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Running Head: Self-Reflection Self-Reflection Robert D.

Elkins University of Phoenix Self-Reflection After reviewing the information on the QRB and trying to understand how is one to reflect his or her use of this course in the future to prepare for future courses in economics, finance, accounting, operations, and research, at this point is really going to be hard at first until it is realized what the entire course consist of is for one going to be complicated for starters. But if I understand this correctly in the overview it will support the development of analytical skills as a manager and it will enable one to apply the skills necessary to make business decisions. As the reading continued in the document I did realize that a lot of math problems and as well as a quiz is also required in the course, and in this I would assume that part of finance and economics of the business would require one to know as well as understand the formulas as well as charting a business also comparing saving and income in addition to evaluating statistics and if I understand this all correctly I would have to assume this all being part of a manger job to fully operate a business of any fashion through many skills through this program that would be give the student further ideas concerning such thing as math skills that would certainly help him or her out in the future. In further readings of the course of study of the QRB , it would certainly be my belief that having this course it would enhance your skills as a strategic manager and this would be by understanding of the way the business operates and functions through many different avenues such as diagrams and charts that would help both upper and lower end mangers understand the way the business is being ran either correctly or beneficial to what is expected by members of the directors of that corporation. Finally, The may example that were provided in the document of the QRB, would certainly serve as example what need to be followed to be profession in the course and also would allow the student not only pass the course but would make him or her gain a better understanding of what is expect of themselves while taking the course.

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