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Performance appraisal - bill blizard's scenario

Your full November 9, Performance Appraisal – Bill Blizards Scenario Accomplishments Bill has good working experience in the computer field as a technical specialist. He has developed a novel troubleshooting procedure guide that is useful for less-experienced workers for spotting out problems and solving them in less than a third of the time required previously. He has solved a hundred of client application problems, and this has earned his company great clientele with large accounts.
Bill is outstanding in his technical skills, and has a good track record as a troubleshooter. He has the ability to solve client application problems. He has strong organizational and time management skills. He wants the problems to be specified precisely so that he may be able to come up with the solutions quickly; however, this attitude sometimes alienates the clients. Bill understands the company’s commitment to use downsized, limited resources wisely, and has separated genuine problems from user-created problems caused by their particular application or “customization” of the software or their computer “illiteracy”. He has great expertise in controlling costs; however, this also has alienated some clients who have gone to other vendors than Crystar.
Areas Needing Improvement
Bill lacks people skills. Despite all discussion sessions, goal-setting meetings his employer has had with him, and the one sensitivity training class, he still lacks what needs to come up to the employer’s expectations when it comes to people skills. He did not attend the additional people’s skills seminars that his employer had suggested which shows his lack of flexibility in this specific regard. He does not show interest in those client problems about which he thinks that the client should solve on his own. He cannot handle his attitude in this regard. His roughness, arrogance, and lack of patience are explicit when he deals with non-technical clients. His extreme attempts to control costs have made clients complain about his unresponsiveness and unwillingness to solve what they perceive to be shortcomings in the software. Despite three quarterly reviews, he has only concentrated on his technical skills rather than learning managerial and supervisory skills.
Specific Recommendations for Improvement
Bill needs to redirect his priorities to come up to the employer’s expectations. He needs to learn how to deal with non-technical clients who convey their problems in general terms. He should also learn to hide his frustrations while dealing with customers. He needs to learn how to delegate responsibility and to oversee those who must carry out routine tasks. He must take communication classes, and must understand that the key to success is lies in effectively communicating with the clients.
Promotion Potential
Bill has great promotion potential if he decides to overcome his incompetence related to people skill. The technical expertise that he possesses is a great asset for him that can be considered as a good basis for promotion; however, it is never enough unless he learns how to deal with all kinds of clients- technical or non-technical. If he learns people skills by putting time into related learning sessions, he is very good candidate for promotion.

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