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Semiotics analysis assignment

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The theme of the magazine links well with the magazine as the date of issue is in December, this time of year is all about celebrating and partying. Target Audience- the target audience of this magazine is aimed at modern women, aged 18-35 as some Of the content can be explicit, and for example it goes into detail about sex and people experiences. It can be deemed to attract upper middle classed women, as the content is about how to ‘ look’ good, which would make women want to take pride on their appearance. The fashion styles that are featured would attract lately woman as the brands can range from Tops to Ezra and even Catwalk brands.

Icon- The icon that is featured in the article is a picture of a young female in a sequin dress. This could be connoted as a female getting ready for a night out/party. However the audience may associate this different with perspectives depending on the individual. The icon is Mile Cyrus who is a famous singer and can be considered an idol for young girls. Index- The models is indelicacy due to her facial expression and the positioning of her hand , this indicates that she feels confident or even so ‘ sexy’.

Also the models dress can be perceived as indelicacy because it can indicate luxury and wealth; this is clear by the nude color of the dress as it creates an effect that all she is wearing is jewels. The positioning of the jewels is very important as the sequins are placed over what could be considered as her ‘ taboo areas’; this gives off a sense of elegance but still makes it sensual. Symbols- (P. 204) This symbol indicates that there is more information of the subject on that certain page, which would be on page 204, in this example.

People who haven been socialized with this certain symbol may be unaware f its actual meaning and purpose, therefore they would need to be told. ($)This symbol is the American currency, Dollars. This symbol is used when there is a price given, in this example the price of the magazine would be $3. 99. However people from different cultures and countries may not understand the full meaning of this symbol, because they have never been socialized with what it is used for and its purpose. Buzzwords- There are many buzzwords present on the cover of the magazine to attract the audience such as; Bombshell, Ultimate, Naughty, Hot and sexy.

These are seed to draw the reader in as its short snippets of the actual article and its content. Genre- The Genre of this magazine is a women’s fashion magazine. There is clear evidence to suggest this within the content of the front cover such as; ‘ Bombshell hair & makeup’, ‘ 1 83 sexy looks to try tonight’ and ‘ Celebrate without gaining weight’. All of these headlines associate with looking glam and taking pride in your appearance. Denotation- It is a Magazine cover with the logo of Cosmopolitan and a young girl posed in the background with a variety of different styled texts surrounding her.

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