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Reflective on wrong drug administration

In a placement during my first year when I was working on Medical ward, I going to administer IV injection too 35 year old male. I was working at cubicle 1 side 2 with my fellow colleague. At that time we were work on one side (2) as other Registered Nurses were working on at side 1 . We were working without under supervision since staffs were all busy in administering drugs for that time was about 12 am at noon in which patient’s medications are overdue. We were working without double checking ND ignoring the 5 right because, all in our mind is overdue of medications.

I administered IV Injection to a wrong patient while my colleague asks me, ” Is that the patient you are going to give an IV Injection? ‘ But I said, ” Yes”. My colleague say In front of the patient ” look at your folder, the name is different with the patient you give an injection. ” I was angry and said by my heart, ” how can she say that, she thinks didn’t know what am I doing! ” At the same time the patient said, ” Don’t tell me that you had given me the wrong Injection. I replied him and said that my colleague had a wrong thought.

But behind that, the fault is me. Since I was giving him an injection but the folder I work with which I thought it was his, is not. Feeling was looking back to what I have done and ponder. I felt sorry for the patient and I angry with my colleague but I hide. I expected my colleague not to do that but to find a place and discuss as not in front of the patient I talked with my colleague and make things rights then we shared this one of the senior staff and said that we must go ND talk with patient and explain things honestly at that day and at that time.

I felt so nervous and afraid to it but luckily we did. Evaluation The Incident was extremely challenging for me. I regret I did not do this to the patient. However, I am happy that the patient angry at the first time when we told him but while we keep on explaining he was becoming happy and laugh even makes fun to me. I do have learned from the incident as it has taught me the Importance of emphatically with my colleague, In a sensitive manner; cooperate with each other for he safety of patient’s wellbeing and for us.

Analysis According to nursing lecture and practice we had taught on Drug Administration which includes the 5 right (right patient, drug, dose, route and time) with triple checking as before preparation, during preparation and before administering. Conclusion Looking back on this incident, I can see that I should have acted carefully and that I should ensure to remember the 5 rights and triple checking In administering of an injection. I can now see that my carelessness in the incident can put the patient and e at risk.

After discussion with the senior staff, recognize that I have to face the consequence of what I have done. I realized that I must cooperate with my colleague. Learned that I must practice what I have learn and significantly remember that the life of patient In my hand. Action plan In future, I will aim to develop my self-confident skills when working with my 1 OFF goal for my learning, and will discuss this with senior staff or teacher to work out strategies for how I can achieve this.

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