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APA Referencing Q1. Lynch, S., & American Honda Motor Company. (1997). Arrogance and Accords: The Inside Story of the Honda Scandal.Irving, TX: Pecos Press.
In 1997, Lynch and American Honda Motor Company noted, “The average Honda went over the curb with a fat $1,700 gross profit for the dealer, with Accord sedans and Preludes averaging more than $ 2,000 per unit” (p. 77).
The dealer reduced its advertising expenditures because the Hondas were appealing to the customers. It meant that the customers spread information to each other by word of mouth. The rest of the dealers who did not sell Hondas could only make profits of up to $950 after intense advertising (Lynch and American Honda Motor Company 1997, p. 78).
According to Lynch and American Honda Motor Company (1997), Honda automobiles gained much prominence in the mid-1980s to a level that they reduced their advertising expenses. During that time, customers served as personal selling agents who talked to each other concerning the usefulness of Honda automobile. The reason for such a happening was a drop in the prices, which attracted more sales and more production of cars.
This work explores the various conventions of APA referencing format for academic writings. It puts emphasis on the different forms of referencing from secondary sources.
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Perrin, R. (2011). Pocket Guide to APA Style. Cengage Learning.

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