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Reading Response It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that religion plays an important role in lives of the people. However, its significance is even bigger in lives of those who become ministers and preach. In addition to that, if a person comes from a cultural background that is based on a different religion, his or her conversion would be threshold of one’s new life. This paper will present a response to the reading I Believe It Is Because I Am a Poor Indian by Samson Occom.
This peculiar text tells the readers about life of an Indian who was converted to Christianity and preaches among other Indians. It starts with the childhood of Samson and covers all the important parts of his life, allowing the reader to track the evolution of the author and see what kind of obstacles he had to overcome on this path as a minister.
One of the most interesting aspects of the source is the tone of the author. It is written in a way as if an old Indian is talking to you. Indeed, the text is able to convey the peculiarities of speech as well as worldview of the actual person. One would make no mistake that throughout the text the author is genuine and naïve, hoping for a better future for himself as well as the people who he works with.
The source is crucial when it comes to understanding the process of spreading Christianity among Indians. It shows that way this particular religion was perceived by these people and what impact it had on those who adopted it. It is obvious that Indians were suspicious of the preachers and did not want to give up their old way. Nevertheless, when they were addressed at their own language, they saw that Christianity does not contain any danger for them and were eager to accept it. The text also tell a lot about the author, particularly the way he was able to combine his Indian worldview and Christianity. Indeed, though having adopted the religion of the white people, Samson did not stop being a true Indian.
Having read the source, one is able to come up with several question. First of all, how would Samson interact with other Indian minister? It is possible that they may come up with some a more effective way to promote Christianity. Secondly, would Samson recommend all the Indians to convert to this religion or some of them should retain their ways? Indeed, he primarily addressed young and middle aged Indians and did not talk much about those who are of senior age.
It must be noted that the source should be considered to be a reliable one since it reflects the inner thoughts of an Indian and presents the audience with an authentic view on the way Christianity was promoted among this part of the population. In addition to that, the source in question might also be used by those who could like to analyze the process of conversion of the aboriginal population.

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