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Presidential debate essay

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The first presidential debate between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney was a clash of two ideologies where they touched on a number of issues. The debate specifically focused on economic growth, tax system, health care and education (Rutenberg and Zeleny, 3).
According to Romney, the government should promote businesses that assist the Americans with job creation. This is the position envisaged by the Republican, but the Democrats have got a different view. They focus and encourage any government role that spurs economic growth for all.
On tax reforms, Mr. Romney has got a different view, far much different from other Republicans. He sees a tax reform with lowered tax rates as the solution to the looming deficits. In his argument, the tax system that should be accepted by Americans should not have any tax cuts since these cuts just add to the deficits in economy. Indeed, this tax for revenue, according to Romney is the best deal owing to the American economy as it stands. But, this position is not sustainable as argued by Mr. Obama since this will mean gutting out investments that have been established in schools.
Mr. Romney has a different take on health care overhaul as he strongly disagreed with the $716 billion cut from the growth in Medicare. He doesn’t see the need to cut on the fees that providers have been paid because this he presumes will lead to lowered quality in treatments. However, Mr. Obama differed with this idea since; giving subsidies for private insurance will not work well, instead it will lead to the fall of the traditional Medicare system. In addition, the debate touched on the economic development approach with Mr. Obama accusing the Republicans of building in a trickle down government where the rich benefits at the expense of the middle class.

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