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Patient record management system

CHAPTER I The Problem and Its Setting This chapter presents the background of the study, the statement of the problem, the assumptions made in accordance with the design of the project, the scope and delimitation, the significance of the study, the research design and methodology, and the definition of terms used in the study. Background of the Study There have been major progresses in the InformationTechnologyfor the past twenty (20) years especially in the field of Medicine.

The vast development of technology is the evident in hospitals in other countries as they have developed and implemented different forms of Patient Record Management System making practitioners andhealthprofessionals’ work easier than the manual way of gathering patient’s record that the hospitals had before. In Philippines, only a few hospitals (Saint Lukes Medical Center, Makati Medical City and Asian Hospital and Medical Center) have implemented a fully Electronic Medical Record which includes all inpatient and outpatient healthcare information.

The goal of the hospital is to share information with all the national hospitals and public healthcare facilities and at present they can share data with one branch of the hospital. Some hospitals still use the manual method which is time and energy consuming but why it is that only few hospitals in the Philippines, being a newly industrialized country may have a factor on why implementing a PRMS is impossible. The possible reasons could be insufficient funds, lack of technical expertise and computer skills and the lack of data processing facilities.

In addition, the resistance of medical practitioners and health professionals generally to change from manual to electronic documentation may be a problem. Most health administrators and information managers are used to the old system and have this fear that it may take time to change or at least modify some behaviour and attitudes. The reason for wanting to change to an electronic system is important. Most health administrators and information managers expect to move from a paper to paperlessenvironment. This is a major step to help health institutions and the environment at the same time.

By having an electronic system, practitioners could improve the accuracy and quality of data recorded in a health record, enhance practitioners’ access to a patient’s record, enabling it to be shared at present and also for the future use, it could also improve the quality of care because of health information that a patient need can be immediately available all the time. At present, people rely on the information from what is electronically made since it can easily be viewed. In the modern world,communicationis vital within our lifestyle.

With the advent of information and communication provided within a medical institution, practitioners together with their patients within the vicinity of Baguio may use the information easily to increase good organization. Patient Record Management System may provide both useful information with theDoctorand Patient alike, providing and improving easy Doctor-Patient communication. In the advancement of technology, electronic medical records are now growing more popularity today. As stated in the definition on wikipedia. rg about Electronic Medical Records, these are a computerized medical record that is created in an organization that can deliver care such as hospital or physician’s office. Electronic medical records are intended to be a part of a local stand-alone health information system that allow storage, retrieval and modification of records (retrieved from: Wikipedia. com, November 2011. en. wikipedia. org/wiki/ Electronic_health_record. Article form: http://www. providersedge. com/ehdocs/ehr _articles/Electronic_Patient_Records-EMRs_and_EHRs. pdf).

These are medical records of patients that are encoded into the computer system of an organization for the information dissemination of medical practitioners in a particular organization such as hospitals, clinics and the like. In the global scenario, in an article by Steenhuysen J. (March 2009), the United States has less than 2 percent of U. S. hospitals that have completely accepted a fully functional electronic medical records. With U. S. President Barrack Obama has made electronic medical records a central piece of his plan to cut costs out of U.

S. healthcare system that consistently ranks lower in quality measures than other rich countries. The U. S. President also allotted $19 billion to push into the increase the use of information technology in healthcare. The numbers of without electronic medical records are relatively high compared to those organizations that have adopted Electronic Medical Records. Starfield, B. (1991) postulates that Primary Care in the United States is critical to the provision of giving excellent medical care.

From the research in the year 1996, the Institute of Medicine report defined primary care as the provision of integrated, accessible health care services by clinicians accountable for addressing most personal health care needs, developing a sustained partnership with patients, and practicing in the context offamilyand community. These makes more people to receive primary care than in other clinics. These clinics have adopted the innovations of information technology giving more value to the primary care in other clinics.

These clinics have adopted the innovations on information technology giving more value to the primary care of their patients. Thus obviously electronic medical records in the clinic are to be present for the ease of accessibility, storage, retrieval and modification of medical records. However, in a smaller scale of health care system. Where Everyone, being succeptible to disease needs to prioritize on prevention in odres to additional expenses on health care. This visiting the doctors clinic today is the most effecient and inexpensivr way to prevent diseases. Offering various diagnosis, vaccinations and maintenance drugs.

With todays population, more patients visit the doctors clinic and health records management poses as the most time consuming activity. As keeping numerous pages on file cases and searching this file cases one by one when a patient arrives eats most of the time that could have spent treating another patient. With all of the mentioned cases which inpact the number of patients diagnosed per day. The researchers agreed to conduct a study for Dr. Nelia Bacay’s clinic at SLU hospital of the Sacred Heart, annex. The researchers will try to find ways and practices to lighten up workload and minimize time consumed by developing a system.

Statement of the Problem The main objective of the study is to design a Patient Record Management System for Dr. Nelia Bacay in which seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What processes are involved within the practitioners’ medical records of their patients? 2. What difficulties are encountered regarding the processes involved with the medical records? 3. What features regarding the medical records should be incorporated with the proposed Patient Record Management for Dr. Renato Manalo to their current system? Objective of the Study

The main objective of the study is to design a Patient Records Management System for Dr. Nelia Bacay that shall lighten up workload and minimize time consumed on operation. The researchers intend to achieve the following: 1. To identify the current standard operating procedure in diagnosing patients. 2. To enumerate and discuss the most tiny consuming fact in the process. 3. To design a Patient Record Management that facilitates a quick and easy way to access and view patients profile. Significance of the Study This study is important in terms of advantages or benefits that would be gained by the following entities:

To the Practitioners: The Practitioners will have the main importance of the study because of its increased number of patients and services rendered. More patients are inclined to avail of medical services. This also makes the communication between co-doctors of the same field. To the patients: The best advantage of having a Patient Record Management System is for them to have an ease to research about the Doctors’ profile and their accessibility through the use of PRMS. Just by a series of clicks and filling out necessary information, an appointment can be made.

To the Researchers: The development of a PRMS makes the researchers to be more aware and knowledgeable of the future trend in information and technology specifically on Medical Informatics. Furthermore, by developing a system, programming skills of the researchers are improved. To future researchers: This study can be a reference and guide to other researchers who aim to develop a Patient Record Management System in the future that can be applied to other fields of interest such as hotels, restaurants, shops and alsp other fields of medical profession. Scope and Delimitation of the Study

In improving the quality of services in an organization or establishment, we make look into other options such as hiring new personnel to increase work capacity, or procuring equipmentto lessen work and human error, or to create a more stable and reliable system may it be manual or computer oriented. In solving this matter, we could consider in the combination of the available options within our grasp. To further optimize the production in our establishment, the company could combine the options of having new equipment and creating a new system or updating the existing one.

In putting these two options together, it will provide a more stable, reliable and efficient system to be used in daily transactions. Our project aims to proceed in updating the pre-existing system in the establishment. Changing the format from a manual type to a computer oriented information system. Reconfiguring the old system aims that customers and employees have a more convenient. With the project be finished, the company will have a smoother flow of work, lessened human error, improved time in finishing certain processes and as a total, a very significant increase in productivity and creating a reliable Patient Record System.

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