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Parking monitoring system with swipe card machine essay

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The proposed study will be able to provide an automated parking monitoring system that will organize numbered slots and will easily be implemented. The current state of technology is manual: Manual distribution of parking pass and searching manually for the parking slots. The researchers decided to propose an automated version of the manual parking system. The study will be featuring the Philippines’ largest chains of mall, the Shoe Mart (SMS). SMS City Pangaea is a large shopping mall owned and operated by SMS Prime Holdings, which started in the year 2000.

It is the first SMS Supernal in Central Luzon. SMS City Pangaea is currently the longest and biggest mall in the region, with more Han 820 meters sprawl of mall shopping area. It has the largest land area of 316, 000 mm (3, 400, 000 sq Ft) among SMS Superman’s. The company was started by Henry Sys, Sir. In 1958 as Shoemaker, with a store in Manila. In sass’s Shoemaker expands its shoe store chain. It is one of the pioneers in the new urban centers in Magmata and Cuba.

By the sass, Shoemaker was a full-line Department Store, shifting its name from Shoemaker to SMS, with stores at Magmata Commercial Center in Magmata City; followed by SMS Cuba in Cuba, Guenon City; SMS at Harrison Plaza in Emulate, Manila; ND the first outside of Metro Manila, SMS Lillo on Delegated SST. In Lillo City. In the sass, the company diversified and ventured into the supermarket and home appliance store business, then finally opening the first “ Supernal” store in 1985 in Guenon City called SMS City North DEEDS. SMS Pangaea opened in October 24, 2000.

The present system is using paper materials to create data entry and might lead to erroneous information. It causes enormous files which gives the personnel an extra effort to maintain these files, also, this can lead to data loss and data complex. The tourist encounters problem with regards to finding a parking slot for their vehicles. When it comes to security the vehicle of the customers, the current parking system of the mall is not that much reliable because they are allowing anyone to go to the parking area even without their vehicle parked.

The Research Problem Generally, the study seeks to investigate the erroneous manual parking monitoring system of SMS Pangaea. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions: 1. How will the researchers provide a system that will help the parking area of the mall in securing the vehicles of the customers. 2. How will the researchers produce a system that will make the parking of the customers much faster and without combustion in the space. 3. How will the researchers provide a system that will record all of the vehicle entering the parking lot accurately? . How will the researchers produce a module that can monitor the parking area efficiently? 5. How will the researchers provide a system that will produce needed information by the administrators accurately? Objectives The general objective of the study is to design, develop and implement a parking monitoring system to cater SMS Pangaea that will replace its manual system. This study will be entitled “ Parking Monitoring System Using Swipe Machine” which will attain the following objectives. Specific Objectives 1.

To provide a module that will give the parking system of the mall advance security measures that can make the vehicles of the customer safe than the usual. 2. To produce a system that will solve all of the issues regarding of parking of vehicles, a system that will neutralize and save more spaces for more customers can enter the mall. 3. To make a module that can enable to save files which can be saved and retrieve by sing a programming language which neutralizes the database container for the files. 4. To provide a module that will help the administrators in monitoring the parking area more efficiently. . To make a system that will provide exact information needed by administrators with regards to parking area of the mall. Review of Related Literature Foreign and Local Literature According to Bradley Graham on his study ” A Credit Card Swipe Machine Can Use a Mobile Telephone Connection to Operate” States that “ A credit card swipe machine is a fundamental part of any retail or service based business”. The researchers adopted the idea of Graham in providing a special card for the customers which can avoid fraud and can make the customer comfortable with the given matter. Due to the proliferation in the number of vehicles on the road, traffic problems are bound to exist. This is due to the fact that the current transportation infrastructure and car park facility developed are unable to cope with the influx of vehicles on the road”. The given quote came from the Car Park System: A Review of Smart Parking System and its Technology by M. Y. I. Doris , Y. Y. Lend , E. M. Tamil , N. M. Nor and Z. Rack. This is also the principle that the researchers adopted because of the fact that many of the vehicles today are trying hard to find a parking space for them to park.

Because sometimes the customer are taking to much time of parking because of finding slots for them to park. “ Designed for use in parking facilities at airports, universities, and possibly even parking malls, the innovative, wireless, vision-based ‘ Park system uses commercially available digital cameras and team-developed detection, management and visualization software to both locate empty parking slots and alert parking attendants r incoming drivers of their location”.

The researchers adopted the idea of having this system to monitor all of the vehicles entering the parking lot which it can secure the vehicle of the customer, and its record to provide much secured system in order the customer know that their vehicles are safe. A computerized system is a powerful tool in making a useful system. It is more convenient to use it than the other languages. It is so easy to learn this language will be our primary tool in creating this system. According to Jason Bock based Oh his book entitled Visual Basic .

Net “ Visual Basic goes not excel on the Job of letting developers build sophisticated program in a relative short amount of time to quickly build prototypes for end users to evaluate and test which can accelerate the development cycle. The researchers acquired the idea of this article in order to make a system that is easy to use and minimize the errors, and loss of records of the customers that it can be easily use for the administrators to save and monitor the vehicles of the customers.

Review of the Related Studies SOOT released the Parking Management Study report in 2002, developed with input from a Stakeholder Advisory Committee. City staff initiated the study in June 2002. The Seattle Parking Management Study recommended new programs, practices, and policies to improve the efficiency of on-street parking management. Since 2002, SOOT has implemented most of the recommendations. To easily find an unoccupied parking space in larger car park is a problem for drivers. It is because the car on the road increases every year especially in town.

On the other hand, it is more difficult to find the parking space during peak time and holidays because this is the time people want to release their stress and to spend time with family. There are not many existing solutions attempting to address the problem. Thus, it is useful to have some technical solutions that can provide information on parking space occupancy. The efficient parking monitoring system must be design to overcome the problem. During the last four-decade, numerous parking search models have been developed . But, the models still cannot solve the parking problem.

In many decision-making situations in transportation (modal split, choice of air carrier, choice of airport, etc. ) the competitive alternatives and their characteristics are reasonably well known in advance to the decision maker (passenger, driver). On the other hand, the drivers usually discover different parking alternatives one by one in a temporal sequence. Clearly, this temporal sequence has a very strong influence on the driver’s final decision about the parking place. When the driver has park their car at car parking space, there are another problem will occur.

The problem is about how to make sure the car is safe and these kinds of problem involve the security systems. All drivers want to have a comfortable parking place with security when park their car. Thus, we have to design a system that can help driver to find parking space easily and at the same time the car that has been park is also safe. Chapter II METHODOLOGY This chapter covers the methodology used by the researchers in accomplishing the proposed study. It includes the data gathering instruments, data gathering procedure, the locale, the respondents and the statistical tool used to process data.

Type of Research Action Research The researchers initiated group research study to solve the immediate problem of SMS City Pangaea with regards to the existing manual process of parking system in he area and conducted some procedures to gather relevant information which will be used in developing the study. Applied Research The researchers applied systematic inquiry involving practical application of science like programming skills in developing the proposed system and used their knowledge in analyzing logical procedures in determining the process of the existing system to come up with a better solution.

Evaluation Research The researchers evaluated the proposed system with regards to the five criteria: accuracy, convenience, efficiency, security, and speed to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the system and validity of information that the system must provide. Literature Review The researchers reviewed some related literatures about the proposed study to ensure that the study is sufficient enough to be conducted and implemented. Respondents The primary respondents of the proposed study are exactly more than 2, 000 cars entering the parking lot in SMS City Pangaea.

The main objective of picking up the aforementioned respondents is to make sure the validity of the survey results to be conducted by the researcher. The valid results will be used as guide of the searchers in doing statistical reports in processing data. Table of Respondents Respondents I Number I Cars visiting everyday | 2, 000 | Population and Sampling Procedure The number of respondents must encompass the majority of the future users of the proposed system because they will provide readers a clear understanding of the study.

It is, therefore, important to select the proper method of sampling. The researchers conducted a survey for customers and guards in SMS City Pangaea. Simple Random Sampling was used because it entails defining the population to be tidied, determining the percentage of this population to be interviewed or studied, assigning each individual within the population a number and then using randomly selected numbers, giving each individual an equal chance to be selected for inclusion in the study.

In this manner, a sufficiently random sample of the general population becomes representative of the larger whole. Performing population sampling correctly is important to the researchers, as errors can lead to invalid or misleading data. There are number of techniques used in population sampling to ensure that he individuals can be used to generate data to make generalizations about a larger population. If a sample is taken from a population, a formula must be used to take into account confidence levels and margins of error. The researcher used Sliven’s Formula.

Sliven’s Formula is written as: Note: 2, 000 = total number of enrolled students in SMS Pangaea 2, 000 1 + (0. 05)2 3 666. 7 4 guards of SMS City Pangaea are the respondents of the researchers. Data Gathering Instruments This part states the instruments and materials used by the researchers in order to evaluate the existing system. Questionnaires These are series of pre-designed questions about a topic formulated by the researchers in order to obtain statistical response and information that are integral in the metallization and development of the study.

Evaluation Forms These are forms with criteria that evaluate the feasibility of the proposed study. These forms are given to the target users and beneficiaries that will be used to assess the proposed system with regards to its accuracy, convenience, efficiency, security, and speed. Validation of Instruments This part validates the importance of the data gathering instruments through the allowing criteria: accuracy, convenience, efficiency, security, and speed. The researchers used questionnaires to gather relevant information about the study.

Valid and well organized questionnaires must be presented to the respondents to have efficient survey results. The questionnaire aims to know the necessary information about the following: company profile, nature of the company, problems and inconveniences in the existing system, process of the existing system based on accuracy, convenience, efficiency, security, and speed. The main objective of the valuation form is to measure the proposed system by the respondents in terms of its accuracy, convenience, efficiency, security, and speed.

Data Gathering Procedure This part shows how the researchers gather data for the analysis of the proposed system through different ways. Interview An interview was conducted to the personnel of SMS City Pangaea. To obtain relevant information pertaining to the present parking monitoring system of the company. Survey Survey forms were given to the target users and beneficiaries of the study that will used to evaluate the proposed system with regards to its accuracy, convenience, efficiency, security, and speed.

Observation The researchers observed the present situation of the existing parking monitoring system of SMS City Pangaea to gather facts and information about the study. They observed how it works with regards to the five criteria namely: accuracy, convenience, efficiency, security, and speed. Statistical Analysis of Data The Chi Square statistic compares the tallies or counts of categorical responses between two (or more) independent groups. (Note: Chi square tests can only be used on actual numbers and not on percentages, proportions, meaner, etc. Chi Square Test f Independence For a contingency table that has r rows and c columns, the chi square test can be thought of as a test of independence. In a test of independence the null and alternative hypotheses are Ho: The two categorical variables are independent, and Ha: The two categorical variables are related. We can use the equation Chi Square = the sum of all the (of – fee)2 / fee. Here of denotes the frequency of the observed data and fee is the frequency of the expected values. Chi square table Expected Values = (Total Columns) (Total Rows)/N UDF 10. 10. 10 10. 05 | 0. 02 | 0. 01 | 0. 001 | 1 10. 55 12. 706 13. 841 | 5. 412 16. 635 1 10. 827 | 2 11. 386 14. 605 1 5. 991 | 7. 824 19. 210 1 13 12. 366 16. 251 17. 815 19. 837 1 13. 815 11. 345 | 16. 268 | 4 13. 357 17. 779 19. 488 1 11. 668 | 13. 277 | 18. 465 15 14. 351 19. 236 111. 070 1 13. 388 | 15. 086 | 20. 517 | Degrees of Freedom = (c CHAPTER 3 DESIGN, PLAN OR INTERVENTION This chapter discusses the blueprint of the software and will confer the preparation made by the proponents regarding the software development process.

Design Development Software designers concentrate on detailed specifications of the software that they will make. The more precise the design, the easier development it could be. Data Flow Diagram The admit will register information about of the car and drivers’ information. The users will be given a card which will be swiped in if they are entering the parking space and swipe out when they are getting out of the parking space and the Hierarchical Input-process Output This tool was used by the proponents in designing the main menu of the proposed system.

It was used by the proponents in making a design and pattern for the Parking Monitoring System. It was used to develop requirements, construct the sign, and support implementation of the proposed system Program Flowchart Flowcharts are used in designing and documenting complex processes or programs. Like other types of diagrams, they help visualize what is going on and thereby help the viewer to understand a process, and perhaps also find flaws, bottlenecks, and other less-obvious features within it.

System Development Life Cycle The OSDL aims to produce a high quality system that meets or exceeds customer expectations, reaches completion within time and cost estimates, works effectively and efficiently in the current and planned Information Technology infrastructure, also this was used to develop, create, and maintain the information in the system. The following phases are the OSDL phases which was used by the researchers Preliminary Investigation, the researchers had investigated how does the existing system works and improve it with the new system.

Analyses, In this phase the researchers analyze the system on how will it work and how the proposed system can help the researchers’ locale in securing their parking, giving accurate services and making their parking efficiently. Design, This phase discusses how the researchers design their proposed system. The researchers made u they can save the customers and use of Visual Studio 2008 in designing the interface of the proposed system, also Myself was used for their database where they can save all data. Coding, In this phase the researchers codes based on the design of the proposed system.

Once the design is complete the researchers aims to translate the design of the system into code in a given programming language. Testing, In this phase the researchers conduct a system testing to be carried out after the system development is complete. It measures the actual expected outcome of the proposed system. This can also valuate the developed work product. Implementation, In this stage includes implementation preparation, implementation of the system and resolution of problem identified in the integration and test phase. Maintenance, This is the stage where the system upgrades and adopts into changes.

Design Implementation The areas that may require change during the implementation phase are the technical area, the human or personnel area, or the procedural or administrative area. Each of these areas needs to be handled with a degree of care to ensure that no one within the organization is adversely affected. When implementing a new yester the method of changeover also has to be taken into account. Possible options include direct, phased, pilot, and parallel, although the decision is dependent upon cost, speed of changeover, and ability to risk disruption to staff and productivity.

System Description The proposed Parking Monitoring System with Swipe Card Machine, it is designed for securing the cars of the customers and to provide the easiest way to park in the area which the administrator will give a card to the user to swipe in into the swipe card machine which enables it to enter into the parking area, then going out of the vicinity he user will swipe out the card and return it into the administrator in able for the driver to get out of the parking area.

Description of Implementation In this section shows the plan of action of the researchers in implementing the proposed system. The researchers will use instant on approach which is simple to and straight forward approach. The approach provides an easy way of installing each hardware and software needed in the proposed system. Security – The system will provide log in form so that users are controlled. The admit is the only one who can access the said system. It can be more than two.

The System will be maintained yearly End Users The proposed Parking Monitoring System will be used by the administrator which he/ she will be entering the information about the car and the drivers information, and will give the card for the user in order to swipe in and swipe out of the swipe card machine. Hardware Recommended: 2. 2 GHZ or higher CAP], 1024 MOB or more RAM, 1280×1024 display, 7200 RPM or higher hard drive I Running on Windows 7: 2. 4 GHZ CPU, 768 MOB RAM I 1. 22 KGB of available disk space for the minimum installation | 2 KGB of available disk space for the full installation I

Swipe Card Machine I Software Microsoft operating system: I * Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), including Starter Edition (32-bit) I Vista, Service Pack 1 (32-bit or 64-bit) I * Windows XP, Service Pack 3 (32-bit) * Windows server 2003 RE (32-bit) * Windows * Windows server 2008 RE (64-bit) * Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 | * Myself Server I Materials Paper for printing results I Computer I Printer for printing records I User’s Manual It is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system.

It is usually written by a technical writer, although user guides re written by programmers, product or project managers, or other technical staff, particularly in smaller companies. Data Collection and Analysis Evaluation Procedure The system evaluation was conducted in SMS Pangaea. Stratification is the process of dividing members of the population into homogeneous subgroups before sampling. The primary respondents of the study were the two (2) Guards, five (5) from the clients , and the Hotel Manager (1).

The main objective of selecting the aforementioned respondents is to ensure the validity of the results in the evaluation to be conducted by the researcher. Respondents I Number I Guards | 2 | Clients | 5 | Manager | 1 Table 3. 0 Population of the Respondents Evaluation Criteria The researcher used the FURS+ Model. The FURS model is used to identify most important attributes off product and define them in measurable terms.

It can help developers establish their priorities to achieve better customer satisfaction. The FURS+ stands for functionality, usability, reliability, performance, and supportability. 1 . Functionality. The feature set and capabilities of the program, generalities of the functions that are delivered, and the security of the overall system. . Usability. Attribute that considers human factors, overall aesthetics, consistency and documentation. 3. Reliability.

Evaluated by measuring the frequency and severity of failure, the accuracy of output results, the mean time between failure, the ability to recover from failure and the predictability of the program. 4. Performance. This is measured by evaluating processing speed, response time, resources consumption, throughput and efficiency. 5. Supportability. Combines the ability to extend the program (extensibility), adaptability, and serviceability (these three attributes

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