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Raymond kelly

Additionally, Kelly may not be able to exhibit fairness and make an equitable distribution of time for both posts which depict great responsibility. If however, he does not get selected, then he may continue to work in the NYPD which is his actual job and source of fame and popularity. People have mixed opinions about his future in the New York Mayoral Race. However, I believe that his actions to remain in the NYPD should depend upon the result of his elections.
The posts of a Mayor as well as Police Commissioner are both important and put great responsibility on the candidates appointed. A Mayor has to sort important matters in a state and hence it is a very demanding job. In a similar manner, a Police Commissioner manages crime as well as maintains peace in a state. Considering the nature of these jobs, it is essential the candidates should provide for undivided attention. Thus, if appointed as a Mayor, Raymond Kelly should quit the post of NYC Police Commissioner.
Lauinger, J. (2012, May). “Ray Kelly loses head-to-head matchup for the mayor to Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson and Bill de Blasio in new Quinnipiac poll.”New York Daily News. Retrieved from: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ray-kelly-loses-head-to-head-matchup-mayor-christine-quinn-bill-thompson-bill-de-blasio-quinnipiac-poll-article-1.1075561?localLinksEnabled=false

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