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Project management

Project Management Project plan is very important for all projects since it minimizes waste of time. Any project not planned for mat result into several challenges including resource wastage (Thilmany, 2011). Project plan will need high level of planning regardless of its size. Rosenwinkel (1995) explains that for every project success, there must be a proper planning and lack of planning may lead to many disasters and failures. Free-wheeler’s believe that project planning is insignificant is very wrong since there is less tolerance for misjudgements required in projects. Preciseness and accuracy as well as meeting the project’s objectives are very vital but cannot be achieved without proper planning (Butler & Richardson, 2011).
It is indeed true that people variable is very significant in determining the input and the general planning of a project. Challenging free-wheeler based on the list of project variables may harvest very good returns for a particular project because every issue shall have been incorporated in the project (Butler & Richardson, 2011). Thorough discussions regarding the challenges and difficulties that may face the project may help in exposing future obstacles that may interfere with the smooth running of the project. Project planning is indeed an investment since it leads to success of the project and therefore should not be left to chance. There should be no excuse for such a thing that is aimed at saving both time and money. There may be dangerous costs that may be associated with failure to plan for a project (Rosenwinkel, 1995).
According to Thilmany (2011), project planning is very crucial in controlling and evaluating a project right from its start to the end. Accountability and commitment in a project not only requires that all the information is tracked but that the resources are efficiently utilized and any form of wastage is reduced. Project variables should be highly taken into consideration while dealing with a project plan to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of a project.
I was engaged in a project where the organization wanted an investigation of the installation of a new information system that would help in eliminating several bureaucracy involved in management including supervisory services. The project was supposed to take 100 hours and it involved exploration of new ways of doing business. We were in a team of five people performing the task for the project and three of us were management information system experts while two were individuals from human resource and a senior member of the management team. The project was a bit complex because none of us was aware of how the information system could have worked. No one had a prior experience and that really gave us a bit of a problem in planning and finishing the project in time. We had to do thorough research from the information system’s experts to ascertain the workability of the new system.
I would change the management level of the project by employing experienced individuals particularly people who have experience with the subject of information system. I will also look for a team of five with different set of skills especially computer-based skills to help facilitating the speed and effectiveness of the project.
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