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Scary story essay

His name was john ted.

He was driving his first class Mercedes Benz. He was driving to his mom’s house. She always wanted John to come out for Halloween. She threw the best Halloween parties ever. On the puddle covered road with the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof.

He was going about 105 mph when there was this real big flash of lighting. He awoke to the sound of an old man whistling a happy tune. The man had pale white skin and said in a raspy voice “ I reckon you were going about 100 mph when you crashed into that there tree.

He looked up and saw his car smashed into the giant oak tree that seemed to cover the whole driveway. Then he looked around and saw a closet and a dresser nothing to out of the ordinary but then he saw it. A door that seemed to give of darkness everything seemed to be impossible to see but he knew that was a place he did not want to go near. who knows what could be lurking in the shadows of that locked door. He awoke to see that the power had gone out he guessed it was a power line knocked down. He looked over towards the man.

He appeared not to be there so he looked around and he wasn’t there so he looked down and saw man’s body with the head chopped off. He looked and, up in the hallway he saw a little boy with blood draped cloths and the man’s head with two knives straight through his eyes and his mouth sown shut. The little boy looked up and instead of having eyes he had all black eyes shimmering in the moonlight. He opened his mouth a very high pitched screech blasted his ears.

He covered his ears and clenched his eyes shut. It stopped he looked back he saw the little boy but he looked normal. He looked up and said “ they’re coming for you. ” “ Who’s coming for me? ” John said in a hasty voice. “ The shadows are coming for you. There all around us right now they’re the ones who told me that that man should die.

” Just then a giant darkness grabbed the little boys ankles and he got swallowed into the locked door with the shadows. He jumped out of bed ran into the living room. The giant clock chimed that it was twelve at night. Just then his body started to move uncontrollably, back toward the room. He let out a scream but he knew it was too late. No one could save him.

He came back to the room. The locked door was now open and glowing with pure darkness. He kept moving toward the door. He hears a scream from a far and the roar of a chainsaw. In a heavy voice he hears “ The shadows have been waiting for you. ”

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