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Police and law enforcement response

Checkpoint: Police and Law Enforcement Response A police officers role in society is to effectively enforce laws, arrest offenders when a crime has been committed, prevent crime to their best ability, preserve the peace whenever possible, and provide services to community citizens in their time of need. Exploring being a >>>

Shared practice velocity part i responses

The concept of velocity can be made part of the very organizational culture of companies so that the need to avoid waste will be a continuous process as success within the organization must be a prompt and ever existing concept References Hsu, P.-F, & Sun, M.-H. Using the theory of >>>

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Response to the conjoined twins judgment

The religious position held by the parents of the twins would surmount to double tragedy since it would result in the death of both the twins. It is also in order for the medical fraternity to preserve the right of children by trying to save the life of at least >>>

Response paper

Here, the theme of increasing mechanization of man and the humanization of machine underscore a process that moves in the direction of a vision wherein machine is god and man becomes the slave. The setting and time further highlighted the Romantic character of the Frankenstein.

Review and response of the reading

Fusco is of the view that such denouncing of art because it may not appeal to the moral sensibilities of some people is not right. Both Fusco and Blake talk about the horrors faced by African Americans throughout American history and believe that art, even though provocative, is only a >>>

Response for vygotsky

In children, the zone of proximal development is the potential of actual development. The zone of proximal development is the abilities the child can be taught.

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Modulation of immune responses by particle size and shape

Phagocytosis mediated by the Fc-receptor triggers a so-called zipper model of uptake, characterized by a close-fitting zipper-like advance of membrane and the branched actin cytoskeleton over the particle surface; the efficiency of this process depends on the particle rigidity, size, the density of antibodies on the particle surface and the >>>

Extended response to journeys essay sample

This correlation is appropriate as the notion of poem accounts the journey of the immigrants to a land of opportunity. The film ' Wizard of Oz brings to life the classic story of Dorothy, who travels to the Land of Oz and follows the " yellow brick road" in the >>>

Literary response 1

Closely related with the voice of death is the tone of morbidity that one can sense in Dickinson's poetry. The intensity and deepness around the themes of death, morbidity and God are three prominent themes in the poetry of Emily Dickinson that make her a unique poet.

Elizabeth austin response

Austin first gives background knowledge about the " F" word and how it came to be as the word it is used now. Austin first states that the word should be deleted from our use, but before that we must remove the people who use the word." Let's get rid >>>

How candide killed the brother of his dear cunegonde: a response

" Reverend Father, all the quarterings in the world signify nothing; I rescued your sister from the arms of a Jew and of an Inquisitor; she has great obligations to me, she wishes to marry me; Master Pangloss always told me that all men are equal, and certainly I will >>>

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Introduction intervention (rti) response to intervention is

However, the gradual increase in the number of individuals with learning disabilities led to the disapproval of this method. As a result of this separation and early identification school performances tend to improve and the number of children with learning disabilities is minimized making this programme to be a successful >>>

Description of bioterrorism response system

Introduction The system ought to have the aptitude to run a number of samples of data simultaneously, while still being able to accurately give the results. For the system to ensure that it is up to date with the changing sets of data, the symptom levels of the diagnosis will >>>

The macrophage response to mycobacterium tuberculosis and opportunities for autophagy inducing nanomedicines for tuberculosis therapy

Therefore, the successful treatment of pulmonary TB depends on the efficiency of TB drugs to infiltrate complex lung lesions, penetrate the cell membrane of macrophages and other host cells and finally, for the drugs to be taken up by the intracellular Mtb. The penetration and accumulation of TB drugs inside >>>

Text of chapter 7 has been downloaded and attached -resources: ch. 7 of society compose an apa formatted 200- to 300-word response to the following:

According to Merton, the strain between our culture's emphasis on success and the lack of the means of some to attain it may encourage some people especially the poor to do drugs and to steal." Virtually every society in the world tries to control the behaviour of women more than >>>

Reflection response

Even though some educators fear that curriculum standards only increase the likelihood that some teachers will only " teach to the test", it is my opinion that one set of standards will make things easier for educators, while multiple sets will only create more work and handicap the students. Having >>>

Response: commentary: a construct divided: prosocial behavior as helping, sharing, and comforting subtypes

Children readily distinguish between a person's proximate and ultimate goals, indicating they are attuned to the root of a problem. Emotional cues also communicate the intensity of a negative state, which may support children's decisions about when and how to respond.


While I consent with your opinion that strategies to help Danny at home need to be such that Danny finds interesting, I am curious to know if there are games that can help a child learn Math beyond the basics. I think a more practicable solution would be to involve >>>

Response essay over wild swans

For a long time, women have played a pivotal role in the determining the course of most activities; in the book the author has used three women to show the generational change that happened in ancient china and the change in the socio-economic and political setting of the nation. From >>>

Response to berry essay

This helps the Berry relate to the crippled children at the home because, like himself, they are also taken advantage of at the Home. The extra work is the imposition of the others at the Home that Berry refers to.

Response to lit essay

When Juan died, the narrator and his great-grandmother visited the toad's grave on a regular basis."... After the death of the horned toad, the narrator and his great-grandmother learned to bond even more with each other.

Response toni morrison’s the bluest eyes

It is evident that there is a lacking of details about the main character and a novel in general. Her behavior is explained by a girl's desire to avoid hardships and challenges of the modern racist world.

Plant hormone-mediated regulation of heat tolerance in response to global climate change

The identity of proteins altered in transgenic plants in response to heat stress provides further insights into the biochemical and molecular mechanisms of CK-regulated heat tolerance in plants. Therefore, the physiological, biochemical, and molecular functions of ET in plant in response to heat stress varied in plant species and tissues.

Writing a case study response

There is always a certain problem and the student should find out about the cause and effect of the problem and solve the ' puzzle' of the case professionally. First of all the paper should describe the general topic of the case study in order to give the reader a >>>

Discussion responses

The charts outline the change objectives, the major things they will do to obtain them and then the smaller tasks they will need to implement in order to attain the major ones. The manager of Human Resources however, failed to implement the changes in accordance with the guidelines.

Literary response #5

For her work, Brooks won the Pulitzer Prize in 1950 and garnered the attention of Richard Wright, who described the way she captured black urban life as, " the pathos of petty destinies, the whimper of the wounded, the tiny incidents that plague the lives of the desperately poor, and >>>

Reader response

Her reason for settling in Stella's place was because her place was no longer compatible. At her arrival at Stella's, she asked her sister why she was not impressed by her presence "....

Editorial: molecular basis of the response of photosynthetic apparatus to light and temperature stress

Editorial on the Research Topic Molecular Basis of the Response of Photosynthetic Apparatus to Light and Temperature Stress The fast growing world population requires an increase in plant productivity. Photosynthesis is an intricate and crucial function in plant productivity, and the ability of plants to adapt to changing environments is >>>

The role of environmental factors in modulating immune responses in early life

This vision incorporates the key principles of the developmental origin of health and diseases hypothesis, the hygiene hypothesis as well insights from the field of developmental immunotoxicology and posits that the sum of these mold immune memory. Breastfeeding is important for nutrition and education of the neonatal immune system.

The eve of st agnes: my response

Initially ' The Eve of St Agnes' is set in a medieval period ' long ago', which you can determine from the distinct use of archaic language; ideas of chivalry and patriarchy are evoked at the use of this time period thus the ongoing theme of the supernatural, demonstrated by >>>

The incredible journey reading response

I finished the book in no time at all and along with several generations of readers, was captivated by this amazing story. The book is amazing because there is actually no verbal communication among the three lead characters, even if the story is focused on their journey and the trials >>>

Impact of hydroxychloroquine on antibody responses to the sars-cov-2 coronavirus

In view of this situation and of the importance of correct interpretation of antibody profiles for planning preventive measures for COVID-19, we would like to bring the attention of readers to studies that raise concerns about the possible impact of HY upon antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2. Available online at: >>>

Pain and (e)motion in postural responses

In a recent Frontiers article, inspired by up-to date neuroscience evidence on the perception of pain, Lelard and colleagues investigated the interrelations between behavior and emotion in painful situations. Responses of the tibialis anterior and soleus muscles, which have been associated with freezing responses in previous reports, were also collected, >>>

Aberrant disgust response and immune reactivity in cocaine-dependent men might uncover deranged serotoninergic activity

The increased sympathetic and immune responses documented in this clinical population in association to a hypersensitivity to stimuli conveying a risk of infection might be explained in relation to a deranged activity of serotoninergic circuits. Biosynthesis of dopamine and serotonin in the rat brain after repeated cocaine injections: a microdissection >>>

Editorial: platelets and immune responses during thromboinflammation

Editorial on the Research Topic Platelets and Immune Responses During Thromboinflammation The word thromboinflammation appeared in 2004 to describe the interactions and cooperation between platelets and neutrophils in the context of arterial in-stent restenosis. 38: 128 50.doi: 10.

Psychological basis of the relationship between the rorschach texture response and adult attachment

However, a primary goal for the research team was to find out the mechanisms for why textured response occur in higher frequency for some individuals concluding their study with the identification of priming at the main factor that would contribute to the rate of response types given by the participant. >>>

Response paper

This is evidenced by the condition that he was in during the time of the murder: close to starvation, addicted to drugs, and a loner. I feel that some understanding and kindness need to be shown to this man because of the upbringing he had.

In a common tavern response essay sample

Maybe in doing that, I can help a fellow classmate or two who has a block and is stuck in the middle of the assignment." In a Common Tavern" by Thomas Thornburg is a poem about a woman and her daughter bravely fleeing from an abusive man. The ending statement >>>

Maternal influences on youth responses to peer stress by abaied

The qualifications of the interviewers add credence to the results of the study. An important part of the study is the definition of the terms that are used in the research.

Reading response

& May 9, Kennan's Telegram and the Cold War The United s joined hands with the Allies to defeat Germany and the Axis powers in the Second World War. This formed the basis for the early policy of the United States that led to the Cold War.

A response to minievent

The piece was interesting and, by the end of it, it was one of my favorites of the night; it was most certainly the most memorable one. The elements of the piece that stood out most to me were the costumes and the music.

A reader response critique for a rose for emily

The author of A Rose for Emily, William Faulkner, was born in 1897 and died in 1962. Proof of this can be found in section two, paragraph two, of the short story.

Response to theodores poem

For instance, there seems to be a demonstration of the father arriving late in the house. However, there seems to be a call by the son for the father to improve on the family relationship.

White denial-strong response essay

In the story the woman at the counter assumed I was not going to steal and that my friend, who was of color would, she was holding whites to a higher standard when I had done nothing to prove or earn that assumption and neither had Codee. Although I agree >>>

African american culture reflection response

African American society is considered to be indigenous to the relations in the U.S.of the Middle Passage' survivors. African American culture considers names to be regularly have some connection with the same dialect group as other mainstream names found in American culture.

Response to the article “why the rich are getting richer” by robert reich

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Response to the article " Why the rich are getting richer" by Robert Reich In the article, Robert Reich argues that within the American society, the small minority of rich people continued to get even richer. The number of unemployed people rose while the living standards >>>

The confusions of young törless as a response to wilhelmine politics and ideals

Their cruel treatment of Basini resembles fascist militaristic practices of obedience and discipline; indeed, Beineberg and Reiting represent the ideals during the rein of Wilhelm II, which can be directly correlated to World War I and postwar fascist dictatorships. When a friend of these two in the novel refused to >>>

Response week 13

For example, she has mentioned the training employees on how to avoid and the effects of money laundering, implementation of money laundering laws and the need for Money Service Businesses to know how money laundering schemes work. Countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Artistic response

Consequently, change is required in order to enhance student and overall school performance by altering the daily student experience to ensure that the students are linked to the social and academic agenda of the school. As a result, both writers agree that the learning should ensure that the students are >>>

Poetry response #1:”hope”

Hope is not just human, though it does share some of the same qualities of an average person it is something that lives forever in everyone. In Dickinson's poem, it is not simply an idea, philosophy, or concept in the eyes of the speaker.

Argument response

The point of bilingual education in part is to ease the transition of students whose first language is not English into the school setting, and while it might accomplish this goal, it leaves the students with more difficulty in the long run. He seems to be of the opinion that >>>

Strategic management in fedex in response to competition

The entry of UPS into the market posed a severe threat to FedEx, serious enough to cause Pauline and Farhoomand, to report that the transportation volume of FedEx was going down. The threat of substitutes according to the five forces theory therefore exists when the demand of a product is >>>

Response to 9-11 essay sample

The response to the attacks though riddled with lack of proper coordination between the various units due to malfunctioning of the communication equipments and network was greatly hailed. FORUM: The US Response to 11 September An Extreme Case of Crisis Foreign Policy.

Reading response

Emulative and Imitative Learning EMULATIVE AND IMITATIVE LEARNING Fiske, Daniel & Gardner describes emulative learning as the process of attending to the affordances of the object in the environment without specifically attending to the goals of the model. Imitative learning requires the learner not only to focus on how to >>>

Code response

In the beginning of the article, Code explains Spencer's predicament in the nursing home in the phrase " systematically degrading character of her treatment," I thought this phrase summed up the emotions and the treatment of the patients in the nursing home extremely well. The treatment of Spencer in the >>>

Model literary response essays – prompts

Prompts: Tone is the mood or feeling the author intends the reader to experience. Poe now adds to the tone with more suspense and a feeling ofanxietyto whether the man will confess to the murder.

A reader’s response – the lesson

The reader would think that it is a gang member speaking instead of a precocious kid from the block when she says " she would much rather...go to the Sunset and terrorize the West Indian kids and take their hair ribbons and their money too." The story is told from >>>

Discuss and assess the potential for multiplied penalties for egregious violations. your response should be approximately 200-300 words and include a reference citation for your sources

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules on egregious violations might result in multi-million penalties for employers because instead of combining the violations and issuing an aggregate penalty for such violations, the OSHA now issues separate penalties per violation. Egregious violations are serious violations.

Response paper mccloskey article (278.205 kb) essay

As regards the cosmological argument itself, McCloskey states that " all we entitled to infer is the existence of a cause commensurate with the effect to be explained, the universe, and this does not entitle us to postulate an all-powerful, all-perfect, uncaused cause." This is indeed true, there is no >>>

Response paper

She is continuously discussing what she requires in a wife and the things she wants a wife to take care of. She offers the readers different perspectives of a wife to compare it with an image in their mind, and to show the dominance of the husband over the wife.

The speech of polly baker response

Because Baker has experienced the harsh punishments women had to endure for having a bastard child, readers form an emotional bond toward her although she is a fictional character. It is a different pain for a mother to experience the death of their child.

Mother tongue reading response

The way Tan's mother speaks effects the native English speaker think that she is not able to express her thoughts perfectly and do not want to communicate with her. The second section how her mother's limited English affects how she is treated and how Tan's English was restricted.

Business studies case study extended response

Examples of businesses that demonstrate an understanding of these influences and are able to use this understanding to contribute to business success include Santa, Nikkei, McDonald's and Jack Daniels. It is evident that an understanding of the influences on operations can contribute to business success whether that be maximizing profits, >>>

The australian government’s response to communism assignment

" How did the Australian Government respond to the threat of communism both at home and overseas? " With the conclusion of World War II in 1945, the world was left divided between two different political beliefs of the communist Soviet Union and the capitalist and democratic United States. At >>>

Accounting response:

For the case of the accounting students, Ramlall and Ramlall indicate that the expectations of the present day employers has changed especially in terms of the soft skills of the accountants. The Value of Soft-Skills in the Accounting Profession: Perspectives of Current Accounting Students.

Response to coments on dq1 hunt and dq2 smith

In the aftermath of the Enron case in United States the investment community doubted the credibility of financial information. The academic community should stress more the importance of ethics in business.

Response to an article

Question 2 The focus of education should shift from the teacher to the student. The main role of the teacher is to make student learning efficient.

Response on dana stevens thinking outside the idiot box

I could say, based from her arguments that what she had to say were no more valid than the position she was attacking if only for the fact that she offered no legitimate evidence to support her position. The issue was that: does TV makes the viewer dumber or smarter?

Response to comments

The NPV analysis is not a tool that can be used to evaluate the overall standing of a firm. The scope of an NPV analysis is limited to the scope of the project that the financial tool is used for.

Fantomina reading response

Although this woman is of higher wealth, and is supposed to sit in the balcony to help show her wealth, she decides to go against all of these rules. Although a woman of this age and wealth would be ordered to be seated and not do anything, she decided to >>>


The difference in Australia was little tangible proof of the atrocities toward the Indigenous people, these people were terra nullius, and they were treated as " invisible", living as hordes in tribal form. The difference is the publicity of the Holocaust versus the Indigenous Australians.2.

Antigone written response

CREON AND ANTIGONE: The most often asked question about the play Antigone by Sophocles, one of the three great Greek of tragedy, is who is the tragic hero of the play; is it Antigone or is it Creon? As the play is titled Antigone, one tends to assume that she >>>

Case study – no response from monitor twenty three

HIS Job performance Is hindered by constraints such as his work environment, his home environment, stresses, mood, and the management style of his superior. The next constraint to his Job performance is the leadership style and characteristics of his superior.

Applying classical conditioning toward the physiological detection of concealed information: beyond native responses

It is imperative that the interrogator and the examinee both agree upon the interpretation of the stimuli used during the investigation. The current approach, rather, installs and verifies a blink response contingent on statement veracity such that the outcome of the procedure would be the veracity of a given statement, >>>

Response agencies

As for instance, the challenges and functions of an agency in case of a hurricane are not the same as at the time of a bomb blast. It includes all the services related to rescue and providing safety to the victims, followed by revitalization of the sufferers and the affected >>>

Reading response 25 enteries of mistakes made from slip of the tongue

Reading Response of 25 Entries of Mistakes Made from Slip of the Tongue s A speech error, according to Karolides is a defined as a deviation either conscious or unconscious from the intended form of an utterance. It can be noted from the speech errors that speakers need to adhere >>>

Psychosocial influences on the individual’s perception and response to health and illness essay sample

This essay will focus on the psychosocial influences of a seventeen year old female; who for the purpose of the essay will use the pseudonym Katy in compliance with the NMC Code of Conduct regarding confidentiality, who is non compliant with her type 1 diabetes regime and will look at >>>

Historical response to disability national situation social work essay

Provide the best education for disabled peopleProvide opportunities in employment and make sure disabled people have an adequate incomeStrengthen the leadership of disabled peopleMake sure government organisations, and organisations that get money from the Government, know about and respond to disabled peopleHave services for disabled people that work for disabled >>>

King lear reader’s response essay

One need not even consider the time-period in which Shakespeare created the entanglement of moods and matters found within his characters to appreciate the clarity of each one's personality, even in just reading the lines of his work as a story-book. Clearly, his episode in the sixth scene of the >>>

William bradford response essay

Upon discovery of the land he noted, " All are most beautiful, of a thousand shapes, and all are accessible and filled with trees of a thousand kinds and tall, and they seem to touch the sky." However, for William Bradford the landscape of the " New World" posed many >>>

7-2 response to j. brickner

Brickner's Work on Accuracy, Reliability and Usefulness of Genetic Testing The issue of precision and reliability of the results of genetic tests results does not seem to arise in many cases where such results are used to determine materiality of an event or occurrence. Response In their work, Brickner points >>>

Response unequal childhood,education bordieu

While most people are of the idea that economic status has a prominent role to play in as far as the performance of the child is concerned, others are of the belief that academic excellence depends on the innate characteristics of the student such as the intelligence quotient and determination. >>>

Response to coments on dq1 j1 and dq2 ks

DQ1 I agree with you that the primary difference between the accounting of manufacturing companies and service companies is the addition of the inventory element. The existence of inventory creates added costs for companies such as freight costs to acquire the merchandise and the cost of maintaining a warehouse to >>>

Written response to allegation of plagiarism essay examples

Considering that I am not in a position to paraphrase the titles of the work cited and change the names of the authors to evade similarity, it is apparent that the plagiarism detected in this part of my paper is not genuine and fair enough. I kindly request you to >>>

Social construction of spring break response

Spring Break Response Spring Break Response The whole concept behind spring break is a typical vacation in the year where get to take the time off from regular learning activities. In conclusion, it is crucial for most people to try and comprehend the nature of spring break as they welcome >>>

Response letter for red scarf girl

At the beginning of the school year; I read The Outsiders, the book was really exciting with many unexpected things even though the ending was a little weak, I still suggest you to read it. The main idea of the book is telling how J-Lie Kiang, the main character, struggles >>>

Respond to classmates responses on business negotiations in japan

Response to mates' responses on business negotiations in japan Hello Jennifer, Your response is great and pinpoints the sheer fact that Japanese consider the Americans as people who hurry in their business deals and negotiations, which apparently makes their meetings counterproductive. While asking questions about a culture is effective in >>>

Reading response

However the people of Britain and France were devastated by the destruction caused by the war and in no mood to forgive Germany for it. It led to more friction among nations and was helpless in preventing the next war that was even more horrific than its predecessor causing untold >>>

A response on social inequality

Discrimination and social inequality on the base of race and ethnicity go hand in hand and is seen all over the world. Social Inequality is seen in other areas of society too but it is more prevalent within the areas of race and ethnicity, sex and gender, and class and >>>

Unit 3 discussion: problematic responses

The fogging technique ensures that the upset customer realizes that I acknowledge the mistake of not listening to him. It compels the customer to think of a way to solve the existing problem.

Response on group members posts on black board

This is the right way of paying attention in operational terms, but the student could have made it easier by tracing the text with his finger while he does the rest. From the way you have made the boy avoid the task, he is more of retaliating than avoiding the >>>

Summary response

If those people shift their loyalties, behavior, and obedience, the balance of power in a society, and in the world, shifts. They recognize that it is the people in a society who are the agents of change and that structural change is created from the ground up.

Examine anticipated interview questions, responses and previous interview experiences

Dress for Success al Affiliation Dress for Success Introduction of the Concept of Dress for Success in the Workplace The need to dress appropriately in the work place is crucial in sustaining the need to project a good and professional impression. Dressing for success in the work setting should be >>>

A scholar-painter’s diary: response on the contents of the diary of guo bi

Since self-cultivation entails the development of the virtue of conduct, it is thereby necessary for the individual to continually develop as well as manifest his virtue of conduct through the contemplation of art and nature as well the creation of his own art works. Artworks, in this sense, may be >>>