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Resort management

Explain the differences among the four types of community associations. The first type of community association is the traditional resort community. This is the most famous type of community is a community that are associated with wealthy individuals and are known for the wide variety of recreational amenities. The second type of community association is the planned resort communities that are known to be associated with overnight accommodations, extensive amenities as well as the luxury facilities (Stringam, 186). The third type of community associations is the mega resort communities that can be said to be fantasy associations. The final community association is the business association community that is the most significant. This type is associated with corporate meetings and economic necessities.
Why are amenities important to resort development?
Amenities are important in that they add value to the resort and they provide the users of the resort facilities to be able to fully enjoy the resort serves (Stringam, 189). The value addition that is associated with the amenities ensures that the customer loyalty is ensured.
Pretend you are developing an amenity strategy. Outline your process and explain the significance of each step
When developing an amenity strategy, the first step is the identification of the target market and the potential clients. This s then followed by the identification of the possible amenities that can be beneficial to the potential clients and amenity users (Stringam, 203). The important of this step is that it ensures that the right amenities that will be useful are identified. The final step is the implementation and the development of the chosen strategy. This should then be followed by reevaluation of the amenities so that they serve their intended purpose.
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