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Performance compensation management

Article Critique: Review performance-management processes and avoid litigation, 21 May 2009 8:16am retrieved from < http www.hrdaily.com.au> on 11th January, 2013
This article offers valuable advice to HR personnel in preventing employee litigations borne out of appraisal practices seen to be unfair or discriminatory. Some performance-management processes have loopholes in terms of breach of contract claims. The article is correct in pointing how proper and thorough communication with employees is crucial to avoiding litigations. On part of the managers, they should be well-versed with all their legal obligations toward workers. The article then goes on to offer valuable guidelines for managers for being able to fulfil their legal obligations. For example, it implores managers to pay special attention to the terms of agreement for probationary periods, methods for addressing poor performance and the risks posed by standard documents for legal contracts. The article is written in accessible prose and is concise in its articulation. The article sounds a warning to HR managers to take steps to not fall into common legal pitfalls, which would unnecessarily waste the company’s time and resources.
Performance management shifting from evaluation to development, 12 June 2009 8:30am retrieved from < http://www.hrdaily.com.au> on 11th January, 2013
This article offers an interesting alternative to how Performance Management is conventionally undertaken. Rather than focus on evaluation and appraisal, the article argues, giving emphasis to employee development is bound to lead to positive outcomes. This approach is to be applied without giving undue consideration to the competency levels of employees. The article makes the logically sound argument that Performance Management has a much broader scope than Performance Appraisal, in that it factors the following key components: “organization’s culture, its approach to measuring and rewarding performance, the attitude and skills of those responsible for its implementation and administration (whether this is human resources and/or line managers), and the acceptance, commitment and willing participation of both appraisers and appraisees”. Another merit attached with the article is its inclusive agenda, whereby top managers, line managers, HR personnel and other employees collaborate to enhance overall efficiency and performance. Finally, the article underscores the importance of positive psychology in boosting performance.
Announcement: Make employee appraisals easy for your managers with suggested feedback and development comments, HRDaily, published on 13 December 2012 7:05 am retrieved from < http://www.hrdaily.com.au> on 11th January, 2013
This article is simple and to the point. The article is an advertorial, promoting an HRM tool for helping managers in writing employee performance reviews. Understanding the difficulty faced by most managers in fluently articulate their evaluations, the tool, called the Comment Helper under the larger software Halogen eAppraisal, gives more than 5,000 suggestions to managers describing achievement and competency levels. It is easy to see why this tool is beneficial to HR managers. Firstly, it saves their valuable time. Second, it helps make the feedback more precise. Third, appraisal feedback becomes standardized and consistent across various teams. Fourth, the tool is helpful in employee development based on the managerial feedback. Thus, it has a positive effect on the overall organizational efficiency and performance. For these reasons the Comment Helper tool is quite valuable. The advertorial article neatly and convincingly explains its advantages. As the article highlights, more than 2,000 organizations in Australia are already using one or other management products from Halogen, serving as testimony to the benefits claimed in the article.

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