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Public relations

Public relations Public relations A public relations practitioner is someone appointed by an organization to create, manage and maintain a constantrelationship between the public and the organization through spreading of information between the two. Media is a form of communication used widely. A public relations practitioner depends on media to reach the public and maintain the communication constantly.
There are different types of media namely print media, audiovisual media, and print media just to mention a few (Bernays, 2010).
These are types of print media published on a periodic interval of either weekly or monthly. A public relations practitioner uses this type of print media to pass information to the public. The advantage of magazines is that the public can read the information passed at their convenience time. The disadvantage of magazines as a type of media is most people are not in a position to access the magazines because they are expensive to purchase.
Audio media
This is a type of media where the public relations practitioner uses a media where audio is transmitted in audios devices only, for example, radio. The advantage of audio media is that it reaches many people at the same time. The disadvantage being that at the time of broadcasting some of the public may not get the information passed (Graham & Monteith, 2011).
These are small materials produced to pass information to the public. They are small informative documents that are mostly folded. An advantage of a brochure to the public relations practitioner is that they deliver more information than other types. The disadvantage of a brochure is that they require written and visual literacy.
It is an audio-visual type of media where a public practitioner uses to reach the public and also entertain them too. An advantage being that it helps create awareness generates interest and excitement. A disadvantage being that they are expensive to advertise on (Sandra, 2007).
This is a type of media where several web pages are created to form a website. It is only accessible on the internet. An organization creates a website and the public relations practitioner keeps posting information on it for the public to the reader when they access it. An advantage being that the information can be accessed widely globally. The disadvantage of the website is that computers are needed and technicality of operating them.
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