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Situational crisis communication theory In an attempt to define all types of crisis, there are a number of researchers who have come up with theories that help in understanding events. Crises are usually studied by different disciplines that include psychology, sociology, mathematics, business, and physics. Psychology usually provides a background that is theoretical that rotates around an approach based on mental model. The available theories usually help in understanding the way different people perceive and respond to a crisis (Witt & Morgan 2002, 89).
SCCT prescribes, explains, and describes strategies involved in communication that are used to protect the reputation of an organization when managing crises. The theories usually ensure that the reputation of the company is not dented resulting from a problem or difficulty found in an organization. A company has to communicate with its stakeholders so that they can be well aware of the things that are happening in the company. The theories to show that communication in times of a crisis should be able to maintain and construct perceptions of reality among the stakeholders involved.
The response approaches that are found in SCCT include impression of management, synthesis of work, and image repair. Coombs gave four approaches for communication. The approaches include bolstering, rebuilding, denial, and diminishment.
In any business, there may be a number of crises that may arise; the way the crisis is tackled will depend on the way the manager perceives and reacts to the given situation. The field of sociology usually provides a number of theories that show how a person can conduct himself in case of a crisis (Weick & Sutcliffe 2007, 42). The business field usually examines sense making ways and processes that can be used in leadership to ensure smooth flow of operations in an organization (Ramo 2009, 52).
A business should be perfectly organized to ensure that any difficult situations that may arise are tackled in a perfect manner that will not interrupt with the smooth flow of business. A leader should be creative and innovative in the way he or she solves any crisis or problem that exist in the company (Sellnow, et al 2002, 201). The theories also provide a way in which an organization can cope up with the learning theory. The theory will involve the recruitment and training of new employees in a company (Martin 2009, 123). In conclusion, situational crisis communication theories should be studied to ensure that all problems arising are tackled in the appropriate manner (Ware & Linkugel 1973, 78).
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