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Scool programs

Can you imagine high schools without clubs or electives? What if your school only gave you one choice, or allowed you to choose only if you have good grades or a 3-4 GPA?. At my school, we have to make some effort to get the elective that we want. We work hard to keep our grades up and keep our privledges. We, as students, should be allowed to have a choice of many electives and school programs. In other schools, there are clubs and electives people can be interested in.

Something captures their heart, for example: many people do what their heart tells them to do, and they can enjoy more of what they are doing at school. If students are in a club or specific elective, they can get more information about the kind of career they want when they join the right class. Many times they might want a career that they had hear about, but they don’t really know what’s going on; then they choose to change to another one because they don’t have as much information as they need. In many cases, clubs and electives can help students find a interest in education, and it will inspire students to come everyday with a positive attitude to learn new things. In conclusion, I feel that creating clubs and electives in high schools, can help students find the interest in going to college. By their senior year, when they are ready to go to college, they will be able to make their decision more suitable for them and what they want like a good salary.

Electives will help them accomplish this, and they will learn what many careers require: social skills. They will get the practice they need in learning how to interact with other people who will help them grow. Clubs and electives are nesessary in high schools.

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