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Shigella – college essay

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Shigallosis are a group of bacteria that cause an infectious disease that principally affect humans and primates. Is the third most common type of food poisoning in the US after Salmonella and e. coli. it affects nearly165 million people every year worldwide with 250, 000 reported and estimated 45, 000 reported cases in the US alone. my research review will cover an answer the following questions.

1.) What are the symptoms of shigellosis?

2.) Which ways can you get Shigellosis?

3.) What are the preventive measures you can take to avoid it?

4.) What treatments work for shigellosis?

5.) What foods have been commonly associated with shigella.?

In my research the most concerning thing that I found was how easy it is to contract this disease through such careless behaviors as simple as not washing your hands or unclean environmentdrop my paper you will learn commonalities preventions and and causes of Shigellosls With hope will create sanitary cooking environments and habit.

Shigellosis Food Borne Illness

What are the symptoms of shigellosis , Shigellosis is a highly contagious infectious disease that creates a string of very unpleasant symtoms. Severe diarrhea and stomach cramps most common in Shigellosis case. most are infected with Shigella develop diarrhea fever and stomach Cramping after they are exposed to the bacteria. Symptoms also include fever fatuge nausea and vomiting. Although mostly unecessary, some extreme cases require treatment or hospitalization. symptoms usually last 5 to 7 days(cdc. niaid. nin. gov) Shigella thrives in the human intestinesand is commonly spread through both food and person to person contact. Some persons who are infected May show no symptoms at all but may still pass the shigella organism others.

In which ways can you get shigella, Shigellosiscan be contracted several different ways. If it’s food handler is infected with Shigellosis and has not properlywashed his or her hands after using the bathroom they can contaminate your food or drinks. Vegetables can also be contaminated if grown in a field polluted with sewage water. Swimming in contaminated water is also dangerous if you Swallow the water.  The most common places to spread and contract Shigella is in a daycare among Todlers and Children under 5, and in unclean environments Such as proverty Stricken area ‘ s.. . What are preventative measures you can take to avoid getting shigella, wash your hands with soap and water before preparing foods or beverages. While swimming in pool Lakes of ponds avoid swallowing water. Always wash your hands after you use the bathroom. Make sure you wash any vegetable before eating them.

When traveling in developing countries drink only treated or boiled water. . What food has been commonly associated with shigella, a wide variety of foods can be contaminated with Shigella foods that have been identified in the gala outbreaks include salads, potato, shrimp, tuna , chicken, Turkey, macaroni , fruit, lettuce, strawberries, spinach raw oysters luncheon meat and milk. Contamination of these or other food means the food has come in contact with water that has been contaminated or has been handed under and unsanitary conditions it is possible for any food that has been mishandled to become contaminated and spread the disease.

What treatments work for shigella, Shigella usually clears up on its own within a week if treatment is needed doctors generally prescribed antibiotics. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Some interesting facts about shigillosis is more comon to contract in winter than summer. Shigellosis is the third most common food borne illness after Salmonella & E coli Gay men and people with HIV are more commonly known to get shigella as of 2011 most common state to get Shigella is South Carolina, Georgia and New York..

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