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Principles of business management

Question 1 The lowest level of socialresponsibilityis best describes the Interface Company’s current operations. There are no tradeoff between social responsibility and profit. Just usually it does pay for gain more. Always consider how to get maximal profit. How company to be profitable from the economic activities that always putting on the top issue. And do not care about other organization’s social responsibility. Such as obey laws and regulations by legal, abide by principles of right and wrong at an ethical.

In the annual meeting, though not usually at a loss for words, but I was had trouble that answer customers questions about the dangers of the materials and processes used by my company. They doggedly persistent but I was hesitant because I know facts of truth that must do not acceptable as publics. For the Interface Company’s current operations definitely be profitable by economic. As to our carpet product material is petroleum-based material and consumed that bring bad effect which is greenhouse gases emitted.

Of course carpet is not recyclable that made by this type of materials. And the old carpet is dumped in a landfill. Here’s to see how unethical, using raw materials from the earth that mean to plunder the Earth’s limited resources. And company do not for environmental protection contribute towards, but to produce non-recyclable products, even waste of land resources and then to landfill waste. You know the Earth’s resources are shared by everyone, also requires common protection.

On the other hand, Interface generates of dollars in revenue each year, but, in the manufacturing process, it extracts over 1 billion pounds of raw materials from the earth. That showing usually it does pay for try to gain more. However seem do not reach the aims efficaciously, even easily to be reported potential ethics violations caused by undermine ecologicalenvironmentin the earth surface layer. During the excavation of raw materials, will destroy the surrounding environment, removing vegetation,water pollution, noise and exhaust gases and so on.

Furthermore, production or to explore the same time, if the management of front-line staff lack of supervision, it is easy to occur the matter outside the regulatory approvals, such aspollutionand environmental damage assessment is beyond the previously acceptable circumstances; hire illegal workers, employee payroll deductions or benefits employees to work in unsafe conditions and so on. There most overlooked here is the law. Moreover Interface is also a profligate water user, requiring millions of gallons a year for its manufacturing process. That amount of water equivalent to 5. 4 Olympic-sizeswimmingpool.

These are just wasting resources activities and only adopting follow old-fashion procedures for economic profitable but also those are not smart strategy on operation at all. Question 2 As explain the Interface Company’s environmental vision to task force. I am going to revolutionize the relationship between the business and environment. So I would like to use the Five P’s of marketing to sustainability in long-term development. That is refers to: People, Product, Place, Profits and Process. First, the most important people in my business are the people who work with and for me. Hiring the right people is one of the most important things.

They are the face of your product to the world as well as the hands behind the scene that make sure everything gets done correctly and on time. As a CEO of Interface I must work hard to develop my employees and to manage them with dignity so they want to work for me. Second, I will revolutionize my product. An idea is open two product lines that respectively adopt two materials which are wool and PET to supersede the petroleum-based materials. I am seeking some materials are environmentally preferable. Then wool is matching my required because it compares to petroleum-based Nylon or Polypropylene as a material for carpets as non-harmful.

Wool has excellent durability, can be dyed easily for colorful. Global wool production is approximately only 1. 3 million metric ton per year. So there are not allows extracts raw materials from the earth again and destroy the environment. For example: greenhouse gases emit during manufacturing process. I am seeking some materials can to recycle, reduce, reuse and renew. So as a carpet fiber, make using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) that is extrudes from recycled plastic bottles, contain 100 percent post-consumer recycled content. PET bottles are sorted, ground into fine chips, and then cleaned.

These chips are then melted and extruded into fiber and spun into carpet yarn. Every part of the plastic bottle is recycled, including the cap, the label, and the bottle. The cap and the label are used to make carpet cores around which the carpet is wrapped. These are reused over and over again, unlike cardboard cores that would typically be discarded. The actual bottle is then used to make the PET carpet fiber. So that, using recyclable material way can stop dumping the old carpet in expensive land resources. Third, Place: This refers to two views: the outlets where I sell my products and establish manufacturing factories.

To former I will set store centre in Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific whole business district because expensive products should be placed in expensive outlets. The latter, I would like to set up manufacturing factories in Mexico, Hungary and Philippines. For the reasons its’ are near target customers that as soon as deliver goods to all store centre. Moreover is near my offices that I can contact easily and keep monitor. Fourth is the profit. It is refer to product factors are necessary decline cost. It is because adopt wool and PET also can abandon extracts raw materials cost and water cost used for not recyclable carpet.

Beside, I will get the good-will through to protect environment. In addition, carpet of diversify of two product lines are benefit for company. Wool natural without harmful hazardous substances appears in air. PET is using waste plastic to recycle as to valuable carpet. Refer to place factor, to formulate pricing strategy such as all stores centre is direct marketing that can avoid the carpet cost raise by agents. And establish manufacturing factories in developing countries for decline cost. Moreover is environmental regulations in these countries generally control on low.

So that can avoid oppose if set up in more developed countries. Fifth, process takes into account all of the previous P’s to ensure that each customer has a good experience when they do business with Interface. My process includes everything that I did to get my product to the consumer including all of the planning and paperwork and marketing that it took to do it. Such as strict compliance with local environmental regulations, product quality control, new pricing strategies so on. I must also be able to review my procedures to more have to have efficient procedures in place that make my business run as effectively as possible.

After revolutionize, there are use easily reenter nature without depositing toxins, also be recyclable into new materials. Net effect on the environment be zero and infinitely recycled during manufacturing process. It take over is use renewable resources and that eliminate all waste steams. According above Five P’s of marketing, Interface can change its processes to be environmentally friendly without compromising the company’s growth. It is absolutely yes developing at environmental vision sustainability. Question3 I would like to create Interface Company’s social responsibility management system and relevant policies and procedures.

Develop a system to collect and measure social responsibility performance data in line with internationally recognized standards. Then create a communications platform to engage with our stakeholders, aiming to improve social responsibility strategy reporting. Moreover, participate in a broad range of domestic and global corporate social responsibility events, increase our ability to influence the development of social responsibility and build our reputation as a responsible business. Employees are our greatest asset. So that except select and hire ethical employees, train employees to make ethical decisions in ethical climate.

I also will provide support and incentives to encourage employee participation. Add more conventional and post-conventional communion by stages of moral development. Interface Company goal of social responsibility is to encourage the company’s actions toward the positive impact of consumer, community and employee responsibility. Companies involved with social responsibility take action to voluntarily eliminate production practices that could cause harm for the public, regardless of whether here are required by law. For example, a plant that uses chemicals could implement a safety inspection checklist to guide taff in best practices when handling potentially dangerous substances and materials. If factories makes excessive noise and vibration could analyze the effects its work has on the environment by surveying local residents. The information received could be used to adjust activities and develop soundproofing to lessen public exposure to noise pollution. I will start to implement our Green Action Plan to reduce energy consumption and manage waste, working with our business partners to build environmentally-friendly practices into our value chain, creating a green industry chain.

Through the new carpet of PET, I also helped other industries reduce energy consumption and manage waste, for example recycle industries. Try actively involved in community development. Companies, businesses and corporations concerned with social responsibility align with appropriate institutions to create a better environment to live and work. For example, may set up a foundation to assist in learning oreducationfor the public. This action will be viewed as an asset to all of the communities that it serves, while developing a positive public profile.

Interface also needs to involve in philanthropy make monetary contributions that provide aid to local charitable, educational andhealth-related organizations to assist under-served or impoverished communities. This action can assist people in acquiring marketable skills to reducepoverty, provide education and help the environment. For example, focuses on global initiatives for education, agriculture and health issues, donating computers to schools and those who donated supplies to the disaster. Social development, enterprises can be develop and survive.

So that creating shared value for thrive to be profitable and successful businesses. An example of how interact works can be a company-sponsored contest involving a project to improve the management and access of water used by a farming community, to foster public health. Interface Companies that engage in socially responsible investing use positioning to exert pressure on businesses to adopt socially responsible behavior themselves. Should be creates an educational dialogue for the public by developing social community awareness.

That can use media and Internet distribution to expose the potentially harmful activities of organizations. This kind of collective activism can be affective in reaching social education and awarenessgoals. Integrating a social awareness strategy into the business model can also aid companies in monitoring active compliance with ethical business standards and applicable laws. I will ensure our business grows in harmony with society. Ensuring ourtechnologyis widely accessible and applied in ways that benefit society. I will: To further expand our business coverage and delivers efficiently and extend to remote regions.

Develop a diverse set of products and services that satisfy our customer needs. Create a secure and healthy environment for customers. Help those in need by supporting poverty alleviation and education. Contribute to the overall advancement of society andculture. Words: 1860 References Residential Carpet Tile | Simply Green | Environmentally Friendly Flooring: http://www. simplygreencarpet. com/index_files/Page1652. htm everSTRAND: http://www. carpet-inspectors-experts. com/everstrand-smartstrand. htm Carpet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en. ikipedia. org/wiki/Carpet#Modern_carpeting_and_installation Wool – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Wool Polyethylene terephthalate – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Polyethylene_terephthalate#cite_note-16 Carpet. org – Recycled/PET Carpet: http://www. carpet. org/recycled-PET Main Page – Carpet Concept Company Limited: http://www. carpetconcept. com. hk/? main Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Boards of Director: http://www. exed. hbs. edu/assets/Documents/board-responsibility. pdf

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