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What did you find at Research Randomizer?

Research Randomizer is a tool for generating lists of random numbers or assigning participants that can be used in a variety of experimental situations. Users can retrieve the customized sets of random numbers or variables, and can downloaded them in Microsoft Excel format. Users can also specify parameters from which the random numbers are generated.

What do you find at this site? How would you use the information from this site in current or future research?

Research Randomizer generates lists of randomly generated numbers for those who want an easy and practical way to identify a random sample (for example, selecting random numbers from a phone directory). Systems such as these, which are used for generating random numbers, are used in order to ensure that the data generated does not have any easily discernible pattern. Theoretically, the generated data meets statistical tests for randomness.

The service offered by the site is free. Anyone–students, researchers, or any other interested individual–could easily use Research Randomizer for procuring random data. Research Randomizer is especially useful when conducting research or other endeavors that need random sampling. Some applications include cryptography, statistical sampling, computer simulation, even gambling.

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