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ABC Awards – Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic CounsellingPresentation ??“ Personal Philosophy and StatementAn Introduction to my personal Philosophy and StatementPrimero que nada soy mujer, Mexicana de nacimiento. Amo mi patria y mi idioma, con fuerza, con debilidades. Soy lo mas importante que tengo en esta vida porque sin mi, no hay YO.

Hoy tengo la oportunidad de desarrollar mi pensamiento, mi espiritu. Hoy estoy trabajando para mi, quiero ser lo que Dios tiene planeado para mi. Estoy agradecida por tener esta oportunidad.

Gracias Dios mio. First of all I am a woman, born in Mexico. I love my country and my language, with strengths, with weaknesses. I am the most important thing I have in this life because without ME there is not I. Today I have the opportunity to work towards the master plan that God created just for ME and I am thankful for that opportunity. Thank you Lord. I had to stop and think about what my beliefs are and what my philosophy in life is.

I have to be congruent in saying ??? I have never thought about it??? I know I have values and believes but I have never taken the time to really pull them apart and look and think about them, let alone write and express them. I never thought that the common person would have a philosophy I always thought that I had to be a great thinker and a philosopher to express what I believe. This assignment is giving me the opportunity to challenge that view and to have a really good look at what is it that I believe. My first thought was how do I guide myself. What is my moral compass Why do I decide what is right and what is wrongThe most important value for me is my belief in God.

I love him above anything else in this life. God has been with me when I was alone, when nobody seemed to be there for me. I knew in my heart that I may be going to difficult times but God was going to help me get through the awful times. God was with me every step of the way. I have made decisions that I??™m sure He would not be happy with but never abandoned me even when I stopped believing in ME. I believed that God would help me find my way back. I believe He has a master plan for me and I??™m never alone because He is always with me, part of me. I know I??™m a better person because I have a moral compass that very much helps me how to live my life and helps me make the right decisions.

What is right what is wrongI had to answer a lot of questions for this assignment about me and how I see the world around me. What is good What is bad What is the relationship between my mind and my body and can I separate the two What is the truth What is love The truth is how I see the world around me, what I believe and my contribution to the world. I never thought that I had a contribution to the world but now I have to think why am I here There are no accidents and I was put in this earth for a reason and I need to understand what that reason is. Without an answer I know I??™m not going to achieve full actualization. I have awareness now that I never had before I need to find my truth.

Now that I??™m older and more confident I??™m able to understand how I see the world around me. When I was younger I really didn??™t understand the world. At school I never experienced any aggression from other children. I was able to form good relationships and my primary school years were good until there was an incident with one of the Nuns, she said to me when I was 10 that I was nothing, that me and 0 were the same all because my work was not to her satisfaction on that particular day.

I was a straight A student and how dare she say those awful things to me I wrote an angry letter to myself and destroyed it after. The teacher put my letter together and gave it to the head teacher. I had to leave the school after that. That day something broke inside me.

How this people can betray me when they were supposed to care for me My faith in God was tested because I was educated in a catholic school. Forgiveness, acceptance where were they I was an innocent little girl. Now that I??™m an adult I have accepted that they made a mistake not me, that there was nothing wrong with me. I had the right to express my feelings and over the course of my life I have been afraid to express how I feel especially when I have to make a stand for what I believe. I think because I felt so betrayed and not listen to when I was a child, made me believe that I have the right to express my views and have the right to speech. I know there are limits and sometimes there are consequences when I express my views. That particular incident in my life changed me; I lost trust for a while but it also made me value other people??™s opinions and views even if I don??™t agree with them. I??™m a tolerant person and I want to give people the opportunity to be heard.

To be at least with a chance to be understood. I want to be listened too. Because as a child I felt so powerless because nobody was listening to me I have felt affinity with Rogers and his theory because in this modality I have to see the whole person and work with them towards reaching their goals and how they can actualise. As a counsellor I have the opportunity to listen and maybe make a difference in somebody??™s life. I believe that my body and my mind are one and I??™m trying to change the relationship that I have with my body. I need to look after the shell as much as I??™m trying to look after my mind. I used to treat them as separate entities and think what happen to my body is not as important but my mind can only talk about half of my story my body can talk about the other half.

I believe I??™m a whole person and I??™m learning every day to bring harmony to those components that make me a unique individual. Love to me is the most essential part of what makes me human. I never thought about what I believe about love and now that I??™m writing about it ??? I believe that without love there would not be life as we know it. I have experienced love in many ways. I??™m a grand-daughter, daughter, sister, wife, friend and most important of all I am a mother. As much as I have suffered disappointments I have also been lucky enough to experience great love.

Everlasting, unconditional and ever growing love. I had to learn how to love myself unconditionally and that has been my biggest challenge. I have to accept me, love me, forgive me. I work on it every day because I know I??™m imperfect.

I know I??™m going to make mistakes. I believe today that I??™m never going to love anybody as much as I need to love myself. I??™m worthy of all the love that people feel for me and in return I??™ll work towards improving and developing myself. I need to feel that I??™m doing the best I can for me. I only have one life and at times have been hard but I always believed that the bad times were only brief. I always think God would never send me more pain that I can endure. I was right I survived everything. Maybe dented and bruised but with a fierce determination to live my life to the fullest.

Once Elizabeth Kubler Ros said ??? The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, know struggle, know loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensibility and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen??? To quote Rogers ??? We are all born good but bad things happen to us???. Rogers??™s insistence on the uniqueness of the individual, and the individual??™s innate tendency towards growth and wholeness, certainly represents a much more optimistic and positive view point. Today I can say that I??™m still good because I was born that way and even when life has been unkind to me I am good to the core of my being. I have to accept that at times I was not the best architect of my life but little by little I??™m making changes to have the ability to make better and more informed decisions in my life. I have a much better understanding about empathy and how important it is for the development of a good therapeutic relationship. Unconditional positive regard is so difficult at times to exercise but I have it present now, without it I would not be congruent and genuine in my desire to help people.

This is my truth, these are my believes and my personal philosophy.

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