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Questionnaire on employee engagement AFFILIATION: Questionnaire on Employee Engagement Introduction
Due to economic recession and laying off people to cut down the rising costs, the companies had to face diverse range of challenges from effectively managing the business operations to retaining qualified pool of employees (Dale Carneige Training, 2012). In order to engage workforce in productive avenues, the corporations have to apply the concept of employee engagement. It is described as the tool utilized to physically energize, emotionally connect, create alignment and mentally focus the workers towards the major objectives of the enterprise (ADP Research Institute, 2012).
All fully engaged employees have a deep rooted bond with the organization and they develop feelings of loyalty, control, trust and empowerment at work. Such personnel are able to identify vital business opportunities required for growth and have the willpower of committing value added personal and emotional energies mandatory for excelling in the professional life (Sanders, 2012). For the organization, employee engagement is a crucial element as it enhances its efficiency which increases the customer satisfaction, lowers the employee turnover and boosts the productivity rate (ADP Research Institute, 2012).
In order to measure the level of employee engagement in the company, following questionnaire is developed from analyzing the Gallups’ Employee Engagement survey (Dale Carneige Training, 2012):
The questionnaire is designed to get your viewpoint about the organization’s working conditions. You are required to give honest, true and fair opinion about the following statements. In front of each statement, select the box which is an indication of your opinion related to the statement.
S. No.
Strongly Agree
Somewhat Agree
Strongly Disagree
Don’t know
I have complete understanding about my work expectation.
I have access to the tools, equipment and materials required to get my work done.
I believe I am respected at work.
When I encounter any problem, I easily get help from others to solve it.
At work, my supervisor is supportive and cares for me as a person.
My opinions seems to count at work.
I have an encouraging colleague at work who listens to my problems every time I need assistance.
At my job, I am given the opportunity of doing the work I am best at.
My fellow workers are committed towards doing work at superior level.
My company’s mission makes me feel that I am making valuable contribution.
I believe that my evaluation is done on my work’s quality.
In last six months, someone at work has talked to me about my progression.
Someone or my supervisor gives me feedback about my job.
I feel proud to be part of this company.
Last year, I was given opportunities to learn and develop myself.
The main purpose of all of these questions is to get an insight about the employee’s feeling about the work and value within the organization. With the help of this questionnaire, the company will be able to determine the effectiveness of employee engagement within the business and monitor the results over a period of time.
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