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Quality management system report sample


Health care organization refers to an organization which offers services including prevention and treatment of diseases to patients. Health care practitioners deal in different fields such as dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, medicine, and chiropractic. Various countries have different means of ensuring its citizens get access to quality health care services. As such, some governments tax citizens who earn income to meet health care expenses. Governments offer social health insurance which insures people against various ailments. Nevertheless, health care services can also be funded through charities and individual citizens. Patients and their relatives require quality services whenever they seek forservices from health care institutions. As such, it is the duty of the administration of any health care institution to place a quality management system. This is because quality management aims at continuous improvement of services offered in an health care institution.

However, it should be noted that quality management cannot achieve error free services. Quality management system in provision of health care consists of different components. These include inputs, conversion process, outputs, and feedback. Quality management system in health care can be illustrated through different episodes of health care. This paper discusses the components of quality management system in relation to an emergency care service I received in ADB Hospital when I had an accident. Further, it seeks to compare and contrast S-P-O model to quality management system.

Components of Quality Management System

Quality health care is regarded as high if it is patient centred, effective, timely, equitable, safe, and efficient. Therefore, all health organization should aim at improving services accorded to patients by achieving all those attributes. Nevertheless, health care provision entails different stages hence quality cannot be measured at one point only. Last year, I made an emergency visit to ADB Hospital. This was as a result of acquiring Salmonella typhi after eating an infected chicken. The result of this was persistent diarrhoea, vomiting, and severe stomach ache. I was rushed to ADB Hospital in a critical state by my mother. Nevertheless, I was impressed by the kind of services accorded to me during my three day stay at ADB. I believe this was due to a strong laid quality management system designed by the management. Quality management system is composed of four components which include input, conversion process, output, and feedback. Input comprises of various aspects of an health institution. These include staff, equipment, structures, and patients. Firstly, we received a good reception by the nurses who were on duty. This was a good show of proper management since they took a very limited time to ensure I get medical attention. The nurses were swift enough and worked so hard in an attempt to make feel better. In addition, ADB Hospital is well equipped with necessary working materials. ADB Hospital is easily accessible due to its well-maintained roads. Further, patients are accorded respect and treated in private rooms to maintain a high level of privacy. The second component of quality management system is conversion process. This entails services, staff, patients, facilities, and patients. ADB Hospital is endowed with well-trained doctors, nurse, and even matrons. This is because they were able to handle my case within a reasonable time. In addition, facilities at ADB Hospital make work easier. The rooms are not only adequately aerated and spacious enough, but also well maintained. Matrons are also well trained to handle patients with due respect. I was able to maintain a good relationship with the staff in-charge of my ward since they were friendly. Services at ADB Hospital are cost effective and can be afforded by most people. In addition, ADB Hospital provides healthy food within intervals to patients. The third component of quality management system is output. This entails various components including satisfaction, treatment, patients, and comfort. I regained strength and comfort after being treated well. As such, ADB Hospital has ensured its patients access first hand treatment which ensures they get well quickly. It is necessary that a patient receives proper treatment so as to avoid death, dissatisfaction, discomfort, and disability. The fourth component of quality management system is feedback. This includes mechanisms placed to get customers` perception on services accorded. In ADB Hospital, staff carried out interviews to find out our perceptions on how best to improve their services. There were books that anyone could sign after being discharged. These were meant to enable patients to comment on services received. ADB Hospital also has suggestion boxes in which customers write notes on any area requiring improvements. Quality management system should ensure positive feedback from clients by ensuring patients are attended to in time, desirable outcome, professional treatment, and good provider-patient relationship.

S-P-O Model

Quality in health care organizations can also be explained using S-P-O Model. This refers to the structure, process, and outcome of health care services. Structure refers to the capacity of health care organization through its facilities and practitioners to deliver quality medication At ADB Hospital, the management tries to maintain proper structures by hiring well-trained doctors who treat patients well. In addition, ADB Hospital also has good infrastructures which are easily accessible. On the other hand, process refers to services accorded to a patient during service delivery. The process at ADB Hospital is patient friendly. This is as a result of efficiency. Outcome is the result of the treatment process. Outcome could be death, discomfort, or healing. I regained strength after undergoing proper treatment at ADB Hospital. S-P-O is similar to quality management system since both of compose of outcomes. Both of them are also ways through which quality can be assessed. However, S-P-O and quality management contrasts in that S-P-O has only three components whereas quality management has three components.


In summary, quality management system in health care comprises of input, conversion process, output, and feedback. The main aim of quality management system is to ensure quality and timely provision of health care services to patients. This can be realized by not only recruiting qualified service providers, but also ensuring availability of proper structures for a variety of services. I believe quality management system is easier to apply in continuous improvement. This is because it is thorough and is able to assess feedback from customers. It is this feedback that is used to verify areas that need improvement. This is unlike the S-P-O Model which does not assess customers’ feedback.


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