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Role of stakeholder

In this paper I will be discussing the role of stakeholders and how implementing a quality management. I will state how these stakeholders and their specific roles will implement a quality management. After reading this chapter, I have a vast understanding of how important the stakeholders are to organizations today. It discuss in vast the important of implementing quality management is to the supply chain organization. Stakeholders are the assets in growing wealth within the business. It functions depends on the type of business and the implementation on quality management.

Quality management involves flows which are process flow, information flows, material flows, and flows of funds. These flows operate effectively, efficiently, and with understanding quality. The supply chain causes us to think about quality differently and it causes us to expand our vision in internalize processes that had previously been externalized. In dealing with suppliers its upstream processes are negotiating, selecting, and improving supplier performance and the downstream processes are delivering products and services, and serving the customers.

The supply chain encompasses many different functions and processes that include all the activities from the raw materials stage to the after-sales service. Employees working for the organization often view quality differently. The different functions involve creating products and services that includes design engineering, marketing, operations, cost accounting and financial management in the supply chain. The supply chain management is the concept of the value chain that includes inbound logistics, core processing, and outbound logistics.

The other functions are included in the human resources, information systems and purchasing support. The primary participants of the supply chain are operations, logistics and marketing. The upstream activities include all the activities that involve interaction with suppliers that involves evaluating supplier performance to determine whether or not they are worthy providers. It requires that the suppliers by using criteria such as conformance rates, cost levels, and delivery reliability.

The downstream activities includes shipping and logistics, customer support, and focusing on delivery reliability. The supply chain management has also focused more attention on after-sale service. Quality management focus is to manage properly to the interactions among people, technology, inputs, processes, and systems that provide outstanding products and services to their customers. The Human resource managers have been an active in advocating quality approaches to improving organizational performance. They also focus on human performance that provides an important insight to quality thinking.

The different functional prospective that quality skilled management must recognized these functional differences exist and provide communication in a way that completely addresses with the different prospective. The multiple dimensions exist improves the understand among these coalitions and helps all members of an organization to work toward a common goal. At Perdue Farms, the plant is run by the strategic level, management levels and the operational levels. In the strategic level it is made up of the human resource department, operation managers and strategy.

In the management levels it consists of the entire department supervisor and their line lead that helps the supervisors to run the departments. The operational levels are the workers on the processing lines, QA specials, safety person and the floor guys that help to make sure that the department runs smoothly. The truck drivers and the consumers are also considered as stakeholder. At KFC the stakeholders of the organization are Region Manager, Area Coaches, Restaurants Managers, Assistant Restaurant Managers, Shift Supervisors, Team members and last but not least the customers.

In conclusion, the roles of stakeholder are the backbone for any organization no matter how big or small it may be. It is obvious that each organization may have different levels of stakeholders are important. The successes in organization dependence are on a degree of loyalty and in the satisfaction of what a company could be. The invitation to stakeholders for participating in collaborate the team-building of essential to complement the quality in the management.

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