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Sales managment

May 3, Airbus Company Rond Point Maurice Bellonte 31707 Blagnac Cedex France OBJECT: PROPOSAL TO SELL AN AIRPLANE TO QATAR AIRWAYS
Airbus Company makes the freedom of flight possible by manufacturing, designing and supporting the worlds best aircrafts. The company helps to shape the future of air transportation and incurs sustainable growth around the world. The company has also created a strong global supply chain that contributes to the success of its growing aircraft product line. With more than 1,800 suppliers in over twenty countries, the Company delivers quality parts, components, hardware, and systems that Airbus requires with the best quality and within the required timeframe.
Who we are
The comprehensive product line of Airbus Companys product line comprises quality-successful families of aircraft which ranges from 100 to over 500 passenger seats. These include the single-aisle A320 Family, the long-range A330 Family (including the recently launched A330-800neo and -900neo and the A330-200 Freighter), the new A350 XWB Family, and the flagship A380.
The Company is supported and under the control of highly trained managers who take care of each activity and process of the Company to ensure that it maintains its competitiveness and meets the customers requirements. They include Fabrice Bregier (President and Chief Executive Officer), Tom Williams (Chief Operating Officer), and John Leahy (Chief Operating Officer- Customers) among others. The Company has a numerous number of employees (144,061 including over 100 nationalities from each region of the world) who draw on a pioneering spirit that has helped the company become an industrial leader.
As at March 2015, Airbus hit a net profit of 792 million euros contrasted with the previous 439 million euros in 2014. By March 2015, the company logged 101 new orders for jetliners, compared with 103 in the year 2014. The total number of orders as at March 2015 are 15,372, 9,019 total deliveries and 8,236 orders in operation.
The Company has over 100 numbers of clients from all over the world. They include Aerospace International Group, Air Arabia, Air France, Air Canada, British Airways, Canadian Airlines International, Emirates, and Etihad Airways among others.
Our Focus
We understand what your Company needs, cant always wait for delays for the sake of your esteemed customers. Your Company business is unique, and we are committed to making you uniquely successful by providing the latest, and high-quality Airplane in the quantities that you may need and at a price that you deserve.
Why Choose Airbus Company
We are dedicated towards providing a plane with quality systems, parts, components and with the latest electronic gadgets and technology in the Airline business. Airbus offers an additional one year warranty to ensure that the plane performs as per your requirements and expectations. Our mission is to deliver an inclusive portfolio of competencies for reliable and safe aircraft operations extending from entry-into-service across the entire cycle of the companys product. We will also offer a broad range of certifying and specialized courses as a discount covering all the maintenance and structure-related activities of the aircraft. Airbus is a world-class performing enterprise and to fulfill this potential, the company constantly improves to meet the customers needs and the passenger desires as well. For more information contact us and we will directly contact you and negotiate on the pricing.
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