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Personal philosophy

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Personal Philosophy To begin a personal philosophy is a way of life, a frame of mind which sets your perspective on all things in life (Answers). Everyone needs to have a personal philosophy because that is what makes them who they are. Having a personal philosophy of education makes you the teacher that you want to be and not what the rest of the world is. Becoming a teacher is not an easy task it is something that you have to have passion, energy, enthusiasm and patience for. I have always wanted to become a teacher because it is something that I have felt a passion for. My personal philosophy of education defines who I am going to be as a teacher. I have always known that I wanted to become a teacher because many of my family members were teachers and ever since I can remember I was always the teacher when my siblings and I played school at the kitchen table. I have always had a passion to teach children and watch them gain knowledge and grow even when I was young. I went to a one room school house when I was in elementary and I was always willing to help the teacher with whatever she needed. Ever since then that is how I have always been. I love getting up in front of students and seeing their bright young faces and teaching them a lesson and answering their questions. It is a passion that I have always had. Each individual out there who wants to become a teacher or who is already a teacher has a different mindset on how their classroom should be set up and how they are going to teach lessons effectively. If all the teachers were the same school would get boring knowing what to expect from each teacher. There are those teachers who we all remember as one of the greatest teachers we have ever had and then there are those who we did not care for but that is how we learn to develop our own personal philosophies of education. Over the years of attending school and knowing that I want to become a teacher I have been able to observe different classrooms and gain knowledge of what my personal philosophy of education has come to be. I want to become a teacher because I love children and watching them grows. It amazes me how fast they can gain knowledge and become young adults. I want to be highly knowledgeable in all areas of teaching so that I can teach what I know to the students. I want my classroom to be structured, organized, and fun. I want students to push themselves and each other to be the best they can be. I want students to have a voice in the classroom by creating their own rules and consequences. I do not want them to feel like it is a strict classroom and they cannot communicate. I want them to be able to be open and discuss what they are feeling. I want to have goals and rewards for the students to reach weekly, monthly, and yearly so that they will push themselves to meet those goals. My classroom will be a blend of a traditional and facilitated classroom. I want the seating to benefit the students and if that means moving them around sometimes then so be it. I want the students to feel like they are a part of the classroom by giving them tasks that they will have throughout the week or month. I want my classroom to be have certain areas designated to different activities that the students participate in and have a lesson plan that is always in sight for the students to see. I feel that it is important for the students to know what the plan is for the week. I want my classroom to be the best that it can be and I know that I still have a lot to learn about being a teacher and managing a classroom. Overall I think that it is important to know what kind of teacher you want to be and how you want to teach. There is so much to teaching than meets the eye and it can be challenging but that is all part of the fun. Having a personal philosophy is going to make you the teacher you want to be and set you aside from all other teachers. I will learn and grow over the years and maybe my philosophy will change as I learn more and as the world changes but I will always remember why I wanted to become a teacher.

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