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Project management dissertation

Dissertation Topics on Project Management in the Constructions Industry

The following guide contains dissertation topics on project management in the construction industry. These were provided specifically for a client looking to work on the construction industry in Nigeria, but could be modified to suit any construction industry setting.

1. How can strategic project management be used to mitigate delays and overruns in expenditure in the construction industry: A Study of the Construction Industry in Nigeria

The construction industry in Nigeriais notorious for delays and excess expenditure.
Ideally, this topic would consider the plight of one company, however the majority of the literature considers delays in the industry as a whole.
Fairly evidently the topic requires the use of project management strategies in order to prevent these delays, or lessen the effect thereof.

2. Considering the epidemic of delays in Nigeria’s construction industry, explain how project management organizationalculturewill need to change in order to change the face the industry to avoid these delays in the future.

This topic will explore the current project management organizational culture and identify the current issues with this culture.
After analysis of the current climate, it will look to explore the development of this culture to mitigate the issues faced by Nigeria.
This may necessitate the need to ‘borrow’ PM organizational culture from another industry similar to construction in Nigeria, e.g. oil and gas exploration. Think of it as a comparativecase studybetween industries.

3. What factors affect the outcome of construction projects in Nigeria: A Project Management perspective

This simply looks at the factors relating to PM that may potentially affect the outcome of a construction project.
This does not necessarily only focus on the causes of delays, but the general factors that affect the outcome, including the successes and the expedience of the project generally.
See Chan, A., Scott, D. & Chan, A. (2004) “Factors Affecting the Success of a Construction Project” Journal of Construction Engineering & Management, Vol 130(1), pp. 153 – 155

4. Consider the underlying theoretical considerations of Project Management and explain by way of example the implementation of these considerations in practice.

Basically, this question will take a case study of a construction or other company inNigeriaand use this company to demonstrate the application of theoretical issues in PM
This topic requires demonstration of theory in practice by way of case study.
See Soderlund, J. (2004) “Building theories of project management: past research, questions for the future” International Journal of Project Management, Vol 22, pp. 183 – 191

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