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Project management debriefing assignment

I decided to play It at home but this time Just change one varying decision at a time and see how it affects my project. My product only has 4 levels and as the levels get higher and the printers become more sophisticated the amount of time needed to complete the task increases and it affects the team morale and stresses the team members out if the target Is not reasonable.

However It does not affect our budget by a huge amount. The team size affects the project in a way that you need more than 1 person to succeed but if you have too many people say 10, it affects the project in a negative way because there would be problems between people, leaving team members stressed and that would result In our project being behind schedule. Also the budget of the project increases by a huge amount that we cannot afford.

The skill level of the team members is very important since our budget increases as their skill level increases however the higher their skill level the better chances of the project being done In time and In a efficient way and with very low rates of mistake, however we eve to be careful because if we give high skilled peopled an easy project like level 2 printers then they would get bored. As far as outsourcing goes, I found that as a very positive aspect of succeeding at this game.

Even though it still costs money and it resulted in me being over budget at times, it was worth it because it helped my team members out drastically and not only the morale of the team would be better but the schedule date would be on time with very low rates of mistake. Prototypes I decided to to do since it cost money and it was not really needed as my other classmates had tested it out. Meetings such as one on one coaching, daily stand up, status reviews were very Important also because It affected out how efficient my team members were and If they were In good splats and not making mistakes.

Yet again, this costs money so I had to be smart about the decision I made. For example if I had a lot of outsourcing and a lot of high skilled members then I would not really need one on one coaching but if I had low skilled members then I would spend the money room that on coaching them. These meetings were also Important on the time duration of the project because the more the team meets up the faster they can get the project done. 2. The first time I played the game I Just randomly would make decisions and then based on the results I got I would change my next decision.

That Is why at times my team was doing very well and at times It was over budget and behind schedule drastically. The second time I played I decided to use all the things I had learned during the last game and put them in good use. For my target printer I did not choose level 4 since it needed a lot of time to get finishes but I did not choose level 1 either because I wanted my team members to be Interested In the project and a positive morale.

Therefore I would switch between level 2 and 3, depending on how my team was doing. For the project completion date I would just pay attention to how far behind I would get if I ended up being behind schedule and ass those weeks to my project the next time. In terms of team size I realized large groups do not work nice they cost a lot of money but are not very efficient, make a lot of mistakes and do not get along with each other.

I decided to use that money to have less team 1 OFF I also spent a lot of my money on outsourcing because aside from budget it affected my project in a positive way. It affected my time management, my team spirit and for my project to be done in time and successfully. For meetings I would put daily standup and status review since it is needed for every project however I would not put one on one coaching a lot since my members were skilled and had outsourcing and one on one coaching required a lot of time and money that was not needed.

For prototype I did not use. I tried it once and it Just resulted in my project being over budget and did not affect it in a positive way enough therefore I stopped using prototypes. As my other classmates in class mentioned also, they did not benefit from prototyping that much either. 3. I think the number one thing that would make me reconsider what my team should do is if my competitor changes the way they do things because in the end the goal is o beat my competitor.

If they decide to have a higher level printer I have to beat them in that, id they finish their project earlier I have to finish earlier, id they have $3000 cost I have to make sure mine is not drastically more etc. And obviously if any of my decision parameter change then my decisions would change also. And another factor that might affect my decision if any decision parameters get cut out or any new ones get added in because every single decision affects my project, the budget, the time, my team spirit, mistakes etc.

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