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Portfolio part a - speech review

Speech Evaluation Document Speaker: Aung San Suu Kyi Speech: Aung San Suu Kyi: Honorary Degree Acceptance Speech, 20 June What is the… Answer Mark
Level of Impact
(eg; Educate
The speaker educates on the extent of her cause and draws parallelism between her student life in Oxford and as an advocate and how this has shaped her in her decisions.
Opening Statements
(eg; Approach
Clear intent)
The opening gives a rundown of the highlights of her life and memories of Oxford to establish empathy.
Speech Structure
(eg; Logical
Completing the circle was employed where there was link between what she learned from Oxford as a student, her struggles for democracy and appeals for aid in the pursuit of a progressive and democratic Burma.
Closing Statements
(eg; Concise
The closing is a call to action. By providing a background of the status of Burma, she calls on to her alma mater to help in her cause through investing in her native country.
Technique Used
(eg; Enthusiasm
Visual Aids
There were moments where humor was interjected by reminiscing student life. The remarks did elicit laughter as it interposed the speaker’s lighter side and how she is no different from regular students.
Physical Presence
(eg; Posture
Throughout the speech, the speaker was very mild-mannered and poised. There is very little hint that she is a foreigner and though there are moments that the delivery was imperfect it was still genuine.
Use of Voice
(eg; Volume
Her voice was modulated and her pauses were contained in parts where she was trying to underscore a point or adding jest. The tone of her voice is very contained and dignified.
(eg; Articulation
She was articulate and well-versed in English. Her words are very clear and precise.
Main Theme
What was the main theme contained in the message?
The speaker connected her history in Oxford and how this compelled her to effect reforms were all contained in the speech. This is necessarily infused with her influence on the growth of democracy in Burma.
Overall Impression
What was your view of the speech
The speech is very academic but it was appropriate given the setting. It was not one that is geared to motivate or to move the audience but the purpose is gratitude and the idea she conveys was well-defined

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