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Physical and environmental

Physical and Environment The reason why we chose on Mexico as a country to conduct our research on golf club selling is because it specializes in vocational property rental coupled with vocational residence within the international golf community and the luxury vocational market Mexico having been in this field for years we believed that it could consistent explanation to market factors we are researching on as discussed in this paper (Kenna, Michael and James, 148).
Schmidt (244) asserts that In terms of transportation and storage system, the golf club is strategically located a short distance from the Cancun international airport in Mexico. There is also luxurious, spacious club house structure with open terraces and breathtaking news. All these features a snack bar, a lounge bar, a pool with a spectacular view. All these make Mexico a country with good facilities for storage and transportation of materials (Schmidt, 270).
Mexico’s Riviera Maya golf club is an impressive architectural design with easy access to technology (Kenna, Michael and James, 179). It is designed with a magnificent view and fixed with the latest technology which includes the use of GPS which makes it easy to use when calculating distances and score. It also makes it possible for participants to request any additional services during the game.
Kenna, Michael and James (221). The physical environment in the city of Machu Picchu in Mexico was constructed with a view down to two valleys and a nearly impassable mountain at its peak. There is an ample supply of water, enough land and food. This provides a good environment for the game as well as energy, space required for the recruitment and training of more players (Schmidt, 311). Therefore Mexico provides a good country for the marketing of the golf club products since it has all the technicality required, environment and facilities required for the game.
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