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The airline industry has recorded tremendous growth in regard to the number of passenger traffic. This has evidently been seen in the Far East and Asia, with China recording the highest number of domestic passenger traffic. The airline passenger traffic patterns will increase in the coming few years, according to the International Air Transport Association, with routes connecting to or within China likely to account for the new passengers. This highlights the potential in the Chinese market, as a result of the immense growth in passenger numbers. Though the sector is registering a growing trend in airline use inChina, newer inventions such as the use of bullet trains is becoming more common in China, due to poor on-time performance experienced by business travelers. This highlights how strategies in China can help an airline differentiate itself from the rest, by offering unique products and services, which standout from the rest of the airlines in the market. The following highlights the strategies that can be implemented to help the airline achieve competitive strength.Increase On time performance There has been a reduction in passenger traffic on most airlines in China due to poor records in time management, with most flights recording unwarranted delays, either during departure or arrival. This hence is an opportunity to airline businesses that may need to venture into the airline industry in China. Due to this, there can be strategies that can be employed to harness the opportunities, especially in the business travel segment. Therefore, a new airline that is considering entry into the Chinese aviation sector, needs to consider the time aspect, by building its image and brand as the most preferred airline, that will consistently deliver on time performance. Increase operational excellence Operational excellence is defined as a management philosophy, which embraces a distinct model of operation, as its approach in the production and delivery of its products and services (Verweire 142). This can be achieved by developing the most competitive and affordable prices to lure more business travelers, as well as other regular clients who may be sensitive to pricing structures offered by other competitors. In the other way, the airline would use information system to achieve the best in terms of access, by regularly information clients on a particular telecommunication line such as China mobile. This is a unique operational strategy that can be used to inform customers and other potential flyers on a given network, regarding the prices and other amazing offers the airline is offering. Apart from this, the inclusion of the mobile technology will enhance efficiency and service delivery by increasing convenience to many clients, an aspect that most airlines in China have failed in. Hence, the use of mobile technology will have an impact in terms of growing traffic numbers that will increase its share in the market. On the other hand, this will also maintain a stable customer base, due to stiff competition from other mainland modes of travel that is a threat to China’s airline industry. Increasing best connectivity services will also be a strategic move that can be employed

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