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Photosynthesis test questions essay

Photosynthesis is basically the production of food from water and carbon dioxide by green plants using the energy from the sun via sunlight which is absorbed by the chlorophyll located in the surface of the leafs. So at this point light intensity cannot make the rate of photosynthesis any faster >>>

Space exploration synthesis

The final factor we must include when determining the importance of space exploration is the exposure of space exploration in the education system and why it is helpful to learn about historical space endeavors of our country, both its successes and disasters. Another major point to consider when discussing the >>>

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A synthesis of deepwater horizon impacts on coastal and nearshore living marine resources

The specific goals of our study, which are generally consistent with the three other " ecotype" summaries published in this Frontiers in Marine Science Research Topic on Vulnerability and Resilience of Marine Ecosystems Affected by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, were to: identify relevant information from previous studies and long-term >>>

Synthesis paper essay

Students would then have to deal with the fact they do not have they basic necessities of survival to improve themselves and higher their education. The aid these students receive only cover college expenses and not even all of it, they then have to worry about supporting themselves outside of >>>

Carbon dioxide and food trough photosynthesis

First of all If we were to be able to make our own food trough photosynthesis, we should have chlorophyll, which is the important pigment in absorbing sunlight. In short, It Is a good thing If we can make food through photosynthesis, but It Is not possible unless we overcome >>>

Synthesis of a new potential herbicide

However, the used of pesticide can alter the gene of weed and it will resist toward the herbicide and a new herbicide is needed. The synthesis of the potential herbicide is to allow a new herbicide to be accomplished in the market with new mode of action.

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Synthesis of ocean observations using data assimilation for operational, real-time and reanalysis systems: a more complete picture of the state of the ocean

In the former case, variational calculus is used to identify the ocean state that maximizes the conditional probability of the unknown ocean state given the observations, while for ensemble approaches the evolution of the conditional probability density function is estimated from the observations and an ensemble of plausible ocean states. >>>

Role of light in photosynthesis

The colour of the light is determined by the wavelength of the light radiation. This proved that the rate of photosynthesis in light of the two wavelengths together was greater than the added rates of photosynthesis in either alone.

Thyroid gland and thyroid hormone synthesis

If there is an insufficient amount of thyroid hormone circulating in the body to normal functioning, the release of TSH from the pituitary increased in order to stimulate more thyroid hormone. This disease can lead to the development of toxic goiter due to the growth of the thyroid gland in >>>

Photosynthesis lab

If an object absorbs all the wavelengths of visible light and reflects light in the green part of the spectrum we will see the object as green. Very little absorption occurs in the " green" region of the spectrum in both graphs 1 and 2.

Effect of added nutrients on photosynthesis

To investigate the effect of added nutrients of different concentrations on the growth of photosynthesizing duckweed by counting the increase in the number of leaves over the period of 15 days. Selection of plants the plant which is selected for the experiment will have the same size of the root >>>

Essay on professional nursing synthesis

Nursing is a very important factor and influence on the quality of care that hospitals provide and the patient outcomes. Lack of diversity in nursing personnel leads to culturally negligent nursing actions, which might potentially pose danger to the health of the patient.

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Choose one of the following models of psychosynthesis

This essay aligns with the definitions of " I" and Self as outlined by Assagioli, that " I" is one's sense of personal self, the centre of our consciousness and will, and not to be confused with the psychological contents of consciousness. This essay will focus on the fundamental nature >>>

Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis biology essay

At 4 the average increase in rate of reaction was 8676v, a difference of 7930v, which shows the rate of reaction is greatly influenced by light intensity. As the molarity of Sodium Bicarbonate increases, the rate of reaction will also increase at a proportional rate with respect to light intensity.At >>>

Synthesis of janus nanocomposites for drug delivery system

The installing " photomechanical" azobenzene groups in the mesopores of silica are act as " stirrer" in the mesoporous silica, which can be used to control the loading and release of the drug. So, not only the release but also the loading of doxorubicin should be processed under the UV >>>

Photosynthesis reflecting it, while absorbing other colors

The site of photosynthesis is the chloroplast, which are disc-shaped organelles found in the mesophyll of the leaf in the palisade layer. Water is important to photosynthesis because it splits into oxygen and two hydrogen ions, and uses the electrons to replace the lost electrons of photosystem II in the >>>

Synthesis, recrystallization, and equation determination of an unknown coordination compound

When the level of the liquid dropped to the top of the resin, we added another 4-mL of deionized water to the 50-mL beaker that contained the crystals. From there, we divided the amount of grams of oxalate we calculated by the amount in grams of the crystals to get >>>

Ch. 25 & 26 dna and protein synthesis

DNA Name the four bases in DNA and describe the structure of DNA using the following terms: The four bases of DNA are adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine.nucleotide Sugar: pentose deoxyribose; phosphate: phosporic acid, nitrogen base complementary base pairing A-T; G-C joined by hydrogen bonds. Missense mutation is when the >>>

The relationship between light intensity and the rate of photosynthesis in spinach leaves

In this experiment, spinach leaves were subjected to varying light intensities to determine the effect of light intensity on rate of photosynthesis as measured by production of oxygen. The rate of leaf segments found floating parallel to the surface of the liquid was recorded as a measure of rate of >>>

Free essay about synthesis paper: contemporary literature

What is clear is that writers of the twenty-first century have departed greatly from the predecessors of the previous century in terms of their place within the culture and understanding of it. If family as the basic unit of society, and traditional a refuge from the pains of the outside >>>

Synthesis of the articles xerostomia health and social care essay

The reduction in salivary flow can be due to multiple reasons one of the most common is due to medications adverse effect or poly pharmacy; one of the most common xerogenic drugs are tranquilizer, anti-depressants, cardiovascular, anti histamine; there are more than 500 xerogenic drugs.others reason for xerostomia can be >>>

Synthesis of tylenol and aspirin

Synthesis of Aspirin and Tylenol Kyla Wykoff Abstract Aspirin and Tylenol were synthesized by means of crystallization, recrystallization, and melting point determination. Wash crystals with 10mL of water, and utilize the vacuum to dry the crystals as best as possible.

Synthesis and characterization of nylon-6,6 polymer

Infrared spectroscopy then characterized the final product and confirmed successeful synthesis of nylon-6, 6 polymer due to the appearance of N-H stretching, C= O stretching, and N-H bending from the secondary amide group and from the nylon polymer. The C-H symmetric stretch falls in the appropriate range of literature values >>>

Investigate the limiting factors of photosynthesis

Collect all of the apparatus needed for the experiment Fill trough and collection tube with water Set up apparatus as shown on the above diagram Place the pondweed in the test tube and add sodium hydroxide Put lamp in front of the test tube and observe gas produced Decrease >>>

Synthesis of strontitum hexaferrites nanoparticals

The influence of the Sr 2+/Fe 3+ molar ratio and the calcination temperature to the chemistry of the product formation, its crystallite size, morphology and magnetic properties were investigated. Strontium hexa ferrite samples of different composition were prepared by the self-combustion method and heat-treated in air at 1100 C for >>>

Ap english synthesis essay obesity essay sample

Obesity is a problem that has been more prominent in the 20th and 21st century and is now a main concern for both society and the government. Due to this the psychological effect causes people to become depressed, and due to this eat more.

Schizophrenia synthesis

In the area of rehabilitation, some authors think that it should be a place in the shelter and others think that the mentally ill should do the same to avoid stigmatism and discrimination. In Vonnegut's article, he had his studies on his observations and suggested the effective treatments in treating >>>

Studying the rate of photosynthesis using leaf disc biology essay

In this experiment, the consequence of light strength on rate of photosynthesis was investigated by entering the clip taken for the foliage phonograph record to drift at the surface of Na H carbonate solution in the beaker. This is due to the higher light strength when the distance of the >>>

Synthesis of aquasomes with different compositions

The aquasomes also avoid the elimination of drug by reticuloendothelial system therefore sustained delivery of drug may be achieved, and a circulating bioreactor could possibly be developed which may be used as preventive measure to avoid probable vascular embolism Research Questions Is it possible to immobilize Urokinase on aquasomes? 2 >>>

Friedel – crafts acylation: synthesis of 4-methoxyacetophenone essay

The condenser was attached to the other opening of the adapter. Conducting the Reaction Aluminum chloride was quickly added to the round-bottom flask by removing the rubber septum, with caution as to minimize exposure of moisture from the air to the reaction mixture.

Thematic synthesis essay sample

Thematic Synthesis of " The School Days of an Indian Girl" & " Size 6: The Western Woman's Harem" In both essays " The School Days of an Indian Girl" by Zitkala-Sa and " Size 6: The Western Woman's Harem" by Fatema Mernissi the theme is based around alienation and >>>

Explantory synthesis : worst job you ever had

This was the worst job ever because of the poor management, annoying customers, and the heavy cleaning duties. One of the worst aspects of the job was the poor management.

Bark extract mediated green silver nanoparticles synthesis

2 shows the size of the silver nanoparticles synthesised by bark extracts of F.benghalensis and A.indica which were 85. 29 nm and 39 nm for the silver nanoparticles synthesised by bark extracts of F.benghalensis and A.indica.

Synthesis of mesoporous silica mcm-41

The differences of the intensities of the peaks in the FT-IR spectra of MCM-41 and MCM-41/ CeO2, are abserved which resulted from the doping of CeO 2. Effect of pH The interaction between the pharmaceutics and metal dopped mesoporous are dependent on the pH of the solution therefore the optimization >>>

Aquatic plants: rate of photosynthesis

2 Aim The aim of this paper is to study the effects of the change in pH of Elodea Canadensis's environment on the plant's rate of photosynthesis. Most experiments that require the measurement of the rate of photosynthesis of a macrophyte determine the changes in oxygen concentration of the system >>>

Changing landscapes of work (argument synthesis)

It is also expected that the American workers would migrate to other countries in search of better and well paid jobs but only the best ones would be able to fit into an organization. Exporting jobs to Asian countries has become a very popular trend and this trend is expected >>>

The grignard synthesis of triphenylmethanol essay

The bromobenzene was first transformed into the Grignard compound and was then reacted with the benzophenone to make the final product. The mixture was then recrystallized from methanol and was allowed to dry and the percent yield, melting point, and the IR was obtained.

The synthesis of science religion and philosophy

This is the process where testimonies are presented to show or cast doubts in the sufficiency's of given examples, this makes truth be denied in its own very eyes. Lastly, casting doubt on the representativeness and sufficiency of examples; this is applied to incase examples are given since they may >>>

The importance of photosynthesis

To understand the importance of photosynthesis, research is conducted to help determine which wavelength of light and light intensity the chloroplast would generate the fastest photosynthetic reaction rate of photosynthesis. Light emits a wavelength, the distance between the crest of electromagnetic waves, is inversely related to the amount of the >>>

Kinetics of de-esterification for synthesis of benzoic acid essay

Once the Tiresomeness was available, all of the samples were taken to it to analyze the concentration of benzene acid in the solution. A titration involves using a controlled reaction between a solution of known concentration and a solution of unknown concentration to determine the concentration of the unknown solution.

Consultation synthesis paper: ecobehavioral consultation

This includes the focus on conditions that can be modified, as well as the observation of the child's behavior to the change. The expectation is that the general education teacher and the special education teacher split the work and each have different responsibilities in the class.

Good mini-scale synthesis of p-methyl-acetanilide report example

We synthesised the product and then, isolated the product by the process of the vacuum filtration. The product was isolated by vacuum filtration, and the crystals with several portions of ice-cold water were used to wash the product.

Intracellular biosynthesis of cadmium sulfide nanoparticles

The size distribution of the nanoparticles was found to be 5 200nm followed by which the consequence of time, growth of the organism, pH, concentration of CdCl2 and Na2S on the synthesis of nanoparticles were checked. The optimum condition for synthesis of nanoparticles is temperature of 30 C and pH >>>

The desferrioxamine-prochlorperazine coma—clue to the role of dopamine-iron recycling in the synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in the brain

The implications of confirming that the O'Brien cycle is present and active in the brain are broad, and would extend well beyond a simple redox function or control of superoxide toxicity. Changes in membrane and synaptic properties of the thalamocortical circuitry caused by hydrogen peroxide.J.

Synthesis of substituted quinazolinones

Absorption bands in the range 3210-3445 cm -1 and 1505-1590 cm -1 in the IR spectrum of the synthesized compounds indicated the presence of N-H and a thioureide group in the thioxoquinazolinone system. The results were given in fig 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.

Structure–based design and synthesis of 2-benzylidene-benzofuran-3-ones as flavopiridol mimics

It is the keto and hydroxyl groups of the compound which form the same bidendate hydrogen bonds with the backbone of the CDK2 residues as the nitrogen atoms of the purine functional group of ATP. The variation of potency of the derivative shows that there was a difference in the >>>

Catholic intellectual synthesis

Catholic Intellectual Synthesis Introduction The catholic Intellectual tradition is neither stationary nor is it complete, rather, it is deeply rooted in the Christian conviction that God is the sole source of truth, the creator of all beings, and become human through the virgin Mary who gave birth to Jesus Christ, >>>

Ap biology photosynthesis lab

As the syringe filled with the bicarbonate solution, the leaf disks were immersed in the solution. The number of floating disks was recorded each minute and then the process was repeated without the heat buffer.

The photosynthesis and respiration cycle

The respiration and photosynthesis cycle is the process by which plants and animals interact in a codependent and symbiotic manner to produce the nutrients, gases, and energy that they require to survive. If a photon of light hits a molecule in Just the right angle and Is moving Just the >>>

Synthesis and characterization of a new aromatic diamine

Furthermore, the preparation and processing of PI/organoclaynanocomposites is carried out at high temperatures, and the thermal decomposition of the long carbon chain of quaternary ammonium salts is inevitable. The second stage is attributed to the dehydroxylation of the structural silanol units of the montmorillonite in the range of 200-700 C.

the rate of photosynthesis

The point at which 50 percent of the leaf disks are floating will be you point of reference for future investigations Using the graph the estimated time that roughly 50% of the leaf disks were floating on the surface was around the 10th minute. Light intensity reduces the rate of >>>

Romeo and juliet: synthesis essay

BC Casey, a brain scientist from Well Cornell Medical College in New York said this about the brain activities between adults and teens when playing a video game: " what the adolescents appear to be doing in this case, as opposed to acting impulsively and being pulled by that reward, >>>


Memory-Management Unit * Hardware device that maps logical/virtual to physical address.* In MMU the value in the relocation register is added to every address generated by a program at the time the address is sent to memory.* The program deals with logical addresses; it never sees the real physical addresses. >>>

Multistep synthesis essay

100 benzil was utilized and the theoretical yield of benzilic acid was 0. The final yield and weight of benzilic acid was 0.

Synthesis of acetylsalicylic acid

1 The carboxyl group on the acetic acid reacts with the hydroxyl group on the salicylic acid to make an ester product of acetylsalicylic acid. 1 The crystals left in the funnel of the vacuum filter was the acetylsalicylic acid product.

Argument synthesis

The two arguments show it is important to recognize and reconcile these differences in a manner that harmonises the individual and society in order to achieve conformity. This implies that in as much as individual differences should be recognised the need to promote a certain level of coherence in society >>>

Appraisal and evidence synthesis of two reviews

The aim of a review is to give an overview of the primary studies of a particular subject and analyse them in a way, which is thorough, unbiased and reproducible, should it be repeated.about the gathering of the primary data that is being reviewed. No decision can be reached from >>>

Editorial: how best to “go on”? prospects for a “modern synthesis” in the sciences of mind

The first deals directly with the integration of the sciences of mind and cognition as a broad project. With a similar focus on the integration of levels of explanation, Di Francesco and Marraffa consider the relationship between consciousness and the unconscious.

Assagioli’s theory of psychosynthesis

The I, the Self: Building the Bridge Only the development of his inner powers can offset the dangers inherent in man's losing control of the tremendous natural forces at his disposal and becoming the victim of his own achievements. Both the Eastern and Western religious traditions support the rediscovery of >>>

Measuring the rate of photosynthesis using a spectrophotometer

2) A blank cuvette was placed in the sample compartment and the guide mark was aligned on the cuvette at the front of the sample compartment. 650-700 nm is the range in which photosystem 1 and 2 absorb light to being the light dependant reactions.


With the forceps, push the leaf carefully to the bottom of a test-tube and cover it with methylated spirit. Take the leaf to the sink and holding it on the tile or lid, wash away the iodine solution with a fine trickle of cold water.

A preliminary study on green synthesis and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles essay

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles utilizing fruit infusionsSilver nitrate solution and fruit infusion were assorted in the ratio 4: 1 and the mixture was invariably stirred. Green synthesis of Ag nanoparticles by utilizing grape fruit infusion: word picture of the atoms and survey of antibacterial activity.

Section 1

Use a pencil to mark the location of the bottom of the pigment line on the paper. When the solvent is about 1 cm from the top margin of the paper, remove the paper from the jar and immediately mark the location of the solvent front before it evaporates.8.

How to make a synthesis assignment

Develop a thesis based on common points among the works, and support the thesis with appropriate examples from each work. If you are writing a comparison/ contrast essay, your thesis may explain the main points of agreement and disagreement among the writers you are dealing with.

Lecture synthesis

This lecture outlines approaches to global business, and at the same time highlights the dynamics of global business operations. The lecture provides relevant information that allows managers and employees in the global environment to understand why business settings vary from one country to another.

Period 6

In both books, forcing to conform to what society believes to be right leads to internal unhappiness and chaos. Some choose to remain in the dark, but satisfied; others strive for knowledge and a sense of genuine pleasure.

A synthesis of ethnography

An ethnographic study can overestimate the role of cultural perceptions or underestimate the role of objective forces. An ethnographic focus may overestimate the role of community culture and underestimate the causal role of individual psychological or of sub-community forces.

American dream synthesis

Even the most skeptic of men and women cannot deny that although the dream may be blurring around the edges, it is still very much alive in the minds and hearts of the people. But Isabel says it promised even more.'The Dream is to work, to have a home, to >>>

Synthesis response paper: forever and boy meets boy

Sexuality I agree with Trite's assessment of Forever, I do believe that although teenagers are freer when it comes tosex, the consequences of premature sex have not changed and therefore, they are the ones that end up getting hurt. However, this is not the same case with Blume, who can >>>

2 synthesis paragraphs

This is because some states wanted to institutionalize the vulnerable groups in order to sideline them and deny them the freedom to live in other parts of the community. The other protection of the vulnerable patients is the six-month rule in which the sick with a minimum of six months >>>

Biographical synthesis

He is considered as the prototype of the dysfunctional artist, the genius who excavates his own distressed life and spills his inner self into his works, crafting as he himself is frenzied. Eventually he used themes of social isolation, death and ghosts in his poems and short stories.

Fast food nation synthesis

Language and Composition 6 February 2013 The Meatpacking Industry: One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the U.S. Now that the secrets are out and the industry is "naked" to the public now, the people are not calling the industry "The Jungle of the 2000s", an article put out by >>>

Example of essay on reading synthesis paper

In this form of administrational leadership, politicians are expected to assist members of the community to become more open to the idea of embracing a new sense of being, to become more effective in seeing their position in the society as the ones who are to give support to the >>>

Summary and synthesis with steven johnson

The first asks you to summarize and the second asks you to employ some of Johnson's concepts to collect data of your own. Part II: Synthesis Use Johnson's concepts of Multiple Threading and Social Networking in television to compare two similar shows of your own choosing.

Explanatory synthesis three articles essay samples

In the Forbes articles "Why You are Not a Leader," "5 Transitions Great Leaders Make That Average Leaders Do not" and "The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day", these make-or-break attitudes are illustrated and discussed, cementing a transformational leadership style as far preferable to a transactional leadership >>>

Penny synthesis essay

The U.S.should not abolish the penny because it is valuable to the economy, significant to society, and an important tradition to continue. Web Source E "Abolish the Penny?

Inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis biology essay

Drug was found to obey Beer Lambert's law in the concentration range of 5 50 g/ml. Drug was found to obey Beer Lambert's law in the concentration range of 5 50 g/ml.


Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is the process that occurs in the chloroplasts residing in mesophyll cells through which plants take in the light energy from the sun and convert it to chemical energy. The second part of the process is called the light independent reaction and occurs in the stroma within the >>>

Accumulation of anthocyanins in corn leaves, reducing the risk of photoinhibition at low temperatures and photosynthesis

Such conditions predispose the plants to a series of events that can ultimately lead to destruction of the photosynthetic apparatus of exposed leaves. Photogeneration of active oxygen species, following the formation of chlorophyll triplets and singlet oxygen in the light harvesting antennae when light in excess of that usable for >>>

Overview of the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein and its role in steroid hormone synthesis

This essay will determine the exact role of StAR, its structure, regulation, and problems associated with mutations, and thereby review recent research that has been carried out in relation to the role of StAR in steroid hormone synthesis. The main site of androgen synthesis is theLeydig cells in the testes, >>>

Photosynthesis vs photovoltaic

The prime similarity in both the cells is the excitation of electrons to a higher energy level by the incoming photon of sunlight. In solar cell, an organic dye is used which is coated on the crystals and it serves the same function as the chlorophyll in the plant cells >>>

The synthesis and regulation of proteins in human body

They could occur promptly after translation; glycosylation, the covalent addition of a carbohydrate to the hydroxyl oxygen or the nitrogen atom of a protein, could occur in the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum right after translation, after which the modified protein undergoes exocytosis to allow for the anchoring attachment of the cell >>>

The sun ‘s energy and photosynthesis

The transformation of potential energy to kinetic energy is one of the most common transformations. ATP is the animal cells main form of energy.

Grapes of wrath: synthesis essay

Ideas and actions taken by the characters in The Grapes of Wrath prove the role of humans to help each other is a necessity. The idea behind the paradox of industry is that machines begin to take over the jobs of humans and do them in a more efficient manner >>>

Synthesis essay

Those words in the biblical texts are from a perspective of a different person but we believe in his/her words, borrow the idea and we make our own beliefs which is still inspired by someone's perspective. We believe and trust our own perspective which is influenced by human knowledge obtained >>>

Essay on synthesis essay

The authors of these two authors of these three authors are using words that might seem to the author to have the same meaning to the audience in order to be able to express themselves in the best way possible. One thing that is important to realize is that these >>>

The design and synthesis of emissive π-conjugated solid-state luminophores

The design and synthesis of emissive -conjugated solid-state luminophores has influenced the tremendous interest due to their broad application in various fields, such as organic light emitting diodes bio-imaging, organic solid-state lasers and sensors For full-color display, red, green, and blue color with relatively equal stability, efficiency, and color purity >>>

Photosynthesis and respiration

Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplasts, using the chlorophyll inside of the chloroplasts, while respiration occurs in the mitochondria. 2 of aerobic respiration's products are CO2 and H2O, which are also the reactants in photosynthesis.

Caproic acid synthesis

The mechanism for the above process is shown below: N-butyl malonic acid, the third intermediate, was immediately synthesized from the potassium n-butylmalonate by the protonation of potassium n-butylmalonate via the addition of excess HCl as shown below: The final step of this lab involved the decarboxylation of n-butyl malonic acid >>>

Synthesis of acetaminophens essay sample

The actual yield will be available in the experimental data, and using this knowledge, this equation will be used to calculate the percentage yield:Once the percentage yield is calculated then the quality of the apparatus and procedure can be determined to obtain better results and more product in the future. >>>

The aldol condensation: synthesis of dibenzalacetone essay sample

Objective:The benefit of this lab was to acquaint oneself with the fundamentals of the Aldol Condensation reaction by demonstrating the synthesis of dibenzalacetone through the aldol condensation of acetone with benzaldehyde. The enolate ion is the strong nucleophile that attaches to the other carbonyl group giving a tetrahedral alkoxide ion >>>

Photosynthesis lab

Experiment 2: Light Color and Photosynthetic Rates Predict the relation of carbon dioxide level and photosynthesis rates: Prediction: ____________________________________________ a. Experiment 3 Predict the relation of light color and photosynthesis rates: Prediction: ____________________________________________ a.

Synthesis of acetanilide

As the compound crystallizes from the solution, the limiting reagent Aniline and the percent yield of 96% was obtained. The reaction of aniline with acetic anhydride is a transformation in which products acetanilide and acetic acid are obtained.

Synthesis using two sources essay sample

We remember the best speeches not only for the words but the articulation of the words and the timing of the speech especially when it is delivered at a time when we need to be reminded to believe in ourselves, and our nation. This was effective in evoking strong emotions >>>

Synthesis summary

The first article, by Tyrone Reid GSAT 'Unsuitable' published in the Gleaner on Monday April 6, 2012, speculates at the appropriateness of the content of the exam and also its strict means of assessment. Karen Richards and Margaret Bailey agreed that the finality of the exam results, in relation to >>>