ensure the patient get their best care in the ward. In order to develop more skills in my communication, I was trying to involve my emotion and thoughts during the feeding.

Reflective journal writing skills essay sample

And you will always have a handy scope of studying material to revise and the list of issues to be clarified. You can rely on this reflective journal template to memorize how to organize information and make a brief summary.

Reflective journal assignment

2 Describe factors to affect the ability to study effectively Lack of time Juggling family and academic commitments effectively Not understanding what has been taught Lack of money Working full time and part time Not having a designated corner to study Lack of motivation and commitment Inability to use word >>>

Communication skills for teamwork: reflective summary

The aim of this report is to evaluate and describe the research that has been used for the group presentation and the performance of the group during the presentation. Finally, throughout this report it will be demonstrated the aims of the module, the experience the students had from the module, >>>

the value of reflective practice and continual professional development essay sample

Self-assessment is something that an assessor should be constantly engaged in as it seeks to increase the depth of understanding of the process of assessment and a perpetual identification of gaps in knowledge that can assist the assessor and help those being assessed. Ultimately reflective practice enables an assessor to >>>

Reflective essay: communicative language teaching approach, text based intruction implementation in indonesia

Communicative language teaching can be understood as a set of principles about the goals of language teaching, how learners learn a language, the kinds of classroom activities that best facilitate learning, and the roles of teachers and learners in the classroom. In CLT, the material is designed to train the >>>

A reflective journal entry

Educators in education and nursing employ reflective learning journals to enhance creative and critical thinking among learners in the classroom and in the practice setting. The purposes in this paper are to discuss the application of two models of reflection to a set of reflective learning journals and to offer >>>

Reflective analysis of personal time management and nursing

This event occurred because I did not prioritize the tasks I had to complete during the day properly, and therefore I learned the importance of time management while I work as a nurse on the clinical unit. I thought my clinical instructor and the nurse must feel disappointed that I >>>

Reflective assessment on communicative nursing

The sender is the nurse and the receiver could be a client. The feedback is the reaction of the receiver to the sent message.

Lucia fabre

This made me think that Behemoth had to be in fact a black cat to show some superstition that was demonstrated throughout the people from the time period which this work was written in. Another event that took place in the novel that did not make sense to me was >>>

Reflective case study

Due to the nature of this case study and the involvement of Children and Family Social Services current adult and children's legislation and policy Informed much of my practice with the client. It will be made evident to the reader the fundamental dilemma I was faced with, balancing the Individual's >>>

Willowbrook reflections

I grew up with a friend with Cerebral Palsy and have known people with Down syndrome, and I know the burden both the individual and families carry. The Individuals were treated with cruelty, negligence and a lack of compassion.

A reflective journal

The introduction further brings to the fore the fact that in case one is studying the same course in Adelaide, the main people to be acknowledged as the owners of the land are called the Kaurna. In the first lecture, we are introduced to how important tourism is and a >>>

Reflective essay

The goal of a reflective essay is to not only to narrate your personal experiences but to assess them in the light of the emotions they have aroused in you, the change they brought in your life, your findings in connection with the experiences and the conclusion you have arrived. >>>

Reflective observation report

Staying with the same group was beneficial as I was able to see the development of the athletes and see the full variety of coaching techniques and styles of learning that was applied by the coach. After viewing the drill once over the coach sent the players back in and >>>

A 3000 word reflective account of solution focused brief therapy within a practice placement setting

This assignment aims to discuss the importance of the 10 Essential Shared Capabilities, introduce clear definitions of SFBT, evaluate current research of SFBT, and provide an evaluation of the key principles of SFBT. Due to my limited training in SFBT I felt like a novice and did not utilise the >>>

Reflective striping on emergency vehicles

Much of the science regarding emergency vehicle conspicuity has come to us from the United Kingdom, where the Police Scientific Development Branch of the Home Office conducted extensive research in an effort to develop the best possible marking scheme for law enforcement vehicles." However the idea of creating such markings >>>

Twelfth night reflective paper

However, in independent study, the students are able to produce something of their own imagination, and according to their satisfaction with the result. The theme in this play that is present today in people's lives is that love can be a source of pain.

World lit reflective statement

Ultimately, by watching the lives of those around her and the role of traditions and cultures that playing their lives, Hang finds her individuality and her destiny at the end of the book when she has grown enough to differentiate and develop an opinion of her own. There are definite >>>

Principles of marketing reflective

For this question students should demonstrate their knowledge of the different segmentation bases available to Mercedes. Discuss the key factors contributing to the success of Mercedes-Benz positioning strategy Positioning can be defined as the act of designing the company's offering so that it occupies a meaningful and distinct position in >>>

Reflective stayement

The group I was In talked about various things such as cultural and social context of the naturalist tragedy, the struggles he the author himself had gone through and owe Strindberg showed the difference between the gender and class. The group I was in talked about various things such as >>>

Reflective journal on interpersonal skills nursing essay

It is the capability of a person to perform in the complexity of the organization as a restrained or subtle, insightful, incisive performer that determines the success as a manager. For a person to work in a group either as a member or a leader in order to achieve a >>>

Concepts of marriage: reflective essay

The lesson learned the topic stood out to us because marriage is something that has crossed our minds at least once before and we learned that even though you may not relate to a topic because you are not married, does not mean you cannot connect to the topic and >>>

Reflective analysis report on personal experiences

In addition to other project related activities, my extra responsibilities as team leader were to overlook the project to maintain the focus of the project, conduct team meetings, and ensure the pace of the project to meet necessary deadlines. Because of the length of the project and number of people >>>

Reflective assignment

Some techniques to lad the process of reflection and reflective writing Assignment 3 In PUPIL week B requires you to be both analytical and reflective. Clarity of writing suffers due to weak organization or spelling and grammar errors.

Re: mastery in education specialty:reflective educators & mastery demonstration

To sustain and acquire knowledge, a professional educator needs lifelong learning skills. It is possible for a professional educator to do this through familiarising themselves with what is happening in other similar areas of the world and through constant learning.

Reflective essay ~ dogs make better pets than cats essay sample

Dogs will never do that as they do not have the habit of sharpening their claws on furniture, so dogs will make better pets, especially if you intend to allow them in the house and you do not want your sofas to be destroyed within the day. Dogs are very >>>

Models of reflective practice for education

The reflective examples and experiences is illustrated as a learning unit and an assessment tool including the approaches taken to integrate the reflective example as part of the work integrated learning experience. Gibbs introduces experimential reflective cycle comprising of six elements of reflection which shows a clear ' DESCRIPTION' of >>>

Reflective learning

I am a lecturer within FE teaching learners from school age 13+ to adults who may require additional qualifications within construction to the level of HNC. My role is to teach and educate my learners to the best of ability and to a high standard of workmanship.

Becoming a reflective supervisor and counsellor nursing essay

First and foremost being a student counsellor in the mode of Peron-Centred counselling, the key component would have to relate to first taking a personal journey of discovery through reflection to become aware of self in the process of actualisation. In addition, as a student a vital tool in self-reflection >>>

The capita are not entirely reflective of the

The Capability Approach, developed as an alternate to welfare economics by Amartya Sen in the 1980s, is a structure which measures the significance of an individual's' ability to pursue and achieve the life they want and value. The Capability Approach dives further into the development of people than purely economic >>>

Reflective assessment: bucket and dipper theory

It fosters the development of personal skills and, thus, it is very relevant to the growth of a corporate and to one's personal development. I strongly believe that the lessons learned will be of great value as I continue to grow professionally and interact with people around me.

Reflective assignment

I came to this course already knowing that I wanted to be a Journalist, I had taken media in college and through that I knew exactly what I was heading for. Going through this course has taught me so much more about Journalism; moreover it has taught me how to >>>

Self reflective course concept

Self Reflective Concept Instructions Introduction Business is defined as the process of identifying a need in the society that could be measured in monetary terms, gathering the necessary resources inform of labor and capital and other resources that are required in the production of the said product or service, implementing >>>

Reflective report on ‘cultural shock’

This report aims to: Reflect on the strengths and detriments of my study experience at NTU Develop an understanding of the contrast between my Nigerian, college and University experience Create a better understanding of my potentialacademicopportunities I have the transition to University culture has yielded substantial gains in my scholastic >>>

Reflective essay on teamwork

Sullivan & Garland distinguish groups from teams and discuss the concept of how groups are transformed into teams, and the necessity for a thorough understanding of this process for effective team leadership and management. Kurt Lewin and the Planned Approach to Change: A Re-appraisal Journal of Management Studies Vol.

Reflective learning journal review

However, the significant point is that I have learnt a lot from the first journal, not only knowing the structure of journal, but I also learn how to assess and improve my personal skills and interpersonal skills. The Flashback of learning during the course Week 4 Assess To assess where >>>

Reflective assignment

As reflect over the fall semester, I remember the first free writing assignment we did and how I did not know what to write, much less how to Start. If I am just sitting still waiting for the words to come to me, it does not work.

Example reflective essay using rolfe reflective model

My role in the situation was that I was the recipient of the allegation. On the one hand I was aware of the seriousness of the allegation if it were true, and therefore I was also aware of the potential harm that an untrue allegation could cause to the professional >>>

Reflection essay on annotated bibliography

The authors draw on close studies on Faceable journal articles, s well as their own finding from various web articles to identify the cause of social media crisis dramatists by Nestle during the year 2010 and the mitigation factors in social media crisis. The article assesses the shift of business >>>

Reflective report assignment

It is a part of the process of writing reflectively to be as aware as possible of the influences that are shaping the writing that you actually do. Questions to facilitate reflection Out of the description, what is the issue / are the issues that could be addressed in reflective >>>

Reflective experience

Reflective Essay Research Principles in the Design and Delivery of the Instructions in Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners Teaching is never the same in this century. In my theoretical studies I got this meaning that learning is evaluated on the end of semester exams but with field and writings >>>

Who am i now? reflective education essay

I have to patiently search for the articles on the respective topics and provide my best answer to ensure that I get good results in my study. I believe that, the time I set my goal there will be the obstacles to stop me achieving it.

Reflective essay

The reason's why I think it's the best tv show ever is because it's a great story, funny, and Re-watchable. And then him making the list is the whole reason why it's a show.

Nursing reflective essay on ethics committee

When I started to speak about my topic I become so tensed and I am not able to convey my ideas to other members. Totally I attended six ethics committee, when I was attended last committee my knowledge level increased and got a clear picture about my topic and now >>>

The reflective report audit trail nursing essay

It was not my first time to speak in the public but I still felt nervous and resulted in me left out some parts that I was going to say. I believe that proper planning is the key to managing my time well.

Reflection essay on krispy kreme

MArk- Proposal 1: New product by looking at the consumers wants and by monitoring the competitors - buy or acquire well-known coffee, The problem that Krispy Kreme had was not the ability to not create a new product, but the incorrect timing of the products they made. The best thing >>>

Social stratification: personal research of future social class

For examples, the prestige and income I will get for being a clinical psychologist may not be that much as in the past. When being a part of the middle class becomes my goal, I can easily conclude what social position I will be in my 40s.