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Performance review report


Dunlop Engineering was established in the year 1959 and it is a leading corporation involved in the manufacture and supply of concrete and ceramic tiles to the construction industry. It is a limited Company owned by one hundred and twenty share holders and has one major share holder owning 47% of the shares. This paper explores the Human resource department of Dunlop Engineering and how performance is reviewed at Dunlop Engineering.
1.1 Vision Statement
We provide work situation where our employees can meet their probable ability and make quality use of their skills. We envisage offering excellentcustomer focused services.

1.2 Mission Statement

2.0 Operational Goals
At Dunlop Engineering the Human resource department is devoted to provide value to their customers through guidance, and the group of instructors’ works hard to furnish participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for their success. Other goals are:

Impartial treatment to all employees

A varied, exceedingly skilled, industrious, fit, and proficient workforce
Extremely efficient supervisors, leaders and managers
Placement of Human resource and organization Management policies and processes with the organization’s needs and goals
All the operational goals in the Human resource department are geared towards the welfare of the employee and ensuring that employees perform well towards accomplishing the organization goals. On impartial treatment it ensures that from the sweeper to the Chief Executive all employees are accorded equal and fair treatment in the sense that if it is disciplinary cases no one is an exceptional and on the other hand if it is reward all employees are entitled to being rewarded by the organization. Dunlop Engineering has a staff handbook developed by the Human resource department that explains the right of employees, expected code of conduct and seeks to demystify a lot of staff related issues. It addresses disciplinary, termination, hire, review of performance and reward systems.
2.1 Work Allocation
Dunlop Engineering uses a combination of Job description, consultancy, and duty rosters are used. They very effective when combined, every employee has a contract that entails their job description; there are other duties like chairing the weekly brainstorming sessions that are scheduled on a duty roster. In addition they are services that are outsourced from consultancy firms e.g. training, research and surveys like market intelligence, staff satisfaction survey and client satisfaction survey.
The Job descriptions communicate precisely what the job entails and the responsibility associated to it. For instance if a job entails travelling, it is always stipulated in the job description. This helps in the sense that wherever a person is accepting a job offer at Dunlop Engineering they already know the expectations very clearly and therefore when time for review comes by the employee already knows what is expected. The job description also stipulates the attributes that are associated with superior performance. The job description is always aligned to the business develop performance indicator.
Dunlop Engineering every employee has an essential task to accomplish. Dunlop Engineering team believes in high –quality functioning by the individuals within the organization to make up the team performance. HR managers are accountable for guiding and supervising the performance of the employees, both as individuals and as a team. .HR managers need to set performance objectives, provide feedback, appraise performance, guide development and ensure employees are rewarded for good performance. It also the responsibility of the Human resource managers to ensure that they cater or offer assistance for all social aspects that may affect the performance of an employee. Other tasks are:
create lucid performance principles and deadlines for chore completion
apply post designation control/maintain feedback

Reward performance/criticize constructive /build self confidence.

Carefully match people to positions
Ensuring employees understand their fit within the organization
3.0 Performance Management Systems
According to Performance management is the process of creating a work environment or setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. Performance management is a whole work system that begins when a job is defined as needed. It ends when an employee leaves your organization. Performance Management system is at times used interchangeably with the old appraisal system.

The objectives of a performance management system are:

3.1 Dunlop Engineering Performance Management System

Dunlop Engineering Performance Management system is a main, wholly integrated preserved package to aid executives at every stage of the performance management process run efficiently from objective setting, to successful instructions and response, and in conclusion create an end of sequence evaluation discussions and career achievement planning. The Focus of Dunlop Engineering is performance driven and they use Booz Allen’s Services and Approach performance model which includes four key human resource processes i.e. planning, performing, evaluating and rewarding. It aligns individual performance to the company’s goals. Below is the model:

3.2 Dunlop Engineering Performance Profile

At Dunlop Engineering a lot of emphasis is laid on individual performance management. Feedback on performance is given both horizontally and vertically making a 360 degree feedback process.

3.3 Dunlop engineering manufacturing Performance Individual Modules

Dunlop Engineering Performance management system adheres to the ten module workbooks in the subsequent titles as described in : taking the performance proposal, setting performance objectives, giving and receiving performance response, coaching for quality, conducting performance update debate, handling undesirable dialogue, annual evaluation discussions, career planning and progress discussions, performance action planning and performance competencies. Most effective systems of appraising performance are: rational, suitable, and homogeneous. Failure to have any of the mentioned characteristics makes the appraisal system inefficient.
4.0 Monitoring Methods Used

Observation is the most common method used and requires the manager or supervisor to observe the employee performing his or her tasks on the job. It requires the manager or supervisor to develop a schedule to determine the time and place to carry out the assessments. The employees can be informed of the assessment or it can be impromptu. The observation at Dunlop Engineering I carried out by immediate supervisors who are mostly unit heads and forwarded to the human resource department for moderation and reward.

4.1 Comment on the effectiveness of the methods

At Dunlop Engineering a pre-performance appraisal discussion between the employer and the employee regarding performance appraisal objectives, performance opportunities and challenges, and performance appraisal design they also have a culture of starting the process with appraising the supervisor. The appraisal systems are focused and not exhaustive in scope.

Conduct risk analysis of three (3) factors to do with allocation of work or poor performance review processes in your business?

Description of Risk
Frequency of Exposure
Customer Service
The risk is producing broken tiles.

Logistic issues – The risk involved is in-transit loss and breakages of tiles.

Training – The risk involved is inadequate time could be allocated to a certain program reducing the effectiveness.

Could occur often

4.2 Explanation on how all participants (e.g. supervisors and employees) are trained regarding the performance management system

At Dunlop Engineering manufacturing, the training regarding the performance management systems is spit throughout a week time, to balance between work hours and training hours, it requires 25 hours to complete the training course to learn and understand the methods used in monitoring or audits with in Dunlop Engineering. This course was created to teach and inform employees about their own environment. Topics in this training course are customer service, leadership, quality standards. In addition all employees must undertake a safety training that takes 8 hours to train.
5.0 Conclusion
In conclusion, Dunlop engineering seems to be employing relevant review process. This paper explored the HR department task of review in detail and the effectiveness of good performance management systems.

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