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Peope and organization

HERE HERE YOUR HERE HERE Big Five Personality Factors Analysis The first personality factor for analysis is accommodation, or the degree to which an individual is either dominant or submissive in a variety of contexts and environments. In one previous academic project in which there were many team members each responsible for one delegated task that led to a final project outcome, the group did not have an identified leader established by the group. The instructor, instead, decided who would be the team leader and it was the responsibility of the group to work under this individual’s management control philosophy. The team leader did not maintain authoritative behaviors, constantly deferring to the group opinion about direction rather than establishing a set of directions with an aggressive and authoritative position. This was very high accommodating behavior and the group ultimately suffered a low grade due to this lack of aggressiveness and lack of persistent control system development. If the team leader had been low in accommodation, the group would have been more effective in meeting the deadline for completion without the disruption caused by frivolous socialization that occurred as a lack of dominant leadership.
The second personality factor for analysis is extraversion/intraversion. In personal life, one family member would always create conflict within the family unit whenever other family members suggested it would be exciting to explore different cultural locations, such as local museums and theaters. Over time, the family began to realize that this family member was highly introverted, an overly serious and reserved individual. The family found out quickly that this introversion was a product of self-esteem problems which were later overcome so that the entire family could enjoy outings together in large social environments.
Personally, the personality factor of neuroticism versus emotional stability is applicable. I am always very calm and collected when dealing with stress and really enjoy experiencing new and unpredictable social situations. When others crack under pressure, I always remain resilient and one that others with high neuroticism can rely on for a calming tone of voice.
The additional factor for personal analysis is conscientiousness. I believe I fall somewhere in the middle with this factor, tending to maintain a good quality balance. I sometimes procrastinate and, other times, am more driven to achieve goals.
At work and school, low neuroticism and having a balanced approach to conscientiousness has given me advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, I am unable to complete assignments on time due to a tendency to periodically procrastinate projects. However, my low neuroticism score makes it so that I do not get frazzled when grades are affected, attributing the lack of success as being, generally, no big deal. Self-reflection has taught me that I should seek out activities that are more motivating to supplement responsibility, which would raise my conscientiousness score. I am highly motivated when there are circumstances in my lifestyle that are more aligned with my inherent personality and do not function well when bored or otherwise disinterested in a certain social scenario.

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