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Reflection Paper on Communication Skills and Creating a Value System Reflection Paper on Communication Skills and Creating a Value System
Good communication skills are not just a soft skill that can enhance personal relationships. It is a highly-valued skill that organizations often look for within an applicant .For example; a person seeking employment cannot do without basic communication skills such as writing a resume and sending the application through electronic mail. Moreover, one has to write a thank-you letter after an interview which gives the future employer an insight on how the person communicates. In my case, I had to polish my resume writing skills so it would be considered or even read by human resource personnel. Any sloppy writing could cost me my dream job. According to a Walden University article about communication skills, it is as important as any technical skill needed in a job. Thousands of dollars are spent by companies just to provide communication skills training for their employees. Better communication would lead to better collaboration within the workplace. The interview is an initial step in gauging the applicant’s ability to communicate, understand instructions and demonstrate one’s value system through their answers. It is imperative then for me to rehearse well and prepare for job interviews. Preparation entails knowing what to say when tough questions are asked. I must also show sincerity in answering the questions since people who conduct interviews are used to canned responses. Indeed, a person with good communication skills would not only be hired but considered for promotions as well whenever there’s an opportunity.
Creating an ethical system is challenging especially when the environment fosters diversity. Individuals have different value systems depending on their culture. Nevertheless, this can be done in a working environment because the organizational culture provides some sort of a framework that employees must observe. The key to creating an ethical system would be to agree as a group on what values should be prioritized. If it’s honesty and integrity, then the whole team must agree on such they can be put into practice. The important thing in value creation is considering all the stakeholders so that it benefits people within and outside an organization. The creation of value is usually defined by nature of the business as well as the clients it intends to serve.

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