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Promote innovation and change

PROMOTE INNOVATION AND CHANGE As a particular case study on innovation and change, lets consider the food and drink sector(say any energy drink ,for example Red

Bull). The innovation and change to be brought in, in this case

would be change in the packaging and a making of a new flavour.

The first thing hat needs to considered , after the decision is made

to bring about innovation and change, is to examine the Element of

Competency(EOC) of the employees and their response (both

initial and prolonged) to the idea of change.

1. Innovation management and change programs depends on

close cooperation among all the functional sections of the

organisation, its suppliers and most importantly, the customers.

This, again demands understanding of the roles and responsibilities

of the organisational framework where the technological

development and new product commercialisation takes place while

listening to the voice of the customers. Off course, prior research is


2. The Risk Factors that may constrain any attempt at change in

Work Place would be :

Element of Competency of the employees-

that would consider how much are employees competent about the

new techniques or new way of work and whether they possess the

right kind of skills .

Cost- Whether the cost incurring would be more than the allocated

budget is also an important point to take care of

Time frame- The time frame required to train employees and put

the change into practice and eventually producing the finished

product (of making better designed cans for Red Bull) can exceed

the stipulated time-period.

3. Planning for change

Budgeting- For any profit making organisation, the budget for any

project (be it Risk or Innovation Management) which is to be

started should be decided upon and sanctioned beforehand.

Running tests- Different rounds of tests should be conducted

before the changed is planned. Tests give the managers an idea

whether the change program is going to be a failure or success.

Allocation- Prior Allocation is needed in all areas :be it time

allocation, budget allocation or human resource allocation or other


Training Hours- The duration for training the employees or factory

workers are essential at the research level.

4.It is very important for any organisation to bring the right new

products to the market place at the perfect time. This is crucial to

the success of the brand, Red Bull

5.When management set timelines and targets for implementation

to improve WP practices, generally thers is always a resistance

from the employee’s end, Because it is common human nature to

dislike change.But it is the management’s responsibility to convey

them the message in a way they would feel comfortable with and

motivated to work on the program.

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