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Public relations

Public Relations School Affiliation The Role of Media in Profit and Non-Profit Organizational Success The scope and influence of todaysmedia is encompassing. Different forms of media are everywhere, and almost all people use these media forms mainly for entertainment and source of information about the current happenings in the world (Biagi, 2012). On the other hand, when it comes to organizational success, both for profit and non-profit organizations, publicity is highly important to get the organizations messages out to their target markets, and this is where the role of media comes in (Selnick 2005).
The success of both profit and non-profit organizations depend on their popularity to their audience. No matter how sincere and good the visions of the organizations are they will never succeed in realizing their visions if they do not get enough support from the people. When it comes to getting support from people, the media has a lot to offer. The scope of media is very extensive and it certainly has the capability to reach millions of people around the globe. Through the use of media, it will be easier and more convenient for these profit and non-profit organizations to relay their messages to their target market. For example, if a non-profit organization needs financial aid to accomplish their goals all it has to do is make an announcement, or advertisement, on television, radio, or newspapers, and financial help will sooner or later pour in.
In addition, considering the universal truth that people act based upon how they perceive pieces of information, profit and non-profit organizations need the help of media in terms of managing, regulating and influencing the perceptions of people until eventually initiating a course of behaviors that will allow the organizations achieve their objectives (Richins, 1987). Persuasion is a key for success, and this is one thing that the media can provide to profit and non-profit organizations. Especially for profit organizations, the media can help them with their campaigns and communicate their persuasive messages to people (Wartick, 1992).
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