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Personal networking

Personal networking is a concept that has gained much relevance overtime it has especially been advanced by capitalism in that man tends to utilize labor from other as well as resources at his / her disposal to make ends meet. In the process it becomes important that one must often rely on peers and acquaintances in order to be successful in both social – economic arena as well as political arena. Although the term is controversial as at is mysterious, many explanations have surfaced.

For instance there are those who argue that networking is morally wrong for it leads to marginalization or at least exemplifies it. In that regard those who take that view are opposed to networking concept mainly because it puts some people at disadvantage and this leads to inequality. For an instance in highly unprofessional business environments, job advertisements are not done appropriately. Therefore getting employed in such anenvironmentrequires one to have access to insider information on the company. This comes in the form of how networked one is.

Networking simply refers to endless efforts of that are put to get connected or make connections for as to facilitate changes with other people or business. It actually involves knowing people as other businesses. It also entails developingcommunicationprocess with these people and businesses. The communication involved here should be critical and of the accepted language that is persuasive and attracting should be encouraged. This attracts more people who in this are the customers as well as promoting god relationship with other businesses sometimes that leads to increase in profits and consequently success of the business.

Networking involves exchanging, interacting and exchanging ideas or referrals, which it demands that trust must be, build between or among the involved parties. Networking is done anywhere for instance when tow people meet at a certain place they can decide to exchange their business cards. This can also happen to more than two people and it is very help full since incase one of them lands on to a job he/she can contact the others. Hence e networking is a very highly appreciated practice since it can alter these living standards.

Networking is done al the time and is very essential especially when a newly established business is in need for a fast growth and success. It should network with the other businesses. The managers should network with those of other businesses so that they stand in a position of acquiring ideas that can help them cause tremendous growth to their businesses whenever they apply them. It should also seek to network with customers, offering quick and standard services so that the customers rest assures and trust the business in all its endeavors

This will lead to customers recommending the business, which is simply networking. Through giving recommendations on the well services offered by the business, the customers will have networked with the business and more customers will chip in to benefit from the services. This way, the business will attain a fast growth since profits will be high. Networking is very important also for individuals who are engaged in provision of quality products or those who are involved in doing quality work.

If these people really want success in their undertakings, they should interact with other people and give out their products. They will also in return get a lot of positive recommendations or reinforcement from the people and this is all what networking entails. Personal networking entails Personal networking is very important and can even help someone in finding a new job. As long as one has quality performance, one just need to reach out for those people who are in the highest ranks in the job and this will enable the person get a job easily.

In order to network, one needs to know quite a lot of people, as well as establishing relationships with new people Businesses that practice networking establish very good relationship with the customers as well as the employers. Through networking, the businesses are able to reveal the services that they offer to their customers as well as how it operates. A good relationship between the business and the customers is established and this leads to fast growth of the business (Blyler, & Roundy, 1993).

Through networking also, businesses are able to open up their suppliers and if for example the business is unstable, a consensus may be reached for the supplier to be collecting their dues after an agreed period of tie. This promotes fast growth of the business. Every business organization should have a well-established communication method for it to experience success. Communication is a very important tool in business since it is only through communicating that the business can access its suppliers as well as other business counterparts.

It is also important since it helps the business to pass information to its customers for example information about change of location, change in costs, or even introduction of a new property or service in the business. There quite different methods of communication in any business organization. These may include (a) Written method of communication This is a method of communication that uses letters to pass information. It is useful especially for the deaf or those people who have hearing problems, though they can still use sign language.

Written method of communication is effective since the message is conveyed very fast once it is read by a few people. Written method or simply use of letters can be essential both for internal communication as well as external communication. They can be used to communicate to workers on pay rises, disciplinary measures as well as promotions. They can also include use of diagrams but this mostly depends on the nature of the message. This method of communication is cheap since no electronics are used moreover, there is a record kept for reference purposes.

It also contains a lot of information especially when use of figures is practiced. However, written method of communication can be sometimes unreliable since it can be distorted or get lost. There is also possibility of not reaching the addressed people and can also be inconvenient method especially when the information to be communicated is urgent. This is due to the fact it takes quite a lot of time to construct the letters. There is no evidence whether the message has been delivered and received by the concerned people unless the concerned provides feedback.

Additionally, the written form of communication a lot uncertainties since in case of wrong information, the recipients reply to it as it is. (b) Visual method of communication According to, Spitzberg, and Cupach. (1984). This also keeps workers informed on what is going on within the business enterprise. It mainly consists of picture accompanied by text. The picture or diagram has a meaning that is intended to pass across. This method of communication is very time consuming especially in drawing the pictures and the diagrams.

Wrong information is likely to be passed to the concerned people, for example where the person drawing the pictures is not well conversant with relating the intended message to be communicated and the picture to represent this. However, if the pictures are kept attractive and eye catching, (Asante, & Gudykunst, 1989) they tend to draw attention of many people and if the message is well depicted in the pictures, then many people receives it. c) High tech method of communication. This simply refers to use of electronic communication, such as computers, televised pictures, e-mails, telephones as well as telex.

It is a method that has facilitated communication process in terms of speed and reliance. For instance, use of e-mails in businesses for communicating takes a very short period of time and it is very reliable since an assurance that the intended recipients get the information is created. This method of communication is also used to reach people who are very far for example outside the country since there is a provision for Wide Area Network (WAN). This leads to attraction of customers from far and wide, who get to network with the business and hence success is achieved.

In addition, accuracy is a very important element that is also achieved through use of this method as well as provision of immediate feedback. However, this method of communication is very expensive, for instance, it costs the business enterprise a lot of resources to buy computers, VDU screens as well as fixing telephones and telephone lines. Leiss, (1990) states that effective communication is the key factor that enhances administrative function. Effective communication simply refers to passing of the required messages to the intended recipients and ensuring that the messages reach the targeted people who are the recipients.

It also entails use of the right communication channels that ensures which ensures that all the recipients have got the message as well as using the correct and the right language, which ought to be polite in passing messages. Administration is a very important practice in any business organization since it is through it that a peaceful working environment as well as an organized running of the organization is achieved. For the administrative functions to be satisfactorily met, effective communication should be encouraged. Guidelines to effective communication include:

The urgency of the message to be communicated should be considered so as to be able to choose the effective method of communication. Here, very urgent messages should be communicated through High tech methods while those which are not urgent can be communicated through written methods. In order to communicate effectively, the administration also should consider the target or rather the audience. If for example, the target recipients of the message are deaf people, then the best methods of communications to be used are visual and written methods.

Using oral communication in this scenario hinders communication and this leads to communication barrier, something that affects the business negatively leading to its collapse or losses. Effective communication is also achieved through realization and consideration of the other people’s interests, values as well asrespectfor their well being. This means that, no messages that demand people to do things that they cannot afford or are beyond their capabilities should be conveyed to the people(Stocklmayer, Gore, & Bryant, 2001).

Effective communication should also put into considerations the time when the message is being conveyed to the recipients. For instance, Messages that come from the administration at the closing hour of the business when most of the workers are in a rush to reach their respective homes or attend to other duties are most likely not to be given the required attention (Allen, 1987). This then leads to poor flow of messages within the hierarchy. However, messages that are released or passed to the recipients in the morning hours are likely to draw quite a lot of attention from the recipients.

This leads to a very nice flow of information and the overall result is success to the business since coordination will be maintained. Conclusion. Personal networking is very useful and important. It is one of the most attributes that a person can use to reach higher levels of success for example when one secures a good job through his efforts in meeting and making new friends. Networking is also very essential in business for it is only the way through which the businesses get to be known by quite a lot of people who also become the customers and this translates to success.

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