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Restructuring memo essay samples

Interoffice memorandum

As you are aware of, our company has been pursuing corporate-wide programs to sustain our growth, manage our operational efficiencies and strengthen our competitive position in each of the regional markets we are in globally. Part of this program is developing Global Shared Services where we can optimize on our available resources and promote efficiencies in our operation.
In behalf of the global team, I am happy to inform you that the Shared Services system is now complete. It is fully operational and can serve our improvement requirements in the areas of Accounting, Distribution and Customer Services. You willall benefit from the faster, simpler and more reliable processes and information available at your fingertips. More importantly, it will aid you in your operational analysis and decision-making.
Training and Implementation. In the next six months, we shall be implementing systematic training programs to all users of the system. Your partners in the corporate head office will reach out to you to coordinate the requirements: trainees in your department and logistics to facilitate the training. Our IT and HR Department will spearhead this project internally to ensure smooth transition within the year.
Strategic Structural Alignment. Effective immediately, we shall be restructured as a matrix global organization. Our Finance Division, Distribution Division and Customer Care Centre will be reporting on a dotted line to the respective heads in our corporate office. This is to ensure the smooth implementation of our shared services program and to maximize our gain from this initiative. Please note however, that these divisions will continue to report to me functionally.
If you have any questions or concerns, there will be meetings to be set up so we can further discuss the transition process. We also have a special space in our website where you can send in any question or suggestions.
This innovative undertaking is a positive change in our organization and I look forward to your cooperation.

Thanks for your opinion!
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