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time Why I want to Join MEDEX Northwest My desire to join MEDEX Northwest comes from the commitment that the institution has in serving the health care needs to those in dire need. This commitment matches my own resolve to serve underserved population. MEDEX Northwest institution is also innovative and identifies new healthcare trends and trains the Physicians Assistants accordingly. I believe that my training at the institution will ensure that I am well prepared to serve those in need of healthcare services. The structure of the course which combines classroom knowledge with supervised field placements raises my desire to join the institution. I want to gain invaluable experience as a physician assistant and believe that the MEDEX Northwest offers me this opportunity.
I believe that my work experience in the different health care institutions makes me an excellent candidate for the program. Working as an EKG technician has exposed me to different technologies that are invaluably applicable in the medical sector. I have also had the opportunity to work at VA hospital, where I had an opportunity to interact with people of different backgrounds. This I believe will be an asset to the institution. My background and training in law brings unique value to the institution as I believe it helps in creating an understanding of human behavior, a valuable asset in healthcare training and practice.
In my pursuit of high quality education, I am prepared to face any challenges that may come my way. The biggest challenge I expect to encounter will be in meeting my full financial obligations. However, I am optimistic that with immense commitment and dedication, I will overcome this challenge and complete my course within the required time. I believe that my experience in different hospitals as well as my academic background has given me valuable resources that I believe will be of benefit to my classmates. I also believe that my research skills will be a great contribution to my class. Being a second language student, I believe I will find it easier to mingle with the minority groups in the institution and act as bridge to non native speaking patients.

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