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Proposal Proposal Methodology My dissertation research will take the form of a survey research. This will provide a descriptive account of the state of art of privatization in Kuwait as an exemplar case of other developing countries. A survey research will capture the self-report data from the Zain Company. This methodology is in line with my epistemological stance about the fact that privatization has both positive and negative effects on a developing economy. This is because survey research will capture subjective information on the elements of privatization that benefit and those that do not (Megginson 2005, 26).
Data collection methods
Questionnaires are one of the data collection methods that I will use in this research. In my questionnaires, I will include both closed-ended and open-ended questions. Closed-ended questions will capture non-negotiable information such as the name of the organization and the department from which my respondents will be coming from. Individual opinions about what different aspects of privatization will be captured using open-ended questions. Since questionnaires are effective in market research, they will help answer my research question because it has to do with the private sector (Roland 2008, 34).
Interviews are the other data method that will be employed in my dissertation research. Interviews will be essential in probing respondents on the basis of their personal beliefs and opinions about privatization. These interviews will be done through face-to-face encounters with respondents or through telephone calls for respondents who will not be accessible through face-to-face meeting. One thing that makes interviews sufficient in answering my research question is that they will allow follow up questions on the answers that respondents will give hence providing a better understanding of the topic (IMF 2010, 71).
Participants and inclusion criteria
The demographics that may be of significance to this research include age, level of education and the position in which every respondent serves in Zain Company. Age demographics will provide insight into the varying perceptions of privatization by different generations including baby boomers (born between 1940s and 1960s) and the millennial (born between 1970s and 2000). Gender will be captured but may not have a determining impact on the findings on the topic under study. All participants that are employees of Zain Company will be eligible for inclusion in this study. Government employees in the Department of Statistics will be included as key participants in this research (Megginson 2005, 27).
Data analysis
In analyzing my data, I will start by cleaning the data. This will involve detecting and correcting errors. I will calculate the mean and other measures of central tendency, and dispersion in order to explain the relationship and correlation between different variables. I will use the Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS) as my tool of data analysis (Roland 2008, 34).
Addressing the political and ethical challenges
If any government agency questioned my authority in doing this research, I will address this by providing my introduction letter signed by my supervisor. For other major political issues that may arise during this research, I will refer them to my supervisor. I will handle ethical issues by issuing and referring respondents to a consent form. I will allow them to withdraw at any point in the study. I will reassure respondents that their information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and for the purposes of the study only (IMF 2010, 71).
Reference List
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