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Project management

These individuals are normally picked from the team personnel in order to complete the project as planned. On the other hand, alternative scheduling has to be planned to enable successful completion of both tasks and progress on the project to continue (Pinto 357).
Resource management is usually difficult in a multi-project environment because it creates several problems. A single project is advantageous because it fully depends on its allocated resources. However, a single project can lead to underutilization of available resources since it even relies on resources that are currently, not underuse (Pinto 369). Team members in a given project are afraid to issue out their resources since they believe that it will be difficult recovering them. Similarly, sharing resources can create a delay in multiple projects. Finally, there can be a decrease in employees’ morality as they attempt to juggle through competing assignments (Pinto 371). Approaches use to allocate resources include mathematical programming, fist in line, greatest resource demand, and minimum late finish time.

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