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Position paper: purposes assignment

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Secondly, it will help you become more authoritative and decisive in writing a clear, single, point-of-view paper. This may be the most challenging part of the task – Learn how to use direct, narrow focused topic sentences- remember you are only allowed a limited word usage. Thirdly it will offer you a chance to publicly express your side of an issue. Lastly, this assignment will also teach you to follow specific directions and guidelines and these will be Included In your grade.

The Position Paper Topic will be divided into two completely different points of IEEE – a Yes or a No side. It will be your responsibility to strongly defend (even though you may not particularly agree with It) your side of the assigned paper. On the due date scheduled on the syllabus, the entire class will exchange papers and discuss the issues. It is critical that you must bring 2 copies of your paper to class, and must be physically present and on time during the exercise. You will exchange your paper with someone who has written the opposite side. F the Issue/ I think, if you read your textbook and listen to the lectures, you should have the Asia knowledge needed to begin the reasoning process to write your paper. If you are not satisfied however (and I hope you will not be satisfied merely by the above) you can go to the library. I have placed on reserve a publication called “ Taking Sides”. You can look up what two skilled historians have already written on both sides of the issue. Also recommend you go on line to further gather information of the topic. To dig out more information to help you make your case.

Please do not include “ definitions” In your paper. You do not need to Include footnotes or works cited In this paper. The most important thing to keep in mind in this assignment is you are to make strong Judgments on ONLY YOUR side of the Issue. Please do not merely describe the Issue. Carefully analyze all sides of the Issue of the collaborative first. Next, attempt to build a strong case for your assigned point of view (a Yes or No) only. This paper will be limited to minimum of 300 and maximum of 350 words. If you need to use two pages they must be stapled .

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