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(3. 2) A New Century: Immigration and the USMPI Staff, Kevin Jernegan
– Two challenges on immigration horizon: security concerns from 9/11 and immigration reform (illegal immigration, prevent illegal entry, providing adequate mean for needed immigrants to enter(4. 20) On L. I., Raid Stirs Dispute Over Influx of of ImmigrantsBruce Lambert
– Farmingville raid evicts many mexican immigrants living in dangerous houses but leaves them with no place to live(5. 18) Immigration AftermathAlejandro Portes
– If United States wants to keep bringing in cheap workers, it needs to understand aftermath, especially the economically disadvantaged lives of their children who will remain in US(3. 4) Going Beyond Black And White, Hispanics in Census Pick ” Other” Mireya Navarro
-” As the Hispanic population booms, the fluid ways that she and other Latinos view their racial identities is drawing more attention and fueling the national debate over racial classifications — what they mean, what they should be and whether they should be and whether they are needed at all”(3. 5) Shades of Belonging: Latinos and Racial IdentitySonya Tafoya
– The fact that changeable factors determine racial identification among Latinos show not that race lines are fading, but racial categories are broadening(5. 9) The Economic Reality of Being Latino/a in the United StatesMeizhu Lui and others
– Latino income stability depends heavily on access to education
– migrant workers, day laborers, recently arrived immigrant families pool resources to purchase assets as a group which distorts picture of the economic situation of individuals and prevents many from getting benefits(6. 4) The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named MariaJudith Ortiz Cofer
– The media engendered image of the latina in the US is partially responsible for the denial of opportunities for upward mobility among Latinas in the professions
– myth of the latina as a whore, domestic, or criminal(6. 7) Crossing the Border Without Losing Your PastOscar Casares
– Author wanting to be called Mexican, not Mexican-American, not Hispanic even though his parents/grandparents/greatgrandparents were all born in US
– Many consider ” Mexican” a dirty word now(6. 1) Civilize Them With A StickMary Brave Bird (Crow Dog) with Richard Erdoes
– Indian boarding schools were cruel and structured in every way for white children
– After Indian children returned from school, they found out that they were neither wanted by whites or Indians — this would lead to drinking(7. 1) Indian Tribes: A Continuing Quest for SurvivalUS Commission on Human Rights
– Indians started with everything and lost most of it (reverse of other minorities)
– While policy towards Indians has changed, the legacy of racism still persists(7. 15) Elk v. Wilkins, November 3 1884- John Elk was an indian who had left his tribe to go live with the whites but was denied the right to vote in Omaha, NE. The SC decided that he had not been made a citizen using the fourteenth amendment(3. 6) Asian American? Sonia Shah
– Unlike other ethnic/racial groups, Asian Pacific Americans share no common historical trauma, no language, color, nation
– Asians serve as the middle tier between blacks and whites, corporate elites and workers(3. 7) The Myth of the Model MinorityNoy Thrupkaew
– Refugees from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam are drastically different economically than the Chinese and Japanese that arrived in 1960s
– These refugees are similar to other ethnic groups with high single parenthood and poverty(4. 11) Goodbye to Pat Morita, Best Supporting AsianLawrence Downes
– ” It’s distressing to think that the life’s work of one of the best-known, hardest-working Asian-American actors is mostly a loose collection of servile supporting roles”(5. 10) The Economic Reality of Being Asian AmericanMeizhu Lui and others
– Data obscures Asian realities
– size of families give picture of greater household incomes but the per capita tells a different story
– returns on educational investments not equal to whites(6. 2) Then Came the WarYuri Kochiyama
– Redress and Reparations movement in response to Japanese internment
– taught that even though there is a constitution, constitutional rights can be taken away(6. 3) YelloqFrank Wu
– Writing Race
– many people think American = white, and minority = black, so what about Asian Americans?(6. 10) Family Ties and the Entanglements of CasteJoseph Berger
– the caste system from India under pressure in America, especially in terms of intermarriage(7. 7) People v. Hall, 1854- Since Chinese miners lived in small, segregated groups, the practical effect of this decision was to declare ‘open season’ on Chinese, since crimes against them were likely to be witnessed only by other Chinese(7. 14) California Constitution, 1876- In 1876, at the height of the anti-Chinese movement, California adopted a new constitution. Its anti-Chinese provisions, largely unenforceable, represent an accurate measure of public feeling(7. 18) Korematsu v. United States, 1944- Internment of Japanese
– This case did not challenge government’s ability to intern Japanese, but allowed Japanese to be released if their loyalty established(4. 9) Muslim-American Running Back Off the Team at New Mexico StateMatthew Rothschild
– running back released from team because of muslim faith and coach suspicion of connection to Al-Qaeda(4. 19) A Death in PatchogueNew York Times Editorial
– xenophobia breeds violence and this is a particular threat to Hispanic Americans
– ” lynching” in New York suburb of Marcelo Lucero(8. 5) Advertising at the Edge of the ApocalypseSut Jhally(8. 10) Masked Racism: Reflections on the Prison Industrial ComplexAngela Davis
– imprisonment has become the response of first resort to many social problems that burden those in poverty(6. 27) C. P EllisStuds Terkel
– CP Ellis is the business manager of International Union of Operating Engineers and had once been president of the Durham chapter of KKKWhich was the largest group among Asian American minorities? Why? Chinese — long interaction with them (since 1850)Which group was the largest to immigrate to US since 1965? Why?… Which group has highest income?… Which group has lowest income?… Machismobasic value governing various qualities of masculinity in hispanic cultureZoot Suit Riots1943 – Los Angeles
11 sailors accused Mexican Youths of attacking them but the police could find no suspects so 200 sailors went out and beat every Mexican they sawFunctionalist Theoryvarious parts of society have functions, or positive effects, that promote solidarity and maintain the stability as a wholeConflict Theorysociety is continually engaged in conflict as different groups compete for limited resources; disequilibrium and change is the normInteractionist Theoryexamines the microsocial world of personal interaction patterns in everyday life rather than the macrosocial aspect of social institutions and their harmony or conflictFunctionalist – Hispanic- immigrants with lower levels of education fill in needs of industries
– moving to rural communities and offsetting population losses
– large influx of immigrants has prevented US social system from absorbing so many low-skilled workers right awayConflict – Hispanic- internal colonialism: segregation to ghetto no matter how long residence in US
– economic exploitationInteractionist- Hispanic- relations between Hispanics and Anglos are strained by inaccurate perceptions
– keeping of culture by Hispanics (i. e. language) is threatening to non-HispanicsFunctionalist – Native Americans- reservations were a highly organized and self-sufficient system until contact with Whites
– segregation on nonproductive reservations destroyed NA society
– solution: reorganize our own social institutions to put NA social system back into balanceConflict- Native Americans- Companies benefit from NA deprivation as they can exploit their resources
– Those living near NAs have a vested interest in maintaining status quoInteractionist – Native Americans- social distance was established by whites dehumanizing them as savages and subsequently NAs seeing whites as liars and treacherous peopleHighest rate of victims to violent crime? Native Americans — twice that of blacks; and unlike Black and whites, the crimes aren’t committed by people of their own race ONRCG FINAL SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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