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Statistics project

It also aims at knowing the real effect of sleep to the weight of students attending a sample university Data Collection: This research covers the weight and number of hours of sleep of 50 first and second year Diploma students from the University of Trinidad and Tobago. It shows the >>>

Children who speak a language other than english at home, by region

Children Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home, by Region Children Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home, by Region The American Community Survey collected the data. The survey collected the data to establish the penetration of English language in the U.S.

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Contributing to theory: independent, mediating, moderating, and dependent variables

The effects from technology-mediated interaction and openness in virtual team performance measuresThe research article, as was published by Workman, sought to determine the impacts of virtual tools in interactions and openness on the performance of virtual teams. Its problem statement led to a number of research interests in null hypotheses >>>

The financial system and the economy

Running head: The financial system and the economy The financial system and the economyNameInstitutionsFailures in Global Financial system and RecommendationsThe global financial system has proved to be challenging as the economy tries to counter the global financial crisis of the year 2008 which have contributed towards to instability of world >>>

Water, agriculture and irrigation simulation for crops

Water depletion is increasing as the maize crop grows with water depleted at an increasing rate up to 150mm of water. Water depletion is highest at the time of harvesting with 150mm and less at the 1st to 12th day after sowing.

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