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Remote monitoring (rmon) essay

Remote Monitoring (RMON)            The Cisco documentation defines Remote Monitoring or RMON, as “a standard monitoring specification that enables various network monitors and console systems to exchange network-monitoring data.

” (Cisco, 2006). The Remote Monitoring (RMON) gives the network and system administrators the opportunity to select probes and consoles for network monitoring with features that suffice their various needs for networking. It provides them with comprehensive performance-tuning, planning and network-fault diagnosis information.

RMON can be used to analyze, monitor and troubleshoot a group of distributed        Local Area Network. It interconnects T-1/E-1 and T-2/E-3 lines coming from a central site and defines all the information that any networking monitoring system can provide. It can also be supported by probes, a hardware monitoring device. (Horner, 2003)RMON collects and delivers information in nine groups of monitoring elements, where each group provides specific sets of data to meet the common requirements of network-monitoring.

(RMON Monitoring Groups, Cisco, 2006) provided the functions of these nine groups:·         Statistics – Contains statistics measured by the probe·         Host – Contains statistics associated with each host discovered on the network.·         Alarm – Periodically takes statistical samples from variables in the probe and compares them with previously configured thresholds. If the monitored variable crosses a threshold, an event is generated.·         History – Records periodic statistical samples from a network and stores them for later retrieval.·         HostTopN – Prepares tables that describe the hosts that top a list ordered by one of their base statistics over an interval specified by the management station.·         Matrix – Stores statistics for conversations between sets of two addresses. As the device detects a new conversation, it creates a new entry in its table.

·         Filters – Enables packets to be matched by a filter equation. These matched packets form a data stream that might be captured or that might generate events.·         Packet Captured – Enables packets to be captured after they flow through a channel.·         Events – Controls the generation and notification of events from this device.Remote Monitoring (RMON) Probes: How it is utilized in Network Management                                                                                                          (Fig. 55-1,CCNA, 2006)            An RMON Probe can send statistical information to an RMON Console. It analyzes RMON information and monitors traffic. It also sets an alarm when a certain condition occurs.

It can be used to audit traffic periodically and to gather statistics that are sent to the console.(The Computer Language Company Inc., 2001-2007). One way an RMON probe is utilized in the network is by capturing data about IP flows, “a series of unidirectional packets travelling from one IP address to another.

” (Packet Design Inc, 2007). RMON probes are primarily utilized in network management during troubleshooting where a detailed view of network traffic is required. It is done by monitoring delays across a link in the communications network. (European Patent Office, p.2)References:CCNA. (2006, Oct 12). Figure 55-1 An RMON Probe Can Send Statistical Information to an RMON Console.

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